Letters To The Editor, 4th July 2016

Fiji Football Nilesh Lal Suva Rewa and Labasa, presently, seem to be the only football districts investing in youth development. This is evident by the number of young players in
04 Jul 2016 08:00
Letters To The Editor, 4th July 2016
Letters To the Editor

Fiji Football

Nilesh Lal


Rewa and Labasa, presently, seem to be the only football districts investing in youth development.

This is evident by the number of young players in their run-on teams and it is paying dividends for the two sides.

Unfortunately, the national coach Frank Farina appears to be either oblivious to or have a particular aversion to talents from the northern district.

Given their consistent stellar performances, it is a baffling mystery why players like Manasa Levaci, Ilisoni Lolaivalu and Ratu Anare have not been considered for the Olympics squad.

These young talents need technical guidance to hone their raw talents and presently they are not getting any.

It is also important to note that Mr Farina’s salary is paid for by the Fijian taxpayers through the Fiji Sports Commission and one of the key objectives of this programme is to develop the technical capacity of young sporting talents.

By excluding players from Vanua Levu, which does not even have a football academy, Mr Farina and Fiji FA are failing to meet this objective and should be held accountable by Government.

Investments in sports facilities in the North will also advance Government’s efforts to address the urban drift to the central division, and clearly despite direct grants from public funds, Fiji FA, through its exclusionary actions, are at odds with these objectives.

This is the biggest irony of Mr Farina’s engagement using taxpayer funds.



Politics today!

Herleen Emily Kumar


With many people raising their concerns on the appointment of newly appointed SODELPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka, I think things cannot be easily forgotten.

With his appointment I believe 1987 has come to life, however, I would rather give him a break and witness whether he can make it big in the 2018 elections.

Today, many young Fijians here in Fiji are following politics and I think this is a great time and platform to analyse politics in Fiji.

There may be a lot of influence coming in from many political parties, but at the end of the day a good political analysis would know which party is best to vote for in 2018.

With the current issues that are happening in between party members of NFP and SODELPA, I think these political parties should solve their own differences and not make their argument public because this in return reflects the party and they tend to lose many supporters.

Well all in all, wishing Rabuka the very best with his appointment to SODELPA.



Phantom wedding ring

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa

Delta, BC, Canada

A story about the forgotten wedding ring made me laugh.

What really made me burst out laughing was because it reminded me of a similar story shared by the late Sunia of Lands Department in Government Buildings in the 1980’s.

Sunia is a well known person in Government Building, because wherever he is, people will be laughing because he had the gift of the gab and his humour and facial expression will convince you that he is telling the truth, when in fact he has pulled a fast one from the hip.

Suva siders will remember that back in the 70s, a batch of cheap phantom rings flooded the market; this was a silver ring with a skull in front, like the one worn by the Phantom in the comic series.

A relative from the village requested Sunia, because he worked in Government Buildings, to be his witness at his civil marriage at the Birth and Marriage Registrar Office.

Sunia said he burst out laughing when the marriage celebrant asked the bridegroom for the wedding ring and he pulled out of his pocket the phantom ring to be worn by the bride. Even the marriage celebrant tried hard to hold back his laughter, but blurted out, “Looks like Phantom is marrying Diana after all!”



Bulitavu’s nonsense

Tukai Lagonilakeba


Will Mosese Bulitavu’s attack of Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, change a thing relevant to his criticism of three ministerial portfolio’s he holds?

This is not about power as alluded to by MP Bulitavu.

Our Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama sees it as critical ministerial Government departments that requires very urgent attention for a mechanical overhaul, re-engineering and wheels re-alignment, but the best most qualified candidate is Mr Sayed-Khaiyum and why not? That is the prerogative and the call of the FijiFirst party Government leader in allocating his cabinet ministers accordingly and it is not the business of the opposition SODELPA MP to dictate to Government, when we need his opinion we will then ask or otherwise get your house in order first and leave the running of Government to the ruling party as mandated to.

This is done to ensure Government sets its priorities in order and meets its obligations to its many election promises from its party manifesto and policies to ensure Government services is progressive, indiscriminately achieved and delivered accordingly irrespective where those long forgotten ordinary Fijians live, we will reach them and remember; “No Fijian Will Be Left Behind” on our way forward and that is also well in line with the provisions of our 2013 Constitution.

  1. As a Minister for Justice and Attorney-General in itself it automatically inherits the functions of the offices of the Judiciary, ODPP, Prosecutions, Solicitor-General and Parliament.
  2. In wearing his hat as Minister for Economy, it is critically important that he is tasked to streamline our civil service and Governments various Public Enterprises in order they maximise on their service delivery of Government products to the Fijian people. Also importantly to maximise on their respective earning capacity to achieve good bottom line figures in return.

Great to note the very large historical profit margins gained in the turnaround of these various Government business entity that has been long neglected.

  1. The Ministry of Communications has long been politicised over the years and have failed to deliver, its function’s needs to be relooked at holistically to benefit the Fijian people.

I realistically do not want to compare the Biodata of the Attorney-General and his critic to justify the appointments.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum is only the executive authority and political appointee of the three Ministerial portfolios he commands.

All in all those Government departments have very highly paid experienced qualified Permanent Secretaries [PS] Deputy Permanent Secretaries and Ministry Directors who daily oversee, regulate, administers and manage their policies to ensure its departments’ smooth running.

Bulitavu’s unwarranted call is unnecessary and is below the belt in that it disrespectfully undermines the integrity  and questions the professionalism of those hardworking and dedicated public servants in Government.


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