Letters To The Editor, 19 May 2016

Most unfortunate regions Joji O Toronibau, Tunuloa One Friday morning I decided to go to Labasa for short errands. While walking along the receding sea waterline and spiky rocky beaches
19 May 2016 10:00
Letters To The Editor, 19 May 2016
Letters to the Editor

Most unfortunate regions

Joji O Toronibau, Tunuloa

One Friday morning I decided to go to Labasa for short errands.

While walking along the receding sea waterline and spiky rocky beaches I saw two young cousins of mine walking ahead with bags of food and yaqona plus their bags of clothes. Let alone few others had taken the lead.

I asked them as to where they were heading to and they replied that they were going to Labasa as well to visit their father in Waiqele. I was really concerned and as for how long will these unfortunate earthlings would still continue to carry their burdens, food crops, market produce on foot for three to four kilometres to reach the road for transport?

But, I am still convinced that we the earthlings of this little stretch will soon be enjoying the same road transport utilities as enjoyed by almost everyone in Fiji.

This is especially the Natewa Bay side of Tunuloa from Wailevu Primary School to link up the Napuka Catholic Mission Secondary Government Road.

For too long school children had to walk, wade and steaming across the seas for education, sick senior citizens to health clinics plus economic trading activities are quite difficult to face each day.

In addition to these, there is no television reception except if you can buy Sky TV, and no Vodafone or Digicel link as well.

We deservedly want Police presence as well on wheels at times to lessen illegal activities.


Messy transition

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

The transition from seller to buyer of Sky Pacific is indeed a messy affair!

What makes it ever so ridiculous is that the customers are being dragged along as well!

How so unprofessional from so-called professionals!



Nardeo Mishra, Valelevu

The letter written by Josaia Rayawa of Savusavu in your paper (FS 18/5) on the above topic is really a master piece.

Thank you for your thoughts and sharing the story of the taxi driver. I know we all appreciate it when people like you write such real experiences.

Vinaka, bro.


Ben Ryan legacy

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

Congratulations to Samoa for a superb performance in Paris.

You showed the world that we Pacific islanders can be ruthless to each other on the playing field, but off the field after the game we are all brothers.

If the Paris 7s has anything to show for Fiji, it is that we are truly on track for the Olympic gold.

Australia, Wales and England will all come out firing on all barrels in London this weekend because it will be their last chance to test their “Rio probables” against the world’s best. If Fiji can just tame these three teams in pool play, then the 2016 IRB Sevens Series is ours.

Jarred Hayne will provide the most exciting mix ever to our 7s squad and Ben has just placed his final piece of jigsaw into his extended training squad puzzle.

In a training squad with names like Nakarawa, Tuisova, Rawaca, Kunatani, Kolinisau, Taliga, Jerry, Ravovou, Nasilasila, Jasa, Katonibau, Viriviri, Nayacalevu and now Haynes, Fiji looks like a team of bullies.

But Ben has said it right. If they are not fit and cannot gel together, then their big names don’t matter. Some may see it unfair to drop some local boys, but Rio is not a beauty pageant where “the fairest of them all” wins. It is a battlefield where only the strongest triumphs so only the strongest in all aspects of the battle must go.

It is starting to look obvious that Ben Ryan has been weaving something huge and very special to showcase. We can now see an unbelievable amount of hidden potential being silently collected and slowly groomed to peak and explode like a time bomb in Rio.

Ben knows that we have won the Sevens World Cup and the IRB series before. Nothing less than the sparkle of Gold will impress the nation!

But Ben has some aces up his sleeves too. He is not only targeting gold in Rio. He wants to win it in style and rewrite the history of the greatest 7s rugby victory of all time. This is one moment when he can etch his legacy and the world will remember him long after he is gone.



7s magic

Joe Smith, Pacific Harbour

May I assure George Gregan that Hayne plain is a novice!

Remember how William Ryder beat three defenders with multiple dummies  including George himself before scoring….the score that got sports headline London Times.



