Mrs Naupoto Proud Of Husband’s Achievement

After meeting the love of her life in 1985, Lilian Naupoto is ever grateful to God for blessing her with an understanding and supportive husband. Mrs Naupoto is married to
21 Jun 2016 10:48
Mrs Naupoto Proud Of Husband’s Achievement
Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) Commander Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto inspects the troops during the inauguration yesterday.Photo:Vilimoni Vaganalau.

After meeting the love of her life in 1985, Lilian Naupoto is ever grateful to God for blessing her with an understanding and supportive husband.

Mrs Naupoto is married to the Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto.

Rear Admiral Naupoto was inaugurated as RFMF Commander yesterday at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks ground.

In an interview, Mrs Naupoto said she was proud and thankful to God for her husband’s achievements.

“I feel proud and I want to thank God for his blessings that everything is working according to what God has in place for us,” she said.

“I would like to thank the Government especially the Prime Minister for his trust in my husband in giving him the post of leading the military.It’s great for our nation because usually the past Commanders were usually army officers.”

Rear Admiral Naupoto comes from a navy background.

“I think it began when the Prime Minister was also the Commander of the RFMF that people came to know that it was not only army officers that can lead the Republic of Fiji Military Force, but also the naval officers because they are also part of the military.”

Rear Admiral Naupoto who is from Vatoa Island in Lau group enlisted as a naval officer in 1982.

“He was given a choice to choose between army or navy, he chose to be a navy officer and moved up the ranks,” she said.

Driving force

“I think the major driving force my husband had mentioned in his speech was his father.

“I would say I play a minor part of it, because I have always been encouraging him to do his work well even in times of hardships.

“I always ask him not to give up and you know because it’s God’s will. It can’t always be a smooth sailing in our lives, there will be hardships sometimes, so the main driving force is his dad and his upbringing back on the island.

“We met in 1985, it’s surprising how we ended up together because he was brought up on Vatoa Island and I was brought up in Suva. I am used to the city life and the bright lights. But I guess that is God’s plan, no matter where you go or whatever you do, he has a plan for you so you have to fit into the jigsaw puzzle.

“I am from Malaka Village in Vanuabalavu Island, I have been a housewife since we got married, because my husband had asked me to stay home and look after our children while he goes to work and look after the family finances.

“So I guess, I am a lucky woman and I am proud of that.”

She said they are proud that their children also want to be part of the disciplined forces.

“We have four children, three sons and a daughter.

“My eldest son Viliame junior is married to Litea and we have a grandson Josefa Naupoto.

“We are very proud that our eldest son is with the Police Forensics Unit, another son Maselino is in the RFMF Engineering Corp and is presently deployed to Vanuabalavu at Adi Maopa School.”

Patron of RFMF Wives and Mothers Club

“I am the patron of the RFMF Wives and Mothers Club, because of my husband’s position.

“The main thing I always talk to them about is on family, especially for those whose husbands are away on TOD (tour of duty), their major role in the house is to look after and care for their children, because their husbands are away for their betterment.

“And we have to help each other I always ask the wives if they know of any military families that are facing hardships we can go around and see them.

“I am lucky that I have a good understanding husband, because sometimes when I share some issues from the wives, he will ask the committee to come up and sit with them and let them know what he thinks.

“That’s what we need, we need our husbands to be supportive of the wives and mothers club because they play a major part and role in the running of our club and it’s not just us.”



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