Rival Groups Throw TISI Sangam Into A Turmoil

The Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam (TISI Sangam) plunged into turmoil yesterday as two rival groups dug deep in their respective positions. A war of words continued in what is
30 May 2016 13:29
Rival Groups Throw TISI Sangam Into A Turmoil
Members during the Sangam meeting at the Nadi Special School yesterday. Photo: WAISEA NASOKIA

The Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam (TISI Sangam) plunged into turmoil yesterday as two rival groups dug deep in their respective positions.

A war of words continued in what is shaping up to be a protracted battle for control of TISI Sangam.

When supporters of the group led by lawyer Dorsami Naidu and Minister for Local Government Parveen Kumar turned up at Sangam Sadhu Kuppuswamy Memorial College in Nadi for the annual general meeting, the gates had been padlocked.

The gate was locked by the rival group headed by outgoing president Sadasivan Naicker, claiming they had been advised to cancel the meeting by Police, following an incident on Saturday. No comment could be obtained by the Police yesterday

The meeting was then shifted to Nadi Special School.

The school was packed and there were people moving in and out. The tension was visible because when a Police vehicle pulled up people started moving away from the venue.

But those interviewed by the Fiji Sun were not happy with the row and the deferrment of the AGM.

A former civil servant from Labasa said: “This building (pointing to SSKMC) does not belong to two or four executives. We are members and today our very own leaders put a lock on the gate and put us outside. This is not democracy. Today they lock us out , tomorrow our children who attend this very school might go through the same fate too.”

Another member said: “This is a shameful act in the history of Sangam. Some of the members come as far as Labasa and Rakiraki. After going through the devastation of their very homes, they found ways to be part of this event and AGM. This is where we air our concerns or we have the right to say. ‘We have sacrificed a lot to be here. How can we come again if the AGM is called again soon.’”

A third member said: “Today is supposed to be the AGM, then let’s go ahead. That is part and parcel of this convention. Let’s go ahead and let’s vote.”

Mr Kumar was appointed as the head of the TISI Sangam’s interim committee during the  meeting.

Mr Kumar said, “The notice was given for this Annual General Meeting and the resolution for the Central Council meeting was carried forward to have an AGM so for someone to cancel this AGM without consultation with the Central Council for the AGM is not right.”

He added that majority of the members felt to continue with the meeting.

“There are about 1000 people here from all Sangam members from around the country in support of having this AGM.

“They were also in support of electing the office bearers but we have resolved now that we will have an interim committee.

“That was a resolution of the meeting so the interim committee will be headed by me with the entire representative from all the districts and so that gives us time and also resolve that the meeting should be held on June 26.”

“People should have in mind that this is a limited liability company and we have to have our AGM before the end of June, so taking that in to account that was a resolution for the meeting was and will proceed with that.”

He added there was a lot of contribution by the members.

“They have expressed their views and we’ve taken that into account and after listening to all the members, we’ve decided to have a resolution to have the interim committee.”

Outgoing national president TISI Sangam Fiji Sadasivan Naicker said the AGM scheduled yesterday at the Sangam Sadhu Kuppuswamy Memorial College in Nadi was cancelled late Saturday afternoon.

“After Police issued an Order Not to hold the AGM following serious threats at the Then India Valibar Sangam (TIV) meeting yesterday (Saturday),” he said.

“Despite the cancellation of the meeting by the official TISI National Board, a very few limited disgruntled members of Sangam who incited tension and hooliganism through threats of harm at the TIV meeting called their supporters for a unsanctioned meeting around 11.30am at the Nadi Special Education School today (yesterday).

“We make it abundantly clear these disgruntled members led by the past President Dorsami Naidu, (who lost the election in year 2011) Area Vice President North Western (TISI) Parveen Kumar Bala  and Area Vice President Southern (TISI) Raja Kumaran have no locus standi or legal basis and status to call their meeting an Annual General Meeting of TISI Sangam.”

“Today’s so-called unsanctioned meeting is in defiance of Sangam’s constitution and has no legal basis. It is being conducted without the presence of the current official office bearers who preside over such a meeting. Its attendance is also questionable as the membership status of those in the meeting cannot be determined by the Sangam’s Head Office and the Returning Officer.

“We wish to advise our members that all current office bearers continue in office. A National Council of Management meeting will be called on later date for a redress of what has transpired.

Mr Naicker said any election of office bearers by “today’s bogus purported AGM/Meeting is unlawful and illegal…”


Edited by Nemani Delaibatiki


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