Letters To The Editor, 14th June, 2016

Rubbish ignorance Amrit Singh, Nausori While travelling towards Nausori Town from Bau Road one can see near the Nausori International Airport fence area a lot of rubbish that are being
14 Jun 2016 09:41
Letters To The Editor, 14th June, 2016
Letters to the Editor

Rubbish ignorance

Amrit Singh, Nausori

While travelling towards Nausori Town from Bau Road one can see near the Nausori International Airport fence area a lot of rubbish that are being dumped carelessly by people. You can see baby diapers all around the side of the entrance towards Bau Road even though there’s a sign saying those caught dumping rubbish along Bau Road will be fined.

One may ask why? But the answer is those motorists who park vehicles near the airport fence while waiting for their families flights to land munch on meals. I think they are not waiting for planes to land so they can board their families home but they come prepared with piles of rubbish.

It’s a request to Nausori Town Council to have a look at the piles of rubbish that is being dumped. Since the road has been upgraded along the airport can Government put speed cameras there? It would be an advantage to catch speedy drivers and rubbish throwers. Come on relevant authorities the road looks world class then why not add a camera for final icing on the cake?


Cibi’s still has it

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Delta, BC, Canada

Watching the Vodafone Flying Fijians on my laptop out here with the cameraman taking the shots from up front when performing the cibi as they challenged the Tongans, I’d say from a Fijian and iTaukei perspective, our cibi still has it.

After feeling my hair standing from the passion and intensity of the cibi, I said to myself: ‘Bring on the Ikale Tahi’.

There has been attempts to modify the cibi with added moves but I believe the challenge is in the words and the passion it is delivered.

The Flying Fijians looked confident but did not click in the first-half but came firing during the second-half to catch up and win by 23-18.

We were promised to see the open style running rugby from the Flying Fijians, which we did see but there were some kicking away of ball possession, which should be used to set up attacks.

The Tongans led during the first-half of the game because they kept the ball alive and looked for openings to breakthrough.

I am looking forward to watching more open play for Fijian rugby in the next game against Samoa. Go Fiji go!


Narrow victory

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi, Suva

The narrow escape (23-18) from the jaws of defeat to the Tongan Ikale Tahi is a typical brutal affair between the two sides.  We must thank John McKee, management and the Fiji Rugby Union for the victory.  Samoa this week will be no walk over after the draw with Georgia last week. Georgia is by no means a slouch.

In the meantime Wales almost ended the 60-year-old jinx by defeating the All Blacks in their own turf but unfortunately they fell short.  Our very own Waisake Naholo was in devastating form with two tries to his credit and we hope to see more of him soon.

The Irish continue to peep into the keyhole of international rugby after their near miss in the Rugby World Cup 2015 affair after defeating old nemesis South Africa with only 13 men on the ground.  It was definitely an upset considering the 56 years they haven’t beaten them.

More rugby upsets this week.


Prayer congestion

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

With all due respect to our Muslim brothers I continue to find that their midday prayers is at this time holding traffic in Labasa and Savusavu towns.

The other day as I drove through Labasa at midday and found myself yet again caught up in a traffic jam before the mosque besides ASCO Motors and the fuel station. All types of vehicles were parked everywhere and anywhere, even up over the curb, blocking the busstop area and causing congestion. The same goes for Savusavu.

Now as much as we honour our Muslim brotherhood I ask why isn’t LTA and the Police doing anything about it? As for Savusavu the LTA Office is right next door to the Mosque?

Consideration, understanding and most of all obeying the law will be much appreciated.


Orlando shooting

Ashneel J Prasad, Auckland, NZ

Last week, Americans were scared of gays in public restroom and mourning the death of a muslim sport’s figure. This week they suddenly care about the death of 50 slain gays and are afraid of the muslims. Behold! The power of mainstream media.


The NFP evolution

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

The National Federation Party (NFP) was founded and initially run by some noble names like A D Patel, K C Ramrakha,  S M Koya Ratu Julian Toganivalu, Mrs Irene Jai Narayan, Jai Ram Reddy and many more. Its founding motto was: ‘One Country, One Nation, One People’.

It is amazing to stand today and look back at the evolution of NFP. A party founded on multi-racialism, equality, honesty and fairness by descendants of indentured labourers and Indian immigrants who have become victims of two coups have now chosen to sleep with SODELPA on their “racially polarised” master bed.

First, they install a president who is the daughter of a man who assisted Sitiveni Rabuka in the 1987 coup which victimised Indo-Fijians and later became a minister in the SDL government.

For many years she disguised herself as a moderate. Totally opposed to her father’s ideals, but what transpired in Parliament exposed her true colors.

She discredited and insulted a hardworking descendant of a Girmitya and son of a cane farmer who struggled all his life to become a PhD graduate in his own right. This person has groomed and guided thousands of students many of whom now hold leading roles in our Pacific region.  Yet she called him a ‘fool’ and lied that he insulted the iTaukei people by calling us ‘dumb natives’ to incite racism.

I ask myself a few times, “Why ?” (With no personal attack intended). Then I recall that this lady was born with a silver spoon. She has never understood true struggles in her privileged life. Her mother was the paramount chief of one of Fiji’s 14 provinces.  Her father was a Colonel in the army and later became a government minister and her step father was a former Prime Minister. How more elite can one be?

The founders of the NFP would turn in their graves if they see how the party they founded almost fifty years ago with noble ideals is evolving now.

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