Ghost-Figure Killer?

 The person allegedly involved in the murder of a Russian couple could have been the “ghostly figure” that walked past a group of security officers at Natadola Beach early on
07 Jul 2016 12:33
Ghost-Figure Killer?

 The person allegedly involved in the murder of a Russian couple could have been the “ghostly figure” that walked past a group of security officers at Natadola Beach early on June 17.

The security men, who work for Sea Breeze Jet Ski, shone the torch on a “big man” at around 3am.

However, they feared that the person, whom they described as “white from the hip up and black downwards,” could have been an evil being, a ghostly figure.

That was the reason they did not follow that person up the dirt road and into the dark.

Rupeni Tokavou was one of the security officers on duty that morning. He said he saw the person turn away and hold a mobile phone to block his face as the torch light was shone on him.

A few hours earlier, they had noticed a torch light making its way into the sea.

Mr Tokavou said the torch light could be seen moving out into the deep.

He said since the sea that night was very rough, they were wondering as to who was stupid enough to go out diving.

Mr Tokavou said they had come to realise now that the black low part of the body of the man that walked past at 3am could have been the wet suit he was wearing.

Wet suits are body fitting and are mainly used by divers and also people who venture out into the ocean.

A Police officer said had the security men confronted that person, they may have caught the killer.

Mr Tokavou said now they had come to realise who that person could have been, the thought was frightening considering the gruesome manner in which both bodies were dismembered and discarded into the oceans wrapped in separate nettings.

Meanwhile, although not officially confirmed, the Fiji Sun has been reliably informed that the severed head found at Natadola Beach on Monday was that of murdered Russian Yuri Shipulin.

When contacted yesterday to confirm this, Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho declined to comment.

The Fiji Police Force has thrown a blanket over the investigations and will no longer make any comments.

“Due to the sensitive nature of the ongoing investigations regarding the murder of Russian nationals Mr Yuri Shipulin and Ms Nataliya Gerasimova, we will not be making further comments until the investigation is completed,” Director Intelligence and Investigations ACP Luke Navela said in a statement yesterday.

The Fiji Sun has been inundated with queries and requests of information from a number of Russian media outlets regarding the murder of Mr Shipulin and Ms Gerasimova.

The severed head was decomposed but police have not confirmed whether the DNA had been done yet on it.

However, the Fiji Sun team which noticed the head wrapped in netting, were later reliably informed it was of a male, which would be Mr Shipulin.

Mr Shipulin and Ms Gerasimova went missing after leaving their farm after midday on June 16 and the only other sightings of them was through a police report that they were seen at Denarau having a few drinks.

Police recovered the couple’s vehicle, registration ‘PILOT’ on the evening of June 17 but the couple were missing.

On June 24, the first pair of feet was found, confirmed by DNA to be that of Mr Shipulin and two days later, the second pair and belonging to Ms Gerasimova was found.

“On behalf of the Commissioner of Police I can assure everyone that all efforts are being put in to find whoever is responsible for this terrible act,” ACP Navela said.

“With the backing of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces and the Fiji Navy the joint teams continue their search in Natadola waters today. Concurrently a team of investigators as well as our K-9 Unit are conducting their line of work.

“As we want to protect the integrity of the investigations we will not be making further comments until due course.

“Reiterating the Commissioner’s comments, I want to urge members of the public not to speculate or spread unsubstantiated rumours about the case as it only serves to create unnecessary fear.”

ACP Navela said the Commissioner had also reassured the public and tourists’ coming to our shores that Fiji remains a peace loving country and like other countries, crimes of serious nature do happen because there were elements in society that involved themselves in these type of activities.

“This is why we are requesting members of the public and the media to assist investigators by allowing them to focus on their work rather than spreading rumours that can negatively portray Fiji.”

ACP Navela has urged everyone to work with the Police by giving any information they may have, irrespective of how insignificant it might be, as it could be the missing piece of the ongoing investigations.


Edited Nemani Delaibatiki


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