Eid Mubarak Let’s Celebrate What We Have

Today we wish all Muslims Eid Mubarak, We join the Methodists and many others in giving our best wishes on the occasion of  Eid al-Fitr marking the end of the
07 Jul 2016 10:17
Eid Mubarak Let’s Celebrate What We Have
SODELPA member of Parliament Viliame Gavoka.

Today we wish all Muslims Eid Mubarak, We join the Methodists and many others in giving our best wishes on the occasion of  Eid al-Fitr marking the end of the holy month of fasting called Ramadan.

Eid al-Fitr is celebrated by Muslims worldwide to mark God’s blessings on Prophet Muhammad. Included in the festivities are an outpouring of spirit of compassion  and the subsequent donations to the less fortunate. The event promotes love for all.

For non-Muslims, it is important to learn, know and understand these principles to avoid misconceptions. We all need to do the same with other religions. When we make the  effort to understand other religions, it will help to promote religious understanding and tolerance.

We will find that a common thread runs through all religions that binds us to a common goal and purpose.

There are more common features that unite us than differences that divide us. We believe in a supreme being, a God that loves each and every human being on this planet irrespective of our ethnic, cultural and religious differences.

In Fiji we are blessed that we are able to freely worship in our churches, temples and mosques and practise our religion.

The Constitution guarantees us that freedom provided we do not impose our beliefs on others.

We are also fortunate  that we do not have the problems that exist in some countries where religious intolerance is rife. In Fiji, religions co-exist peacefully and represent a diversity that enriches our lives, although there are some in the minority who, from time to time, try to upset the applecart.

We have learned from experiences that religious intolerance only produces unnecessary anxiety, fear, pain and suffering.

Our hope is in the abundance of goodwill among our people buoyed by their religious beliefs in upholding  everything that is good and resenting those things that can destroy us.

This is our strength as a nation. It has kept us in good stead in some of the darkest periods of our history. It is our heritage  that we should zealously protect.

In all religious events and celebrations we should count our blessings and express our gratitude to our God that we live in  peaceful country.

So as we join our Muslim brothers and sisters in celebrating Eid al-Fitr, it’s a good time to reinforce our commitment to the common religious principles that unite us as one people – principles that help us to overcome our challenges. It is also a time to celebrate the necessities and comforts of life that we all enjoy.

Eid Mubarak.

You’re right, Mr Gavoka

SODELPA MP Viliame Gavoka has got it right this time about the Fiji Sun and the media (see page 13).

He recognises the role the Fiji Sun plays and he says he reads it to help him as a politician.

He admits that this newspaper is a major channel of communication between him and the people. Even his wife insists that he reads the newspaper, he reveals.

It is clear that the old SODELPA  position to boycott the Fiji Sun is now history.

Mr Gavoka knows that all smart politicians cannot isolate themselves from the media.

SODELPA has suffered because of its negative media policy against the Fiji Sun. He should now convince some of his colleagues to change their mindset against this newspaper.



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