Letters To The Editor, 16 May 2016

Chief’s council Ilisoni Taoba, Vatuwaqa There has been a lot of discussions over the above subject as if there is no iTaukei traditional chief’s council in existence in Fiji. In
16 May 2016 15:26
Letters To The Editor, 16 May 2016
Letters to the Editor

Chief’s council

Ilisoni Taoba, Vatuwaqa

There has been a lot of discussions over the above subject as if there is no iTaukei traditional chief’s council in existence in Fiji.

In the current traditional setting these councils exist as Bose Vanua (Chiefs Council).

The Bose Vanua (Chiefs Council) are at the tikina and provincial levels as NGO’s independent from the tikina and provincial councils which are arms of Government under the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs.

Relationship between the bodies, co-ordinated through the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, is considered amicable and effective in so far as the economic and social developments of the iTaukei communities are concerned.

There are currently 14 Provincial Bose Vanua (Chiefs Council) and 189 tikina Bose Vanua  (Chiefs Council) in Fiji. A total of 203 chiefs council.

Membership of the terminated GCC is 53.

Following the 1987 Military takeover of the then government, meetings of the traditional iTaukei chiefs were called.

The Bose Vakaturaga (Great Council of Chiefs) meeting was held in Suva and the Bose Ni Turaga (Bose Vanua) meeting held separately at Ratu Kadavulevu School, Lodoni, Tailevu.

The province of Ba had registered a NGO for their iTaukei chiefs for the province.

Perhaps the GCC could consider setting up a similar NGO with a much broader chiefly representation to meet their objectives.

Environment tax

Devlin Chung, Melbourne, Australia

Oh what a dash to enact laws for another form of tax to take care of matters of an environmental nature.

I refer to the article submitted by my MOB young colleague, Josaia Rayawa, whose connection to this issue is linked to the tourism industry as a proprietor/manager/operator of a tourist resort in Savusavu.

His comments and views are so glaringly obvious that the hotel industry is being forced to contribute to this six per cent tax while all others are not being applied the same law for keeping the environment clean and tidy.

I hasten to add that this ambiguous tax will inevitably chase the tourists away from our shores voicing that Fiji is getting too expensive as a tourist destination.

With any additional tax or charges rendered to certain aspects of an industry, it is an on-going process of financial capitalism to pass that on to the consumer and really no one wins under this set of management accountability.

In order for any business to survive and succeed, there must be a balance of clear guidelines to envision how the future holds by taking into account the end results through the consumer’s eyes.

If the consumer doesn’t budge or buy your product, the business is as good as it never started.

For this environment saga tax I do feel for the tourist industry, as Josaia says, will be the make or break of developing the business to a high occupancy level and having visitors to pay for this tax is totally against the grain of developing tourism in Fiji.

I know Fiji has not been able to educate and create awareness about keeping your own compounds and surroundings clean and tidy by disposing your waste in a hygienic and appropriate manner, Government should make it law with every household and every individuals that they will be fined for littering just like the laws in Singapore and this will in turn create the mentality of a clean and refreshing environment for all.

Each one should be made responsible for his indiscretions if he ignores the law of littering and made to pay the fine for the city fathers to clean up garbage bins allocated in every part of the city and public areas.

We sure do have a lazy mentality and it all begins at home for parents and at schools to instil such cleanliness mindset from a young age as part of our civic pride and responsibility.

It is rather ironic to bite the hands off for the people who furbish the tourist industry, as I too have shied away from visiting Fiji as it is being priced out of my affordability.

Impressive Fijian 7s

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Canada

Our Vodafone Fiji 7s team have been very impressive and just a joy to watch with the inclusion of Nakarawa, Viriviri, Tuisova and Nayacalevu.

The four men convincingly defeated Scotland, Wales and Samoa to top Pool B.

I believe South Africa will pull through to meet hopefully Fiji in the Cup Final, unless if New Zealand does it again to them.

To me, this Paris final is the test if Fiji is on track to win its first ever gold medal in the history of the Olympic Games.

Coach Ben Ryan and the boys need all our support and prayers. Toso Viti.

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