Next Race On June 5 With Awards Night To Be Held On May 28 In Suva

  Greetings to all car enthusiasts. It’s good to be back and I am pleased to give you more insight of what is happening with the Fiji Car Club. I
21 May 2016 08:28
Next Race On June 5 With Awards Night To Be Held On May 28 In Suva
Fiji Car Club president Raizal Haniff.


Greetings to all car enthusiasts. It’s good to be back and I am pleased to give you more insight of what is happening with the Fiji Car Club.

I take this opportunity to thank Sandeep Prakash, FCC senior executive who kept this column going filling in my position in my absence.

I am happy to announce that last week’s race was a major success.

We had 25 cars which took part and this time we introduced a new category which was for hybrid cars.

We had three entries for hybrid category which was very good since this is the first time for the category to be introduced.

We are hoping to have more hybrid cars in the coming events.

The race was won by champion driver Ravin Nath with a timing of 10.211 seconds

He was closely followed by Ravi Nair at 10.454 seconds and Tauz Khan at 10.766 seWonds.

Mr Nair and Mr Khan were very close in beating Mr Nath but again Mr Nath’s experience proved to be superior on the day.

Apart from that, we had one lady participant in the ladies open category.

We are hoping in the next race we get more lady drivers. I also request all male racers to get their wives and girlfriends to the tracks in the next event and encourage them to participate.


Awards night

After the cancellation of our annual awards night at the beginning of the year because of Tropical Cyclone Winston, we have decided to hold the awards night on May 28.

This will be held at Central Cuisine at Central Cuisine in Suva.

If you want to purchase a ticket please contact Sandeep Prakash. Tickets are $20 per person.

We will have a few surprises as far as awards are concerned.


Next event

The next drag race will be held on June 5 at the Nanuku Aerodrome.

We have changed a little bit of our dial-in system for our drivers since a lot of cars are sometimes inconsistent with their previous timing.

We have decided that each car race driver can go to the next category for example, if your car previously was doing 12 seconds, you can go up the next class to 13 seconds to 13.49 seconds.

But we have also decided that if a proven 12 seconds car goes in the 12 seconds mark on the day and he had dialled in 13 to 13.49 categories, he will be immediately disqualified in the 13 seconds class.

But we will allow him or her to have the remainder of the rounds as exhibition runs.

Each of the race car drivers need to stay within the dial-in class they had entered.

They need to be consistent with the time that had dialled in.

If any car does better than what they had dialled in, will be disqualified from competition level and again will be allowed to do exhibition runs throughout the day.


Encouraging hybrid

Good news for hybrid car owners – if you are already a member and want to run your hybrid cars, the entry fee will only be $30 per car.

Please note this will be only for hybrid car owners as we want to promote hybrid car racing.

And if you become a member on the day of the event, you will be able to run your hybrid car FOC.

There will be two categories for hybrid cars.

One will be for 2L below and another for above.

Also, the race entry for all the lady drivers is free. But you need to be a member of Fiji Car Club to race.

Ladies if you have any enquiries – please contact our ladies race development executive – 9991287.

These are some of the changes we have done to promote motor sports in Fiji and I hope we will see a lot more cars come on June 5.

Till we meet again next week – have a safe driving week.

Please remember it is not worth racing or speeding on public roads.

Raizal Haniff is the President of the Fiji Car Club. This will be his regular feature in our Sun Wheels to keep readers updated on the latest from the Fiji Car Club.


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