Letters To The Editor, June 08, 2016

Better than Mr Bean Amrit Singh, Nausori Fiji’s Parliament sitting is better than Mr Bean’s comedy TV series. While the Opposition is rowdy and laughing like it’s their home, our
08 Jun 2016 10:00
Letters To The Editor, June 08, 2016
Letters to the Editor

Better than Mr Bean

Amrit Singh,


Fiji’s Parliament sitting is better than Mr Bean’s comedy TV series.

While the Opposition is rowdy and laughing like it’s their home, our elected party seems to always defeat the motion by Opposition. Parliament is not a joke arena. Hence, Fiji is developing then why is our Parliament full of high tension and amusement?

We need to learn from overseas Parliament sitting to improve standards. We do not want to view television where our MP’s are not to standard. Very few are working hard. We pay electricity bills, dedicate our time, commitment to watch Parliament sittings. It’s a request to those in power to do justice to their work. I wonder how many years will the tables last in our Parliament due to the beatings it gets during proceedings once or twice in a month.

I hope the next time I turn on my television to watch Parliament sitting, there are some improvements.


Sky Pacific programmes

Shameem Ibrahim Khan,


It seems like there’s lot happening at the Sky Pacific (Digicel) Company and to its programmes and channels after the ownership change-over.

Firstly, the office relocation, which is now located at Kadavu House, Digicel Office, then the channels providing programmes.

Several channels have the same programmes showing (occupying space), some new programmes which are actually old and some programmes completely removed.

As a subscriber of the Sky Pacific, I am particularly concerned of the removal of a particular programme, the “TBN”, Channel. I was very frustrated several evening ago, when I switched on my TV, moving from channel to channel to locate the TBN programme, but to no avail. I was very sad and angered.

Please Sky Pacific (Digicel) show your customers the programmes they prefer to view and NOT what you want or choose.

Kindly reinstate the TBN programme and continue to receive the blessings.


What of freeway road?

Nardeo Mishra,


I travel on the Suva/Nausori corridor everyday and the traffic congestion is getting worse day by day.

Just imagine how much fuel and manpower hours are lost because of this and not forgetting the wear and tear of the vehicles and accidents.

Though we have made this section of the road from single each way lane to two-way, still we are not able to solve the problem.

I would appreciate to know what happened to the Master Plan to build a Freeway from Dilkusha, Nausori to Mead Road in Nabua, connecting to Ratu Mara Road through the Fiji Muslim League land.

This section of the country is not yet developed and before we have houses built, the survey for the Freeway must be done and provisions made so that the road has the potential to have three lanes each way.

We must think ahead not for only ten years but fifty plus. Our Government has done so many positive things in a short period of time and this can be another feather to their achievements.


Suva on sale

Raymond Naidu,


As I was walking through Suva City looking for some good items that would be on sale, what I saw was pathetic.

Majority of the shops are selling 90 per cent obsolete items or old stock just to recover the cost. I urge customers to be more careful when buying anything.

As an accountant I just carried out a survey with some shop owners who have said themselves that ‘SUVA ON SALE’ is when many shop owners take advantage of getting rid of their junk items just to recover cost.

I just hope that people do not spend unwisely.


Job equality!

Herleen Emily Kumar,


While making my way to school in the morning, there was a big traffic ahead of the bus.

Along the road there was a ‘bottle collector’ who was awake early in the morning collecting empty bottles for his income. As the traffic jam continued motorists shouted, teased and sounded their car horns to the man who was just doing his job, who was not even disturbing anyone.

I grew so emotional for the man and thought is there no respect for jobs like this in our society? Are we discriminating poor people like this in our society? Firstly, he was trying to earn money for himself and secondly, he was trying to keep our surrounding/environment clean and beautiful.

To this, there can only be one conclusion made – our society still consists of uncivilised and immoral people.

There seems to be discrimination in ‘job equality’.


Toll roads

Manoa Kaleca,


With the number of vehicles on our roads today, it would be a good idea if ‘Toll Roads’ are created to ease congestion.

A toll road is basically a public or private road that you have to pay a fee to use.  I believe that this is a great way of discouraging commuters from using their own vehicles to travel to and from work.  Instead, they would opt to travel on public transportation and this means fewer vehicles on our roads.  It is frustrating sometimes when we travel on our roads only to get stuck in traffic jams that are miles long.

If the Government would set up ‘Toll Booths’ at the main entries into Suva, Lautoka, Labasa, etc, this would in turn help rake in thousands of dollars in revenue and most importantly create less traffic jams.


SODELPA’s nose dive

Simon Hazelman,


Tukai Lagonilakeba’s view of SODELPA and its future is spot on (FS:07/06).

Marama Roko Tui Dreketi’s exit will simply see the Party nose-dive into oblivion!

Including Sitiveni Rabuka into the fold basically speeds up the plunge!

The ignorance from those within merely reveals the poor social and professional position of the party.

The demise of SODELPA began after the 2014 elections and it has just gotten worse.

The saying “out with the old and in with the new” has come into fruition!

If the 2014 election result wasn’t enough then 2018 will not only be a revelation but a confirmation!



Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

Some weeks ago I was told that the homeless problem in Lautoka never existed.

I believe it has gone from bad to worse because some people have started to sleep on the bus bay area and some even fight over a particular space to sleep on.

Sometime back I requested the minister responsible to come and see for herself and I was willing to give her free tour on the places where I normally see the homeless people sleeping.


Elderly rape accused

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,


There has been an increase of rape cases in Fiji including the elderly raping young girls.

Normally, when one becomes a grandparent, one will love their grandchildren, spoiling them with goodies and offering to them the best of everything.

Likewise, the grandchild will love to be with their grandparents because they can do what they want.

But what has happened to us Fijians that at an age where one is looked upon as old and considered to be a grandfather, some commit a heinous crime of raping a young child that could be their own grandchild?

The learned Dr Sharma wrote the other day that all this battering about man abusing women and girls kind of paints a bad picture of us men, as most of us are not guilty at all.

But I would say in cases of old rapists, now our own daughters will not trust to release their children to their own grandparents, or even leaving them alone with an elderly relative.

Families with young children need to be more vigilant today and do not listen to the reminder on TV which says ‘It’s now 10pm do you know where your children are’?

Rather at every hour and at all times know where your children are, check that they are safe, as it is always best to be safe than sorry.


BSP Samabula

Akhila Nand,


Only commercial banking is done at the Bank South Pacific’s (BSP) Samabula branch.

If BSP customers want to deposit money in their savings account they have to go to Dominion House in Suva or any other BSP branch.

Only one thousand dollars can be withdrawn from BSP automatic teller machines (ATM) at one time. It is too dangerous to carry large sums of money for fear of being robbed.

Can the management of Bank South Pacific explain why its Samabula branch savings account is closed?



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