Letters To The Editor, 28th, July, 2016

Assassinated Catholic Priest Ronnie Chang, Nadi The dastardly, senseless, cowardly assassination of an 86-year old Catholic priest, near Normandie, France cannot and must not “go away” in un-spoken silence. Reverend
28 Jul 2016 09:56
Letters To The Editor, 28th, July, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Assassinated Catholic Priest

Ronnie Chang, Nadi

The dastardly, senseless, cowardly assassination of an 86-year old Catholic priest, near Normandie, France cannot and must not “go away” in un-spoken silence.

Reverend Father Jacques Hamel was conducting mass to two nuns and two others on Tuesday morning, July 26, 2016 when he was killed.

This is shamefully disgusting.

One precious life of so many years of service to his community was snuffed out as he went about doing his life’s work in the sanctity of his church is far too painful to bear.

His assassins, reportedly ISIS, went so unbelievably low.

Heavenly Father, in Jesus name we thank you for the precious life of Your Servant, Father Jacques Hamel.

Thank You for his life of service as Your “man of the cloth.” Comfort his grieving family and community.

In Your loving mercy, Lord God, please rest Father Hamel’s soul as we make our prayers in your son, Jesus’ name, who is and always will be, our Precious Lord and Saviour.

Words simply fail to accurately describe how enormously painful it is for all who love God and revere Him for such a low down act of senseless killing.

Rest in Perfect and Eternal Peace, Father Hamel.



$400 bula smile

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Canada

One main characteristic difference between our current Prime Minister and those of the past is that our PM listens to problems and uses his powers to fix the problem on the spot or directs the authorities concerned to take action.

This not only happens when he is on the air during the iTaukei radio talk back shows, but when people approach him at his office or whereever one gets a chance to seek his help.

Lately, we should not be surprised to read that “Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama surprised cane farmers during his consultation visit to the Western Division over the past three days by resolving some of their problems on the spot.” (FS 26/7).

“Issues such as water shortage because of the ongoing drought, leases, operational issues faced with the Fiji Sugar Corporation and iTaukei Land Trust Board, and other problems faced by the farmers were brought before Mr Bainimarama.”

It is also encouraging to read that the Minister for Health and other Government ministers and their teams were visiting other staff of work areas in Fiji, to listen to their problems, and fix it on the spot if it was within their powers or direct people to the proper authorities.

It has been joked upon in the previous governments that ministers only come around during election campaigns and once voted to power, they do not visit their electorates until the next election.

It is great to note that our current FijiFirst Government has been consistent in its service delivery and general outreach to all Fijians during the past two years and are still at it as we head towards the 2018 General Election.



Rio sevens hopeful

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

Never in doubt all who have been selected will be on their best when entering the Olympic  Arena on D-Day.

As Coach Ben Ryan has indicated, the form of Leone Nakarawa, Semi Kunatani, Jasa Veremalua, Apisai Domolailai and Viliame Mata were just hard for him to be able to leave these guys out.

With Viliame and Leone breaking their fitness record and Jasa who has been flying all year, Semi too has got good form and Apisai has always been the same. They have the basics and surely, we have got good depth everywhere.

The other selection that caught everyone by surprise was Viriviri. Ben said he had broken his fitness record and showed that his speed was back.

With Rawaca losing the weight he needed, Rio will prove who is faster than the other. Perhaps they should have a test run with Usain Bolt before the games.

The fitness of the boys were proven last Saturday when the two dropouts Nemani  Nagusa and Aliverati Veitokani played for Nadroga in the Skipper Cup against Northland. They played an outstanding game and both played the full 80 minutes.

We can keep praying and be supportive for our Rio boys and wish them all the best.



Fijian arrow

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

In the opening of the Barcelona Olympic Games way back in 1992, the last relay runner used the torch to light an arrow placed on the bow by a Spanish archer, Antonio Rebollo.

Rebollo shot the arrow across the Olympic ground to light the Olympic torch at the other end of the ground as the world watched in amazement.

Riding on Rebollo’s arrow was the pride of a nation that was once an empire.

Many later asked Rebollo what would have happened had he missed the shot.

He replied: “I can’t miss. I am a former Olympic silver medallist in archery and I have practiced this particular shot more than 700 times.”

Only much later then it was revealed that the shot was fake and the torch was lit via remote control.

Today, Fiji has already shot its arrow targeting gold in Rio. It is not fake. We have won the Sevens Rugby World Cup twice and we are currently the reigning World Rugby Sevens series champions.

We have practiced our moves and game plan a few hundred times. We have scaled the sand dunes and now doing our last preparation in thin oxygen altitude almost 4000 meters above sea level.

Rebollo’s arrow may have missed the target but camera angles made it look real. Fiji’s arrow cannot miss and must hit the bulls-eye if we are to win gold.

The members of the team we have and how we have prepared them would determine the outcome.

Ben Ryan correctly stated that we have done the best we can, and if that does not win us gold in Rio, then whoever wins it is a better team than us and deserves it.

Whatever result our team to Rio brings, we must accept it and embrace them for giving their best.



Nadi Hospital!

Herleen Emily Kumar, Nadi

It is nice to see that the Minister of Health, Jone Usamate is doing a lot to provide excellent services to the public.

His early visit to the Nadi Hospital on July 22 was really an eye-opener to me. I went to the hospital the day before his visit and saw the hospital in an appalling condition. You see rubbish lying about carelessly and no one from management had bothered to clean it.

Their services were so poor. A senior citizen who could not walk properly was not given any attention.

However, on the visit of the minister, everything in the hospital was so clean, flowers were everywhere, cobwebs were all cleaned out and the staff members were so attentive to each individual patient present there.

Were the staff members doing this to save their jobs? Or to show how efficient Nadi Hospital is? So everyone present there got surprised with the change in attitude and services?

Everyone started talking about it. It has been nearly a week, since the minister’s visit. I thought someone would step forward and raise this issue.

However, that did not happen. We have many voices around this nation today, but a very few actions. Every civil servant of this country is paid wages because of ordinary people like us.

So it is their duty to provide excellent services to the public. It is also a big kerekere (request) to the minister to make a surprise visit to Nadi Hospital without anyone knowing about it, then and only would the true and real picture of Nadi Hospital be revealed.



Fiji time

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

To all ministers, permanent secretaries and senior civil servants please be on schedule if you’re the chief guest to any school event. Sa rauta mada na Fiji time tiko (Stop going on ‘Fiji Time’).



Infant drowning

Shad Alfaz Ali, Navua

While our sympathies are with the families of the two infants who drowned last week it’s important to understand the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

One infant drowned in the safe haven of his home while the other in the Rewa River.

The sad fact is that despite so much awareness created by relevant authorities, we as a society do not seem to be learning. Every year we have cases of children drowning and bringing misery to their families.

We don’t seem to be taking heed of the advices given and continue exposing our children to hazardous situations. Children are always vulnerable and it’s important for the parents to provide them with all the support they require.

Those of us living near rivers and streams, we have to ensure our children are supervised at all times. Perhaps it’s time for the relevant authorities to charge these parents for neglect and failing to provide necessary care to their vulnerable children.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj


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