Sorento – Built With Safety In Mind

  Safety features would be the second most important thing most interested vehicle buyers would consider – first being the price. And Kia has built its Sorento giving safety features
04 Jun 2016 09:44
Sorento – Built With Safety In Mind


Safety features would be the second most important thing most interested vehicle buyers would consider – first being the price.

And Kia has built its Sorento giving safety features paramount importance.

The 2016 Kia Sorento’s emphasis on safety has meant the SUV has air bags.

There is one on the driver side and one on the passenger side.  In addition, there are curtain side airbags as well providing safety also for the other passengers in the vehicle.

The SUV is equipped with front and rear parking sensors which starts to beep when vehicle gets too close when reversing or going forward whilst parking.

In addition, it also has reverse camera.

Another interesting feature is the side mirror detectors which detects if another vehicle on either the left or right is too close to your vehicle.

This is indeed a very handy tool when overtaking given the vehicle is a bit bigger and needs more space when getting back into the lane after overtaking.

The vehicle also has ABS braking system as a safety feature.


The vehicle

The Kia brand of vehicles under the Tappoo Group subsidiary, Kia Motors, has built a sound reputation in the Fijian market and is doing wonders..

And the Kia Sorento is what Kia Motors says is its fastest selling SUV.

The SUV is available in the Fijian market in two different versions of which are 2.2 litre diesel and the other is a 2.4 litre petrol.

The engines use six-speed automatic transmission which has been carried over from the previous model.  But those wanting a bit more hand exercise can switch to using trip tonic as well.

Internationally, this Kia Sorento is described as the accumulation of all the knowledge and technical know-how the South Korean brand has gathered in the past few years.



The all-new Kia Sorento comes with an audio set comprising of AM/FM radio system, single CD player, USB connection as well as iPhone connection.

And how can we forget the Bluetooth which seems to now be a standard feature in all new vehicles these days.

The audio control is available on the steering wheel as well as dialing out is possible using the steering wheel.

To make things easier, the radio system has been made touch screen so you don’t have to fumble around with the buttons to make a selection.

Both the driver and passenger seats can be adjusted automatically. The driver seat can be automatically adjusted in 14 ways to suit your needs while the passenger seat in 12 ways to suit passenger needs.

But best of all, for driver seat, there are two memory options for two drivers can set their own preferred setting and just press the button and the seat will automatically adjust to their preference.

The speedometer panel is digital which switches off once the ignition is turned off.

It has keyless entry with button start/stop.

The Kia Sorento has power steering, power side mirrors and comes with either fabric seats or leather seats.

The Kia Sorento along with range of Kia vehicles are now available from Kia Motors Fiji Showrooms, located in the corner of Grantham Road and Carpenter Street, Garden City, Raiwai Suva, and on the Main Street in Nadi Town.

Kia Motors Fiji Service Centers are located on Carpenter Street in Raiwai Suva, and on the Khan Jan Drive, Wekamu Sub-division in Nadi, opposite the Nadi Temple.

All brand new Kia vehicles are backed by a 3 year/100,000km warranty in Fiji.



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