Letters To The Editor, 30th May 2016

‘Fight the Bite’ follow up Josaia Rayawa, Savusavu The launch of the ‘Fight the Bite’ campaign is all a great start from a public relations standpoint.  Now, we must enforce
30 May 2016 08:50
Letters To The Editor, 30th May  2016
Letters to the Editor

‘Fight the Bite’ follow up

Josaia Rayawa, Savusavu

The launch of the ‘Fight the Bite’ campaign is all a great start from a public relations standpoint.  Now, we must enforce it with strong policies that penalise citizens, companies, etc right away when they are not heeding their responsibilities.

This is an environmental and a health issue as government, no doubt, realises and many good citizens who have been harping about this issue for a long time, know even better.

All we see in the news media are well-meaning groups, or companies starting off with the great branding of their work as they clean up.  What we do not see is continuity.

I have been guilty of this in the past. But I have since grown out of this over the last five years and I am doing my bit, regardless.

If Government does not enforce these policies, all we will see in the next few months is all the interest abuzz with excitement before “Fight the Bite” will bite the dust.

I cannot stress enough this point about the authorities enforcing accountability and responsibility by implementing strong penalties.

That is the only way we, as citizens can all do our part well.  We all understand the language of penalties more clearly.  But it is our hope that accountability and penalties will eventually create good habits.

Our environment deserves that respect. Anyone who willfully trashes the environment does not deserve anyone’s respect. Penalize them, I say. Believe me this action will work. Do not prolong this, Mr Prime Minister.


Traffic control

Damodaran Nadan, Lautoka

I respect the Police force for the work they are doing. But what I would like to bring to their attention is there is no Police traffic control at the congested Lautoka Hospital junction, the junction at Vomo Street and Drasa Avenue.

Your presence at these junctions will ease the traffic flow during peak hours in the morning as before.


Speaker’s role

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Madam Speaker Dr Jiko Luveni has been subjected to too much criticism and distasteful rhetoric from our letter writers in relation to her comments on violence against women and domestic violence.

From her role as a former Minister for Women, Social Welfare, Children and Poverty Alleviation to the Speaker of Parliament it should not stop her from freely expressing her views on any issues.

She feels it is important to have an input in on women issues and has totally got nothing to do with impartiality in her current chair, she cannot be gagged.

She is speaking out as a Fijian woman and for telling the truth. She has got absolutely every right as any Fijian and is protected under our 2013 Constitution in its Bill of Rights, contrary to what other letter writers may feel.

This is Freedom of Expression. But I suppose Dr Luveni would not have been unruly subjected by those irresponsible and unwarranted criticism if she was a retired Marama senior citizen.

What the heck! Cut her some slack. We have got a lot to learn from the 70-year-old Honourable Madam Speaker and she earns that respect.

She is a role model to our young Fijian girls and women in our society irrespective.


Rise in rape

Amrit Singh, Nausori

I wonder where our values and culture is eroding to because a lot of rape cases are now being reported.

I think it’s due to lack of parental care and supervision from a young age that our young generation are now committing such a crime. Parents are failing on their part.

Our children are developing. They can get addicted to porn sites.

Parents are to blame because they are the ones providing wifi, data network and as a result our teenagers abuse it.

It’s sad to see, that once our Fijian culture and values were so essential in the upbringing of a child.

But now with the time and tide this has changed.

It would be better if our Government can allow our network providers to block pornographic content in Fiji.

I wonder what others would think about this!


Money problems

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Oh no, money problems are back again. Few months ago, it was individuals stealing and using ATM cards to withdraw numbers.

Now, there are reports of fake notes.

They say you have to ‘watch your back’ but for now it’s more like ‘watch your money’.


Making of champions

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Champions are made through hard work and preparation. Before any competition they have claimed victory over distractions, and derailment.

This I can say about the six siblings of the Bobi family in Nadi who all represent Namaka Public and Barraccuda Club in swimming.

They have been winning medals over the years because of their daily commitment into their training schedule.

With the continuous support from their parents, I am confident that one day they will be representing Fiji in the international arena.

As for their swimming talent, it was definitely not from their father. Hahaha. Sa malo Tovata.

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