CPA Australia Launches Accounting Awards

  A partnership with Fijian Ministry of Education and the three Universities in Fiji, CPA Australia Fiji branch launched the awards at the Grand Pacific Hotel (GPH) yesterday. These awards
21 May 2016 10:00
CPA Australia Launches Accounting Awards


A partnership with Fijian Ministry of Education and the three Universities in Fiji, CPA Australia Fiji branch launched the awards at the Grand Pacific Hotel (GPH) yesterday.

These awards will be for top accounting students in Fiji in Universities and secondary schools.

President of CPA Australia-Fiji branch Shaneel Nandan said the CPA Programme is an integrated education and professional experience programme with exceptional standards.

“CPA consists of 6 education subjects, 4 compulsory subjects and 2 electives as well as a fully integrated practical experience requirement.

“The CPA Programme focuses on four main areas that ensure a CPA is valued by any employer- leadership, strategy, ethics and governance.

“Content is globally relevant, with a focus on providing flexibility of learning and delivery modes,” he said.

Overall, the CPA Programme builds leadership, strategy, higher level analysis, judgement, decision making and reporting skills.

Mr Nandan said: “Taking into consideration CPA’s programme focus, CPA Australia Fiji branch has agreed to the idea of rewarding top accounting students in Fiji.

“The purpose of the award is to inspire and motivated talented students to greater heights of academic excellence.

“The award will be given annually to the top graduating student from the three Universities (namely University of the South Pacific, University of Fiji and Fiji National University) in the accounting bachelors programme and top 5 accounting students from secondary school Year 13,” he said.

Best accounting student in the Bachelor’s programme from each of the Universities will be chosen.

Mr Nandan said in order to qualify, award recipients must comply with all rules and regulations of the CPA Australia CPA Programme.

“The respective Universities will nominate the top student and awards can be given during the graduation or anytime as recommended by the University.

“We have gone an extra mile by rewarding not only University students but secondary school Year 13 students so that they develop an appetite for academic excellence in the accounting profession at a much earlier stage.”

“The awards will be a yearly event. For secondary schools, Ministry of Education will nominate the top 5 deserving students.

“On behalf of CPA Australia Fiji Branch, I thank the Universities and the Ministry of Education for agreeing to this partnership, which will only motivate students to strive for excellence,” he said.

“I anticipate that this will be an ongoing partnership going forward.”

Country Manager CPA   New Zealand, David Jenkins said the council is totally passionate about young people and getting them in CPA. It’s not just the University students but also the secondary school students. “This is not just about accountancy

“This is not just about accountancy; the council is all about developing successful business people as well.

“I think it’s very important to have very strong robust accounting profession and greatness to dive you forward.

“We are very committed to Fiji and the development here. So many of you will know through USP, the Fiji tax segment and also with the cyclone that was here in February, we went to all our members in Fiji and gave them support and assistance where necessary and we will continue to do that,” he said.

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