The Hayne Plane Soars High

Jarryd Hayne regardless of missing out for a spot for the National 7s team to Rio has a bright future ahead of him. Still only 28 years old and approaching
16 Jul 2016 11:30
The Hayne Plane Soars High

Jarryd Hayne regardless of missing out for a spot for the National 7s team to Rio has a bright future ahead of him. Still only 28 years old and approaching the peak of his career Hayne has already been an outstanding player in the National Rugby league (NRL) in Australia.

He has won best player in the NRL twice in 2009 and 20014, he was also voted best player in the world. Add to this he has represented both Fiji and Australia in rugby league World Cups and has two or three very lucrative contracts on the table for him from both League and Union Clubs as he heads off to Sydney.

His international career in rugby league consists of being a World Cup Winning player with the Mighty Australian Kangaroos in the 2013 World Cup. He was named Australia’s joint player of the tournament alongside the brilliant Johnathan Thurston. He was also equal top try scorer for the whole Rugby League World Cup competition.

This multi-talented sportsman turned his attention to American Football (NFL) and set his sights on the San Francisco 49ers. The switch in codes is testament to the mental and physical attributes that let him take a chance and try out a new sporting code.

As is well documented; he has challenged himself to try his hand at 7s rugby which once again is a very different game to what he is used to. Regardless, hats off to him for giving it a go.

Failure is for the brave and to try out in multiple sports is a rarity, but Jarryd Hayne has tried out three sports already at the highest level and is fearless in his quest to push himself and the boundaries of his body.

We have all failed in life at something or other and there is not one person who has ever lived that has not failed at something. Like the saying goes “It is better to have tried and failed than not tried at all”.

Hayne is living proof that he is willing to try and in his own words “To play a part and help something greater than yourself is the most important attribute”.

It is not every day we can all get behind a sportsman of Fijian heritage and be proud of his achievements on the world stage. Despite this, there has been some negative statements from members of the public which is incredible considering Hayne has been willing and will continue to be willing to define his own legacy by being different and trusting in God to guide him along his career.

I interviewed Hayne only a few days ago and his quiet demeanour must not be confused for being arrogant or aloof, in fact once you start to engage with him Hayne is a very nice and pleasant individual indeed. So much so that I was impressed with his strong mental attitude to achieve his goals on his terms and not be a slave to the media and falling in line with their aspirations.

Hayne has a strong believe in God and is not shy to say that it is through his faith that many of his accomplishments have been fulfilled and will continue to be fulfilled.

At 1.88 metre (six feet two inches) tall and weighing over 100 kilograms Jarryd Hayne is primed to venture into his next step forward in what has already been an illustrious career. This gives us all a chance to follow this sporting superstar’s next move as he continues to do things on his own terms; and why couldn’t he?

Edited by Rusiate Mataika
 The writer is a Fiji Sun  columnist.



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