The Razzle and Dazzle Of Las Vegas

  Las Vegas is indeed a happening place and of course the title ‘Sin City’ is not given lightly as it is a city that lives and breathes 24 hours
02 Jul 2016 10:21
The Razzle and Dazzle Of Las Vegas


Las Vegas is indeed a happening place and of course the title ‘Sin City’ is not given lightly as it is a city that lives and breathes 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

I have visited Las Vegas many times mainly for the big boxing matches that attract hundreds of thousands of people and also conventions and conferences.

It is also a city of heartbreak and broken dreams and I have to admit it does sadden me a little when I encounter people with stories of hopes and dreams which don’t become reality.

To add to this there is also the attraction of gambling, prostitution and drugs that prey on the vulnerable in the society.

Having said that, there are success stories of people who have broken through the pack to live their dreams and become successful.

I enjoy Las Vegas purely for the unbelievable buzz it generates and a lot of my friends who are in the hotel and casino business live there.

Interestingly one of my friends, who is heavily involved in all aspects of the gambling and the leisure side of activities, is strictly a non-drinker, non-smoker, does not gamble and has a wonderful wife and three lovely children who are attending high school.

I have often questioned him on his activities in regards to encouraging people to drink, smoke and gamble whereas he and his whole family are against any of these practices. Interestingly he is able to separate business from his own personal views and it works for him.

He does admit to encouraging members of society, where the hotels offer free drinks and other services to get them to the gambling tables to spend their money. One comment he did make to me was that, “The Hotel never loses” and that’s the way they want it to stay.

If there is one accolade I must give the people of Las Vegas, that is they are certainly hardworking and industrious, which in turn makes it one of the biggest economic cities in the USA.

This brings me to a very fascinating interview I did with a clothing maker whose line is called Hustle Honey; she has taken a ghetto look and made it very trendy. A marvellous concept and from the queue that was waiting to buy her apparel, I am sure she has done well.

The fashion statement they had was “Hustle Honey, who is she? She is the epitome of a woman; she possess femininity and strength and simultaneously she is beautiful in her own way; she is confident, ambitious, sexy, patient, quick, and witty. She is emulated, she is emotional and logical. She is  ready for the world and ready for you”.

Well very tough words for today’s strong and financially independent women. Once again it was an idea which fed into a look that was once looked at in a negative way but only in Las Vegas you can turn a negative into a positive.

One thing I must say about the women of Hustle Honey is that they are certainly women to be reckoned with, tough, uncompromising and fiercely independent.

They invited me out for a night on the town with them and foolishly I accepted their invitation, let’s just say I was in bed after midnight and they carried on and closed the bar, but never judge a book by its cover they were intelligent, street smart women who certainly will never bow to any man but treat them as equals and I respect that.

Edited by Manasa Kalouniviti
 The writer is a Fiji Sun  columnist.



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