Letters To The Editor, 13th June, 2016

Opposition parties Simon Hazelman, Savusavu This time Mr Gavoka is missing my point! Without being too assertive I am literally prophesying that FijiFirst will come out clear winners and SODELPA
13 Jun 2016 10:00
Letters To The Editor, 13th June, 2016
Letters to the Editor

Opposition parties

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

This time Mr Gavoka is missing my point!

Without being too assertive I am literally prophesying that FijiFirst will come out clear winners and SODELPA will fail miserably in the 2018 election.

Mr Gavoka simply needs to take note of what I’ve prophesied and wait for its fulfilment. He shall hear from me immediately after it happens!

Unlike his false tsunami prophecy, this will convince him that my source of divine power is genuine!

Only time will tell so just relax for now Mr Gavoka and while you’re at it, please question your source and its integrity!

My prayers will be with you!


Water pressure

Amrit Singh, Nausori

Again another week has gone by with the water pressure problem still not fixed.

Water pressure along Bau Road is still low. For some months now residents here are faced with this difficulty. Are the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) people doing their work or sleeping on the job?

I call on the Minister for Infrastructure to look into this matter, please.

People in our area are facing many problems of late and we are getting excuses and told all the time that WAF is doing their best to normalise water pressure.

I hope our elected minister does justice because we are not happy about the low water pressure problem here.


Kepa’s apology

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

What mileage did Ro Teimumu Kepa gain from her apology to the NZ PM on behalf of our Prime Minister?

Has she now become his official spokeswomen? What was her motive, and why?

Mr Bainimarama has said what he deems necessary relevant to his feelings of what he thinks of the NZ media and it is no different to the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi’s outbursts against the Fiji Sun in her dissatisfaction on what they report about her.

Now we know why as reported in the Fiji Sun front page 11th June, the apology was an old baited trick from the Rewa Delta to get John Key not to support Fiji’s bid for our nominee, Peter Thomson, to be the next president of the UN’s General Assembly. It is an ill conceived political agenda and what a shame it is coming from her. What is she really trying to prove here? Voters will remember this childish act going to the polls in 2018, which the NZ PM rightly rejected.

I personally feel that Ro Teimumu should first start with her two suspended Opposition members in Roko Tupou Draunidalo and Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu to publicly apologise to the Madam Speaker and Mahendra Reddy respectively if she can command the respect from her unruly members.

The NZ PM did not expect any apology or sympathy for that matter because he is fully aware of what is happening around him.


Politics of race!

Herleen Emily Kumar, Nadi

As a student, watching Parliament debates is an interesting topic for me.

But what saddens me the most is that despite so much hard work put in by our PM to eradicate ‘’racial discrimination’’ in the country, discrimination still exists.

When the Government is working so hard to break down all barriers of racial discrimination, to have a better future for Fiji, the ‘’racial’’ weapons are still used in Parliament. Is this how Fiji will prosper?

Political debates are factors to improve the Government on what shall be done and what areas need consideration, not for racial debates.

If this issue is looked at, then we as youths will enjoy watching Parliament sitting and won’t feel irritated by racist words.


Nigel Owens

Wise Muavono , Lautoka

It was a pleasure watching the world’s number one rugby referee – Nigel Owens – control the Fiji and Tonga rugby match. Vinaka.



Lawrence Narayan, Suva

According to a report on suicide by Geraldine Coutts/Michael Smith of Fiji’s National Committee on the Prevention of Suicide (FNCPS) number of suicides between 2000 to 2010, almost 200 suicides per year mostly among young Fijians of Indian descents.

These numbers may have increased over the years.

The causes of suicides is well documented in the Bible in various scriptures as demon possession which is the seizure of a human being by a demonic being to such a degree that the individual is controlled in whole or in part by the demon (Matt. 8;28-32, Mark 1:23-27, Luke 9:37-42) etc.

The person who is demon possessed can manifest demonic qualities one minute and then be back in his right mind the next.

The disease known as schizophrenia could, in certain individuals, be demon possession. This could be the case in instances where the person may speak in different voices and act in bizarre ways.

One minute he could be a nice, calm, normal individual, and the next minute he could rage, foam at the mouth, and speak in an entirely different voice, blaspheming God.

In certain instances, demon-possessed individuals actually communicate with demons they hear voices that tell them to kill somebody, commit suicide, or undertake various kinds of sins.

If the Christian’s foremost duty is help his fellowmen in need then we simply cannot turn a blind eye to the demonic activities around us.

We need to be part of God’s ministry in casting out tormenting demons in Jesus name (Acts 16:18).


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