Anger Management

A sales meeting was going on. There were almost 15 people in that conference room. Everything was seemingly going fine when, all of a sudden, Rajneel began shouting at the
04 Jun 2016 14:59
Anger  Management

A sales meeting was going on. There were almost 15 people in that conference room.

Everything was seemingly going fine when, all of a sudden, Rajneel began shouting at the entire team.

“This month you have fallen short of the quarterly sales target by more than ten percent. How can you do this?” he screamed.

“Do you know what will happen to the performance of the organisation, do you understand or do you not!!”

Rajneel really looked extremely upset but the more he looked at the sales figures his volume and his voice and his pitch increased.

Then suddenly he called Ashnesh towards where he was standing. “Come here you…”

Poor Ashnesh, who was already nervous about the whole thing got up and walked fearfully towards Rajneel.

“You have been the worst performer and I am giving the last and final warning to you. If I see this kind of a pathetic performance from you the next time I will throw you out of this office myself, GOT IT!!!”

Ashnesh listened quietly. And his face fell. He really was feeling humiliated and to a large extent helpless.

But he still managed to look up to Rajneel and said: “Rajneel Sir…my name is Ashneel and not Ashnesh. Sir, my sales numbers are there. They are highest amongst the others Sir.”

Saying this he quietly walked back to his seat. Rajneel did not know how to react. Firstly he had wrongly fired and scolded Ashneel and secondly he did not even realise the difference between his own team members.

His anger had blinded him quite literally! To add to this his anger did not subside.

Instead of saying sorry and apologising he went ahead and told Ashneel that he was still not satisfied with this performance though it may have been better than the others and again he started shouting at the team as a whole.

“You have been given a fat salary and all the perks, and you are just having fun at the company’s expense? If I want, I can terminate each one of you one by one and then you will realise your mistake!!!”


Enter Mr Chairman

As he was speaking or rather yelling at his team, the door of the conference room was opened. The entire team including their team leader Rajneel were surprised and rightly so. The person who walked in was none other than the Chairman of the company, Vikash Anand.

Everyone stood up and made space for him to walk inside and towards one of the chairs at the front. As Vikash sat Rajneel greeted him.

The chairman smiled. He told Rajneel to also sit. Tea and samosas were ordered by the chairman.

He looked at Rajneel with a surprised look and said: “Were you singing inside Rajneel, because as I was getting out of my car, from that distance, I could hear you.

“With me there were three prospective clients from Spain. When I saw them looking quite confused about the loud sounds I had to tell them that it was a rehearsal for some play for the annual day celebration.”

The chairman continued: “I had to come and see for myself what was happening in here!”

Then he looked at the team and asked: “How has your day been?” They kept quiet.

“After everything Rajneel has said to you, are you feeling greatly inspired to go to the stores and sell our products with the highest levels of passion?”

They were silent. “Are you all ready to give your 200 per cent to the organisation?”

Even to this question they were again silent. Each and every member’s face was looking extremely gloomy.

The chairman looked at them in a concerned manner and asked them as to why were they so depressed and disappointed.

“Is there anyone here who is feeling demotivated and punctured?”

To this except Rajneels, everyone else’s hand went up.

“Do you need to improve upon your sales?” he asked and they said yes.

He continued: “Do you need a motivator or de-motivator?”

They replied Motivator.

“Are you willing to work with someone who loses his cool and shouts at people and ends up humiliating his team or do you want someone who will, instead of getting angry express his anger in a more controlled manner and tries to guide his team to achieve more?”

To this question all of them, in one voice replied: “Yesssss! Sir, we want someone like that.”



Looking in the direction of Rajneel, the chairman, smiled. “Dear Rajneel, in which c

ategory do you find yourself?” Rajneel, looked nervous and did not say a word. “Tell me… tell me”, the chairman again asked.

“I am extremely sorry Sir for my behaviour. I most sincerely apologise,” Rajneel responded. Not to me Rajneel, but to your entire team, you must apologise”.

The chairman continued: “Just because people make mistakes or errors it does not give anyone the licence to yell and shout at them like the way you have done. I know you were surely not singing, right?” the chairman asserted to Rajneel!

“Remember Rajneel. Even anger can be more sensibly communicated. Remember one thing all of you, in anger the communication typically can become extremely rude and harsh and surely leads to humiliation and insult.

“The reason for the anger may be justified, but the manner in which it is displayed can create a very negative environment of de-motivation and demoralisation too. And this actually can even negatively affect sales and performance.”


Lesson learnt

That evening, Rajneel sent an email to all his team members.

He wrote to them about what he had learnt and how he would be practising all the things the chairman had shared with him and the others.

But most importantly, he concluded by restating his apologies to all of them for his angry behaviour and assured them that it would never happen again. The team presently is one of the best performing teams here in Fiji.


Remember friends: “TEMPER IS VALUABLE, DON’T LOSE IT.”

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