Ryan Lays Down the LAW

  Vodafone Fijian 7s head coach Ben Ryan has laid down strict measures for his players ahead of their preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympics. The no-nonsense coach has made
16 Jun 2016 16:55
Ryan Lays Down the LAW
Jarryd Hayne (fourth from left) joints Vodafone 7’s camp at Up Rising beach resort in Pacific harbor yesterday. Photo: RONALD KUMAR.


Vodafone Fijian 7s head coach Ben Ryan has laid down strict measures for his players ahead of their preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympics. The no-nonsense coach has made it clear- “players that fail to toe the line will be shown the door”.

He was not happy with the player’s yo-yo test results on their first training session.

“Looking at this week, we are trying to get the players fitness level to where I want to it to be,” Ryan said.

“On Monday I was not happy with the yoyo test and I made them do it again and I was not happy today again and we ended up doing five of them. It was a long session for the boys but I had to set the standard on my first training session after winning the world title, so to do five yo-yo tests in a row was hard for them. Everything got to be perfect, the public demands that now, eight weeks we get the team in good shape.”

In eight weeks time the head coach expects fitness level of the players to be perfect. Expectations for bulky forwards like Leone Nakarawa and Pio Tuwai to be hitting the 18 to 19 mark in the yo-yo test while other players which include the playmakers, rovers, wingers and fast forwards like Apisai Domolailai and Jasa Veremalua to hit the 22 mark.


Attitude and discipline

Ryan said he would monitor the attitude and discipline of players on and off the field.

“I said to the boys any point they might get a tap on their shoulder and say your journey is finished, so they know that. I can be making them today, tonight, tomorrow.

“I can have conversations with any of the players that they are not going to make it. I’ll tell them and we move them out of camp, so I want to keep the pressure on them. Cut could be on anything attitude on and off the field, could be discipline. I got spies all over the place they could see boys last weekend or over Namatakula village or in Suva on the doors of the bars and clubs.

“It’s not that I’m treating them like kids, if I find out the boys have misbehaved or I think they just too far behind then there is no point keeping them in camp. This is the message to the rest of the boys we have tightened everything up and make sure that we do everything at our best to succeed,” Ryan explained.

“There can be cuts anytime, boy’s needs to be on their toes and they know that.”

Following their two weeks break Ryan was impressed with skipper Osea Kolinisau and Jasa Veremalua’s performance during training on the field.

“When we finished in London, I just wanted them to take time off, ,when there is time off, it is time off, there’s time off when you rest and spent time with your families and time off when you rest and spent time in the pub because  you want to celebrate your success. That world champions is a tremendous thing.

“I don’t mind if the boys have a few beers but there is a few beers and there’s a lot of beers, one or two might have had their mark there and have made their climb of selection harder.

“I see on the field, I look at Osea and Jasa they look great.  They are great role models on and off the field and those guys have sacrificed everything, they don’t drink, they don’t drink grog , they know there is a price ahead and there’s many years ahead when they want to drink beer or grog if they want to. Right now it’s about doing their very best for their national shirt, it’s a great attitude, I hope the others will follow the same mindset.”

Ryan believes the players need to get everything right and get great pitch time, get good recovery time, good food, water and sleep.

Change in diet

Ryan has also made changes to the player’s diet.

“I have taken away carbohydrates, their bread and pastas, cassava, dalo and rice and got into some proteins and stuff that will keep them healthy.

“Plenty of work to do certainly, it’s a slow start this week because they all carrying a few pounds most of them so we just going to slim them down and get them fit,” Ryan added.

 Edited by Leone Cabenatabua



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