Vosarogo Tells Why Change Of Date

  The Fiji National Rugby League board has stated the reasons why they are moving their annual general meeting to November. The FNRL had advertised that the AGM was to
02 Jun 2016 10:28
Vosarogo Tells Why Change Of Date
Filimoni Vosarogo


The Fiji National Rugby League board has stated the reasons why they are moving their annual general meeting to November. The FNRL had advertised that the AGM was to be held this Saturday but a change of date was announced on Tuesday.

FNRL board chairman Filimoni Vosarogo yesterday responded indicating that two clubs Nadera Panthers and Makoi Bulldogs were the only ones that raised their concerns over the deferment.


He stated the reasons of the deferment were:


  1. The decision to defer the AGM to a date no later than November 2016 is borne out of the Board of Directors decision to ensure that the 2016 seasons is fully run and reported in the AGM, and not half way through.

The Board of Directors are responsible for setting a date for the AGM and we have deemed it fit to defer the meeting after the competition calendar of 2016.


  1. The experience of the Board that came in June 2015 was that we found ourselves in the middle of the season and not being able to implement anything strategically mandated from the AGM because the season was already on sail.


  1. If the AGM was to occur again during June 2016, the incoming Board (should there be changes), they would similarly find themselves in our shoes as the season has already set sail and so the cycle of Boards coming in effectively unable to carry our mandates from the AGM would continue. To come in at a June AGM when the season has already started and to start the next season and not able to see it through does nothing for continuity and responsible reporting to members.


  1. As you all know, the League has adopted a new competition format this year. It was one of the items raised in the AGM 2015 which the Board and Management took to two workshops which was agreed to by the participating members to be tried. We are asking the clubs to give this format of competition a chance to be seen for its benefits.


  1. The competition format adopted for 2016 is designed to fit into the large scale of ‘creating a gradual pathway’ to the Bati Jersey for our local boys. It provides the incentive of the next level of competition. It also breeds the complexity that the modern game of rugby league require of mates who play against each other week in, week out– having the opportunity to play alongside each other every other week.  A clear pathway to the next level of competition is created thus culturing our next generation of players of the type of competition required on the modern game.


  1. We all know of the result of the Digicel Cup Champions (PNG) and the Vodafone Cup Champions (Fiji). What we must know is that the Gurias (PNG) is not a club side but a conference side that is the stepping stone to the PNG Hunters on route to the Kumuls jersey.

The format of the 2016 season is not ad hoc design.  It was raised for consideration at the 2015 AGM and the Board has seen it fit for it to be rolled out in 2016. It is the platform for selection into the Resident Batis and onward to the Batis jersey in 2017, if the players fit the requirements.


  1. Further, the remaining 2016 season is laced with Residents tour to Hawaii, Bati’s Test in October with Toa Samoa in Apia, visits from the Australian Interstates and young Lions scheduled in late 2016 and age group tours coming into Fiji and our schoolboys going to Australia in August. It is important that the AGM receives these reports from the sitting Board of Directors at the end of the season.


  1. Secondly, the AGM 2015 was specific on returning a result of the 2013 Audit Report for all its qualifications. The investigation of the 2013 World Cup Accounts is ongoing and I have tasked the CEO to ensure the player and management of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup are interviewed and a review is made by the Board of the investigation.


  1. The 2015 Audit is still to be signed off although a draft will be ready by this week but we don’t wish to rush this exercise but to ensure that we have ample time to consider it before it is signed off. The 2014 Accounts however, has been signed off and we will be presenting both 2014 and 2015 Audit Accounts in the 2016 AGM.

Edited by Leone Cabenatabua


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