Letters To The Editor, June 28 2016

Unforgiving Fijians Anasa Tawake, Suva For the past few days we have been exposed to issues of unforgiveness from our political leaders through the media; politics aside, budget aside, free
28 Jun 2016 10:04
Letters To The Editor, June 28 2016
Letters to the Editor

Unforgiving Fijians

Anasa Tawake, Suva

For the past few days we have been exposed to issues of unforgiveness from our political leaders through the media; politics aside, budget aside, free education aside, rugby aside, etc, etc.

Politicians take note: You must heal in order to lead.  You have to let go of the things that have hurt you to ensure that they don’t rise up and cause pain to someone else.  I realised that meant that leaders have to forgive.

The most inspiring leaders I know aren’t interested in winning—they’re interested in succeeding. I think it’s crucial to remember that sometimes success is not possible if we insist on winning.

There is no weakness in forgiveness. In fact, I think that leadership often begins only where forgiveness begins.

I wonder what values are being inculcated by our politicians into our future generation.

Is it, let’s breed a generation of unforgiving Fijians?



Deeds not words

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

The NFP and SODELPA have again attacked the Ministry of Education allocation from our inspiring and realistic 2016-17 National Budget; our nation’s pearl farm is our education system and its policies and it has to be.

If one was to look back post Independence, Sitiveni Rabuka’s SVT reigned for 12 years [1987-1999] FLP’s Mahendra Chaudhry one year [1999-2000], SDL’s Laisenia Qarase five years [2001-2006] NFP’s Tupou Draunidalo opposition [indecisive] SODELPA’s Ro Teimumu four years in opposition [2014-2018] and all this holistically equates to a total 22 years of wasted time in the wilderness with a racist divisive leadership, corrupt discriminating politics and policies together with their lack of political will to make the necessary Ministry of Educational inclusive policies changes that should have been beneficial to all Fijian children since.

In his 1987 coup, Rabuka single handedly destroyed what his predecessors had achieved post independence from which it took the country back some 50 years.

But can Ro Teimumu, Biman Prasad and now SODELPA party leader Sitiveni Rabuka explain why their past governments had never seen fit to implement MP Bill Gavoka’s suggestion during their term the $110m free tuition for USP, FNU, UOF and technical colleges then?

It is exactly 46 years to date post Independence and the FijiFirst Voreqe Bainimarama Government have for the first time in our history post 2014 election implemented the free milk and Weet-Bix, free bus fares and textbooks, free education policy from kindergarten through primary school until Year 13, TSLB for any student wishing to further his or her education including technical colleges plus the 630 Toppers Scholarship.

Now is it possible, can the NFP and SODELPA party kindly account for some evidence of their achievements implemented from your respective party manifestos post 2014 election and not something your lot have aimlessly hoped for, and verbally stood for but have yet to materialise; “Deeds but not Words.” Your very little supporters left need to know.



Leader of Opposition

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi

The SODELPA executive management board has made its decision to select Sitiveni Rabuka to lead the opposition party on the basis of their belief that this person will bring back voters and hope.

Whether that can be substantiated; as a superior political strategy for national interest I don’t know.  Whether it will bring party loyalties or it is something unwise is something else.

It’s obvious that civilian control in the executive management board is dominant and the involvement of the vanua will only complicate the strain and tension in relationship with further potential for division. Let us be frank, that voters are getting impatient with SODELPA with its divisive politics and if they don’t measure up it will be the beginning of the end.

It’s also discouraging that people have written to this good newspaper with their usual drip of criticism full of wickedness and ignorance with an opportunity to debase people from the past however divisive it may have been.

It’s definitely the political rights of the people to choose their candidates and indeed their party leader not any Tom, Dick or Harry who speak from behind the facade of freedom of the press and theatrical politics of dog whistling.

I wish the SODELPA management all that is best with such appointment.



Economic idealist

Viliame Gavoka, Nadroga

Joseph Veramu’s opinion piece brands my economic plans as idealistic, meaning it won’t work.

My policies are in large part aimed at increasing the economic pie by engaging the iTaukei in ways that are real and practical, but not taking anything away from other communities.

Quite simply, I am tired of people saying that we are asset rich, but cash poor.

It is sad that what Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew had said in 1988 are still true; to paraphrase, ‘the Constitution will change nothing, the disparity in earning power between the native Fijians and others needs to be addressed’. PM Lee was a very good friend of Fiji and he said that when the leaders of the Commonwealth were trying to help Fiji craft a new constitution following the coup in 1987.

I intend doing something about it.

I have experience in business and have served two years in parliament, so I know what I’m taking about.

I can debate Mr Veramu on this issue at any time it suits him.



Scooters maybe the solution

Manoa Kaleca, Nailuva

On Friday evening, my children and I went to check out the Fiji Showcase which is currently held at the Vodafone Arena in Suva.

There were bright lights, live music and good food on offer. The entertainment throughout the evening was really good and the kids really enjoyed it.

However, the main attraction for me was the Asco Motors Yamaha Scooter which was on display in one of the booth.

It is on sale for only $2670 and this price is only available during the showcase period.

With the ever increasing number of vehicles on our roads, I thought that this would be a great alternative in defeating traffic and plus with these scooters, you don’t have to be at the back of the queue.

It is cheap, economical and handy for those living in the urban areas.  It can go to a maximum speed of 100km per hour and has a loading capacity of 168kg.

This is a deal not to be missed and I recommend that you check it out before the showcase event comes to an end.



Heavy compulsory requirements

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

Upon any programme or function being held in schools, some schools make it compulsory for the school students to come in a particular attire which is suitable for that particular programme or function being held in the school. It has come to my attention that many parents are struggling to find the suitable type of dressing material in the last minute shopping.

Recently the drug awareness day was observed throughout the schools in Fiji. Many school children especially the primary school students were told to come with particular colours of ribbons, socks or scarfs.

One particular school told the students to come in two different colours of socks, that is one in red and the other in blue.

There were many parents who were disturbed of this compulsory requirement as they had to take their time out going around from shop to shop looking for those stuffs which are not available in most of the shops visited. Forking out for those additional expenses is another issue. Such directives normally come from the school itself.

While this type of preparations for the school programme looks good, the authorities have to realise that it’s not easy to do last minute shopping as things are not available every-time in every shops besides cost is a major factor to ponder on.

School uniforms are compulsory, not other things that are used once in a while. Such things if made optional will be fair to all students.

Many parents have raised their concerns and frustrations, and it will be appreciated if the Minister for Education looks into this.

So much for the free school gestures; I hope to hear from the authorities soon or the least expect some understanding.

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