Letters To The Editor, 20th, May, 2016

Thank you, Fiji Sun Shariff Shah, Savusavu First I must say a big vinaka vakalevu to the Fiji Sun for publishing far more letters in their daily papers, than ever
20 May 2016 12:49
Letters To The Editor, 20th, May, 2016

Thank you, Fiji Sun

Shariff Shah, Savusavu

First I must say a big vinaka vakalevu to the Fiji Sun for publishing far more letters in their daily papers, than ever before.

It’s such a delight that I always look forward to after each day’s work.

Vinaka Fiji Sun. You make my day.



NO Zzzzs, please!

Norman Yee, Nadi

Here we go to the last tournament of the World Rugby Sevens Series.

Boys, let’s give Ben a great blessing by winning the London 7s for him.

The last game of the series deserves your best. Please, please don’t lose focus.

We know you can do it.

Aren’t you the ‘Best of the Best’?

Though ‘Y’ man Semi sadly can’t make it but each one of you is the X-Factor. So we don’t expect you to Zzzz on us on this last game!

Go, Fiji go!



Minimum wage

Frank Shaw, Lami

The comment by Nesbitt Hazelman that the proposed increase to the minimum wage from $2.32 to $4 is ‘premature’ is rather odd.

Fiji never had a national minimum wage since it first became one nation over 140 years ago.

The current rate of $2.32 is actually less than the basic needs poverty line in Fiji which is $4.50.

So a just minimum wage is not premature, but overdue (long overdue).

Nesbitt’s reasoning that we are still suffering after Cyclone Winston is also rather odd.

It’s because we are still recovering from a cyclone and the recent floods that the workers need a bit more money to help them back on their feet.

So now is the opportune time to give them a wage increase.

Actually what the union is fighting for is not a wage increase but a cost of living adjustment (COLA).

In Singapore, workers get this every year to cater for increase in cost of living, inflation, etc (without having to fight for it).

Hazelman’s other excuse about domestic workers being involved is just another stalling tactic.

Domestic workers should not be included in the tripartite talks.

It’s an agreement between the householder and the hired hand.

In Fiji most domestic workers are quite happy with the $15 – $20 per day. (It’s better than staying home earning nothing and the work is light anyway.)

I remember the question of a minimum wage was first mooted in earnest in 1959 during the oil workers strike (then it was known as a ‘living wage’).

So if they still want more research, discussion, meetings, etc. now there is something seriously wrong with the mentality of those involved.

The problem as I see it is the employer is their own advocate and judge and this is the root cause of the delay in a just minimum wage being awarded.

It might have been better if the International Labour Organisation (ILO) had come as an independent tribunal to set the minimum wage rate for Fiji.

We might have been spared Cyclone Winston and an increase in gender violence and crime rate generally.



Including the new players

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

While it is a good thing that our Vodafone Fiji 7s coach is looking for new players for our team, it is also creating a bit of curiosity – is it going to be a positive factor or not?

The idea of including Jarryd Hayne in our team is interesting, but is it really going to work out? I am not having doubts, but just the curiosity if our players will be able to blend in well with him.

I agree with a writer that the emotion shared and felt while singing our national anthem might not be something felt by Hayne.

Sometimes too many experiments can have adverse effects.

Yes, we have all the faith in Ben Ryan, however the different players coming in at the last stage could also have a vise versa effect.

But that’s just my two cents worth.

Let’s hope for the best and let’s keep supporting our coach.

We can only hope for the best.



He was approached

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Jarryd Hayne has cleared the air that he was approached by Fiji to play for Fiji.



Chiefs council

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Canada

Thank you, Ilisoni Taoba, for your enlightening letter reminding readers and politicians who want to desecrate and resurrect the dead, that we currently have an iTaukei traditional chief’s council in Fiji (FS 16/5).

So, under the current popular FijiFirst Government, we do have a 14 Provincial Bose Vanua (Chiefs Council) and 189 Tikina Bose Vanua (Chiefs Council) in Fiji.

On top of this we have the iTaukei Land Trust Board and iTaukei Affairs that is fully functioning.

The million dollar question after reading this enlightening reminder and hearing the PM’s statement on the GCC in Parliament is, “Why resurrect the GCC?”

Mr Taoba suggested: “Perhaps the GCC could consider setting up a similar NGO with a much broader chiefly representation to meet their objectives.”

If the emphasis is on “their objectives” or their own interests, then the PM and the will of the people should be respected and let the grave rest in peace.




Neelz Singh, Lami

Congratulations for the commemoration of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

It’s time to shine and rise and express freely as we are one.

The people have to change their mind set as how they look upon the LGBT community.

We need to address and respect their preference and not to discriminate the LGBT community or make an issue over it.

Section 11 of the constitution that protects everyone has right to live and express themselves freely. LGBT rights are human rights. Vinaka.



Mosquito spraying

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

During this ‘Fight the Bite- Clean-Up Fiji Campaign’, can the health department of the Lautoka City Council organise a mosquito spraying campaign?

Whilst on the issue of mosquito spraying, I’ve always wondered why the spraying is done during the day in Fiji, whereas some foreign countries do it during the night.

Maybe to also targets the two-legged mosquito? Hahaha.



Customer service

Shad Alfaz Ali, Navua

Leicester City, who was 5000-1 outsiders at the beginning of the EPL season, lifted the Premier League trophy recently.

What are the odds that a phone call to Sky Pacific’s office would be answered?

I was forced to terminate my phone call to their office recently after using close to $1.60 in call charges and having made to wait more than two minutes for the next available customer care agent.

By the way the Hayne plane has landed in London.

Five Squares 4th Birthday

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