Loss in Paris 7s

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

It is ok. It is understood, we can’t win all the time. It is good for Samoa as it was long overdue. At-least some reasons for them to smile.

Our eyes are widely spread and in the awaiting mode for the Rio. Some resting time won’t harm our top ranking ratings. The inclusion of some new players was a good experience for our players.

Let’s have fingers crossed for this week. Let’s hope we can make it. If not, our support will still be with our wonderful coach who has given us so many reasons to smile. We are very proud of him. He has shown us how much difference a person can make when they make up their mind towards the betterment of something.

I can feel the victory is in the air for August. We are going good but with a little bit of ‘’pulling up the socks’’ can gain the momentum. Our players are our heroes. We wish them all the best for both the London seven’s and the Big Bash. May God, bless them all.

Go, Fiji go!


Double feat

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

A double feat this weekend by our 7s warriors is very much a possibility.

That is, retaining the World Rugby Sevens Series title and winning the London 7s title.

Allen, I suggest you stock up on the kava due to the likelihood of a double celebration. No pounding the ‘kosa’ like last weekend, and stop using the garlic pounder.



Queen’s birthday

Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva

The greatest gift that the British gave us is our love of equality and liberty.

We have gone through much but these values have kept us from breaking even natural disasters cannot have its ways.

The fondness of Her Majesty the Queen of Britain and Ireland Queen Elizabeth  is reflected by her token of assistance to Fiji during the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Winston.

The invitation of Joji Marau, the Head of Mechanical Engineering at FNU and his Adi Eta canoe for her 90th birthday celebration, is a reflection of her predilection over her former colonies including Fiji (FS 18/5/16).

The Fijian military band is also invited to perform amongst others. What a privilege to be amongst the elites of British Commonwealth society.

Long live the Queen.


Vesikula’s rhetoric claims

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

I wish to reply and correct Ratu Isireli Vesikula’s claims to his letter in the Fiji Times’ Nai Lalakai edition (See Fiji Sun P4 18 May, 2016).

He alluded and is adamant Government is carrying out many illegal activities relevant to the weakening of our iTaukei institutions.

But I would like to encourage the former iTaukei Affairs Ministry employee and his SODELPA friends to go register their disappointments with our Fijian Courts and judicial system.

He has very poor judgement and his claims lack the credibility and truth from the iTaukei vernacular titled ‘Vanua kei na Politiki’. But for his record herewith are answers to his rhetorics.

  1. Fiji is a sovereign nation and it is governed by the democratically elected FijiFirst party led by Voreqe Bainimarama to which Australia has the utmost of respect for and will not interfere in any matter as suggested by Ratu Isireli relevant to our Fijian-made democracy. He is totally out of his mind in suggesting that Australia must send an army of peacekeeping force to Fiji.
  2. His criticism of the Indian, Indonesia, Chinese and the Russian military presence in our country post TC Winston is uncalled for and irresponsible. These governments had brought in their much needed million dollars worth of humanitarian assistance to help Fijians who were affected. But I never heard of any positive input by Ratu Isireli.
  3. Our 2013 Constitution has been hailed by UN and the Commonwealth member countries; it profoundly protects equally the rights of the iTaukei with other Fijians of our country and cannot be weakened contrary to his claims but our Government’s agenda and mandate from the majority is one of inclusiveness but not divisive.

4.The former GCC in its presence should be blamed for allowing the marginalisation of the iTaukei in the commercial world whereby other communities have benefited in the opportunities made available to them through their hard work, sacrifices and perseverance, but Ratu Isireli’s claims of Muslim in Fiji having benefited in most things as they hold powers in Government and other statutory organisation is disrespectful to the many other iTaukei and Indo-Fijians who hold high offices in Government, the public service and the private sector.

The abandoned GCC did not see fit to promote and prioritise education one hundred and fifty years ago to benefit the iTaukei but they were irresponsibly bogged deep into bad politics and vanua conflict.

I can imagine the difference education would have undoubtedly made and contributed in our country’s economy, leadership and successes in the business world to date.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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