Letters To The Editor, 22nd, May, 2016

Ragg Avenue footpaths Sushil Narayan, Suva It is very encouraging to see so much publicity and advice provided to our people by our Government and Civil society organisations (CSO) on
22 May 2016 10:00
Letters To The Editor, 22nd, May, 2016
Letters to the Editor

Ragg Avenue footpaths

Sushil Narayan, Suva

It is very encouraging to see so much publicity and advice provided to our people by our Government and Civil society organisations (CSO) on healthy lifestyle.

It is also very encouraging to see people taking these advices seriously. Unfortunately the pathetic state of footpaths at Ragg Avenue, Tamavua, does not enable us to walk the talk. Soil has piled up on the footpaths over time. Construction workers are piling their sand and gravel on the footpaths with no respect to the walking public.

My humble plea to the Suva City Council, please level the footpaths and put some rules in place for the builders.

Remember a small investment by our council will result in healthy ratepayers.


Hayne’s 7s

Epeli Rabua , Suva

As our gallant coach selects his 12 knights at the roundtable to bring Fiji glory at Twickenham this weekend, the world is waiting with bated breath to hear Jarryd Hayne’s name in the team.

Fiji, this small speck of sun and sand out there to the south in the great Pacific Ocean has the world on tenterhooks. All the great rugby nations, with their journalists licking their pencils, are waiting ‘Fiji-time’ to hear the razzle dazzle Fijian 7s run-on team with Jarryd Hayne amongst them.

Only twice before in World Rugby have Fijians brought this much ruckus to the game.

Once, when the greatest 7s player of our time was in his prime – His Small Highness, Sir Waisale Serevi. Twice, when the best Fijian 7s coach ever, decided he wanted to coach the most naturally gifted 7 players in the world – ‘the Lion’, Ben Ryan.

And now for the third time, another Fijian – the Hayne Plane has landed in London. As only a Fijian can, his awesome flamboyant skills will mirror those of his team mates and be unleashed on hallowed rugby turf at Twickenham.

Watch World, Write Journalists and do not be surprised if there are unidentified flying objects over London this weekend. The Flying Fijians in their God-fearing splendour are in town!

Fiji – we believe we will win!


Hayne sacrifice

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

The Jarryd Hayne saga has shown many lessons we can all learn from.

It is understandable that Australia, as a nation, would feel so sore from Hayne’s decision to play for the Fijian Rugby 7s team in London and the Olympics.

Never in the history of their proud nation has a star athlete they see as their own and considered a national sporting icon that has chosen to play for another country other than Australia at the peak of his career.

To rub salt to the wound, he turned down six and seven-figure contracts to play for a team that will pay him less than what a teenage worker at McDonald’s in Sydney gets.

Calling him a “bastard” is an understatement. By now they are calling him far worse than that.

But Hayne is a son of Fiji as much as a son of Australia. With blood links to the island of Cikobia, he even played for the Fijian Bati at the Rugby League World Cup when Australia dropped him from the Kangaroos.

In playing for Fiji, Hayne will no longer be eligible to play for Australia or any other country in Rugby Union test matches. John McKee excitedly admits that he is Fiji Rugby’s biggest catch.

But the Aussies and the world must know that Hayne is not the first, neither will he be the last. Dozens of Fijian rugby players have done what Hayne did. They sacrificed big contracts and put the country’s interest first.

The onus is on us and our Fiji Rugby Union to reciprocate by showing that Fiji loves them as much as they love this country.

A pension fund for former national rugby players would be a good start.

Jarryd Hayne

Amenatave Yaconisau , Suva

While it is the right of people staying here and have sacrificed a lot for rugby to be considered for national duties, the inclusion of Jarryd Haynes for the London and Rio sevens gives a special eminence to the team.

Such celebrity will only give a head ache to Ben Ryan in terms of affordability and relativity in remuneration, hence the question of fairness to the squad is raised.

It’s surely an opportunity for FRU and sponsors to review the remuneration of the squad so that large disparity is not obvious and team performance is maintained.

I hold with dismay those who dismiss such possibility.  Who knows he may also tools down and relax in the second half.

Go Fiji, go!


Jealous brothers

Apenisa Nainoka , Nadi

Its seem that our big rugby nation brothers Australia and New Zealand were in shock when Jarryd Hayne decided to join the Vodafone 7s team in London and the Rio Olympics.

Just a clear statement for them to know, we Fijians don’t go for money. We always support the country where we originate from. Even though how many pages they will publish to critisice Jarryd Hayne but that will not work at all against Hayne’s decision to join the Fiji team. Toso Viti, toso…. Rio gold champ.


Children’s meals

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

At all major fast food outlets throughout Fiji children’s meals are being packaged with unhealthy carbonated drinks.

The ignorance or neglect by management of these food outlets and Government authorities is not only concerning but it also defines how we really feel about the welfare of our children and how we think of the ever-increasing NCDs (Non Communicable Disease) epidemic.

It is outrageous for us to allow our young children to consume such sugary, fizzy drinks!

It is downright unhealthy as has been proven yet we continue to let it happen.Cut the source and save our future!

Pedestrian crossing

  1. Shariff Shah, Savusavu

Can the authorities concerned please install a pedestrian crossing light at Savusavu Town?

It’s a nightmare to drive in this small town of ours. People are crossing from everywhere and at any time.



Wise Muavono , Lautoka

Never give up, never despair, let no mystery confound you into the conclusion that mystery cannot be yours. As long as you have life and breath, believe.

So believe that we will conquer London this weekend and also retain the Series title.


























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