Letters To The Editor, 8th, July, 2016

Bagasau gun Steven Singh, Sydney A storm has been brewing in Melbourne. Rising superstar and rugby league stalwart Suliasi Vunivalu is quietly make a name for himself. His stealth performance
08 Jul 2016 10:43
Letters To The Editor, 8th, July, 2016
Letter to the Editor

Bagasau gun

Steven Singh, Sydney

A storm has been brewing in Melbourne.

Rising superstar and rugby league stalwart Suliasi Vunivalu is quietly make a name for himself. His stealth performance may have gone under the radar but many rugby league legends are being to take notice of this awesome athlete.

While Semi Radradra is shying away from his off field indiscretions, Vunivalu is producing stellar performances. His hat-trick of tries against the Broncos was just pure magic and sensational.

The Bagasau gun, being only 20, has so much to offer to the game and I sincerely hope he remains focused, and has an injury free career.

Thanks for the magic Suliasi. I wish him and his family the very best.




Herleen Emily Kumar, Nadi

Maths and English is one of the compulsory subjects being taught here. However, as a history student, I am concerned that history classes cannot be made compulsory here.

History teaches every individual to become a better citizen in the future. History itself instills virtues and moral values. Many students do not know the history our country; as Fijians they should have knowledge of our past, whether it be politics or any other.

It is acceptable that Social Science is one of the compulsory subjects from Year 9 to 10 however it does not only emphasis history but geography as well.

Fiji has experienced four coups and with the inclusion of compulsory history classes, the students will have a better understanding of democracy and totalitarianism.



New vehicles for Police Force

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

It is great to know that the Fiji Police Force has received 26 Toyota Hilux vehicles. Many a time, we’ve come across situations where we’re told that no vehicle was available at the time of theft or robbery incident. I have been a victim of that situation who was given the same excuse.   I really am thankful to Government for providing this great initiative. This will surely boost the work of many Police officers. Of course the rules to maintain the new vehicles should be carried out by the various officers who would respectively get the vehicles for their work and effort.

Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho said: “All of you receiving new vehicles today must back me by working hard and showing that their investment in us has been worth every last cent.’’

He added: “I’ve done my part; don’t disappoint me by not doing your part.”

I request Brigadier-General Qiliho if he could remind himself that his part in this role will continue as long as he is in this post. It is great that he has put in suggestions and requests for these vehicles. However, it does not mean that his work is over. Together with the other officers, he is to work alongside them to help guide them.

Getting all the required resources for the Police force is very important and this was long overdue.

Let’s hope there will be some major difference in the service delivery system. After all, the Fiji Police Force is the pillar upon whom we rely for our safety.



No breaks? Too good

Fulori Turaga, Suva

I actually thought that the strategy used by FBC’s ‘4 The Record’ programme when interviewing Sitiveni Rabuka was impressive.

With no breaks in between, it kept the discussions flowing and the momentum intact. It made viewers like myself glued to the screen right throughout the show and with great interest.

I also thought the host did a tremendous job in the way he conducted the interview.




Fijian parasites

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Canada

With all due respect to MP Mosese Bulitavu, his labelling of Fijians who want to access assistance from funds set aside for the Prime Minister’s Office as parasites, is demeaning and uncalled for. (FS 6/7)

It is sad for an MP to utter such a derogatory word to Fijians, as one does not know how many people that are being labelled as parasites actually voted the MP into Parliament.

If I was an Opposition MP, I would encourage all Fijians to get out there and make use of all the help and opportunities provided by Government to lift their standard of living and add value to their lives.

It does not make sense to call people parasites when it is the Government of the day that is providing the help for Fijians and at the end of the day, it is the Government who is accountable in the repayment of state debt.



Men’s crisis centre?

Ashneel J Prasad, Auckland, NZ

It will be hard for me to provide statistics for men’s abuse cases in Fiji for no men will ever admit to being abused in fear of being ridiculed.

When a woman gets abused, it’s a serious matter. Rightly so, but it’s something unusual if a woman or a man abuses a man.

If you don’t believe me just go on Facebook or YouTube to see any prank or real video in which a man is abused.

About 99 per cent of the comments would be “he deserved it” or “what a loser” or “lol”. Don’t you think men have feelings too or are prone to depression, suicidical thoughts or weak? Or have you made up your mind that men can just implicate havoc on women?

Just because one doesn’t hear or see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Like we can’t see the oxygen or the ozone layer, but it’s still there, isn’t it?

The festival

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Is the annual Vodafone Hibiscus Festival evolving faster than one has expected since its inception in 1956 as the Mother of all Festivals and pride of the nation?

Previously, the climax of the event was the Ms Hibiscus title but this has expanded to include a Mr Hibiscus. More recently, the Adi Senikau appears to have become the limelight of the festival attracting both locals and overseas-based Fijians. In 2014, Fatima Gyllenhaal Halafini-Kardashian from the Kingdom of Tonga displaced local contestants much to their surprise. This has resulted in an increased interest for Adi Senikau pageants across the Pacific.

Entertainment including traditional as well as contemporary dancing will be on display.  Stalls will offer food, drinks, handicraft and many bargains. All in all it is a time to reflect on 60 years of the Hibiscus Festival. In addition, there are 60 more reasons to enjoy and celebrate the Vodafone Hibiscus Festival



Healthy living

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

July is marked as the Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) month and it is an effort to raise awareness on prevention of NCDs and healthy living.

As responsible leaders, I reckon our members of the august house should be setting examples of living a healthy lifestyle like having fruits for morning tea and tuna salad, etc for lunch. Sa bau va ya! (iTaukei tactical slang calling for a challenge) Hahaha.

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