Letters To The Editors, 05th, August, 2016

Never give up! Isireli Bolaniveimau,  Lautoka During one of Ben Ryan’s interview, he explicitly regarded Waisale Serevi and Vunibaka as his two favorable and stalwart players in view of their
05 Aug 2016 09:24
Letters To The Editors, 05th, August, 2016
Letters To The Editor , Weekly Winner

Never give up!

Isireli Bolaniveimau,  Lautoka

During one of Ben Ryan’s interview, he explicitly regarded Waisale Serevi and Vunibaka as his two favorable and stalwart players in view of their playing days in the abbreviated seven’s code.

On the benefit of hindsight the duo alongside with Viliame Satala, Filimoni Delasau, and other sevens sensations knew truly well that prior to the lifting the Melrose cup or similar apex cup that they had to be fully committed and maintain a 100 per cent fitness as no pain no gain.

Perhaps more than any other leader in the 20th century, Winston Churchill rallied the British nation to believe in what it could do. His words during World War II galvanised a nation and made them believe they could overcome.

As I paraphrased questions and answers, Churchill remarkable answers positively with concrete answers to the point of no retreat, no surrender:

“You ask what our policy is? I will say it is to wage war, by sea, land and air with all our might and all the strength that God can give us”.

“You ask what is our aim? I can answer in one word : Victory! at all cost. Victory! Inspite of all terror, Victory! however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival”.

In a nutshell, to Mr Ryan and our sevens champions Never! Never! Never Give up!! (Deut 31:8)



RFNS ‘Kiro’

Joape Banuve, Natabua

The grounding of the RFNS Kiro on Cakauyawa Reef near Makuluva Island, has brought a lot of amazement to me as a citizen. I am amazed in a sense that this is not just any ordinary ship; it belongs to the Republic of Fiji Navy.

Any ordinary Fijian can imagine what a naval ship should look like and should contain, right.

But how can a ship that should have the best of navigation systems end up on that particular reef?

Together with well trained men who are conditioned to any form of mishaps unable to avoid the incident.

What had amazed me at first were the thoughts of the Bermuda Triangle.

I felt suspicious at first then dropped the subject at an instant because it had turned too fictitious as I thought of it.

I say that this is to be no incident or triangle sort of magnetic forces. But it points to ancestors and those in control of this stretch of waters or i-qoliqoli.

Our tradition and cultural values are often ignored and we prefer the law to be more superior than our own culture.

Fiji is what I might think to be an island nation with many values and traditional customs.

I fear most are dying out. Greed has often influenced the value of our customs that we begin to disrespect our own culture.

I think that authorities play an important role in this problem as it may have an effect on the marine life in this particular water. Perhaps look into the matter seriously and present a ‘sevusevu’ to the vanua then you’ll find the same naval ship.




Red Fire

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

If you’re approaching Marist Brothers High School and all of a sudden you’re feeling warm, balmy and sweaty, that has nothing to do with the weather. You’re feeling the heat from the Marist Deans rugby squad. Red Fire.




Nasinu U18 written off

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

It has been predicted the either Marist Brothers High School, Queen Victoria School or Ratu Kadavulevu School Under 18 rugby team will become the Deans Champion and Nasinu Secondary is out of the picture.

My prediction is do not write Nasinu off yet. They went in last week’s  quarterfinals as underdog and everyone was on Cuvu’s side.

With enormous support of the school , parents, old scholars and their associates Nasinu is not going off without a fight.

Nasinu is prepared to do its utmost best and one would say in comparing the Bible version of David and Goliath they are preparing spiritually, physically and mentally. Nasinu believes anything possible.

Don’t be surprised with what Nasinu will show in Lawaqa Park on Saturday and with the whole school  out there on Saturday don’t be surprised what the outcome maybe.

Wish Nasinu all the best for the game and may the force of our Almighty Father be with you all the way.



Footballs golden era

Pranil Ram, Nadi

Fijian Football is going through a golden era. Participating in FIFA under 20 World Cup last year and taking part in this year’s Olympics is an achievement of the biggest scale. Olympic is a showpiece event in the world. It’s a dream for any athlete to participate in Olympics, leave aside winning a medal.

It’s already history for the players and the nation as a whole and I am sure this will remain in the memories of all Fijians.

While some may call this as one of the biggest mismatches in sports of recent times but I am sure the players will rise up to this challenge.

It is very important for the team to stay focussed, deal with setbacks, move on, become stronger and work harder each time they play.

It is also a good time for reality check.

We must salute, applaud and keep the players in our prayers as they ready to mix it up with the best in the world.




Tourism land development

Joe Smith,  Deuba

I had a chat with a participant of a real estate seminar held at Novotel and we were both amazed at tourism development potentials particularly at the Western Division of Viti levu.

Since prime freehold coastal lands  have all been occupied, I would  suggest    iTaukei Land Trust Board  management promote attractive lands along beach areas and further encourage our  thriving tourism  industry.

I understand TLTB has a tourism section that co-ordinates land zoning matters and ensures 99 year tourism leases are issued.




Buses on roads

Arien Vikash Kumar, Nadi

Instead of putting cones , blocking roads or hiding in driveways or behind FEA poles with the speed radar and booking drivers/vehicles breaking traffic laws, could the LTA and Police Traffic Officers patrol the highways and book the careless bus drivers on our road.

I can bet that they (LTA/Police) might be surprised with the number of tickets issued to “bus drivers” for improper parking of the bus along highways while picking or dropping passengers.

Some bus drivers have no road courtesy, they just stop anywhere in the middle of the road blocking others. They hardly use indicators while pulling in or out of the road, they even block some of the vehicles parked assuming others drivers are picking their route passengers.

Many might agree with me how careless some bus drivers on road are which poses high risk to innocent lives.

Could the LTA please educate the bus drivers of where? and how? they should stop or park when picking/dropping passengers, before they (drivers) are issued with the PSV license.

Otherwise it’s no use booking or suspending driving licenses later after damages are being done and innocent lives are lost, rather than addressing these offenders (now) driving right under their nose on public roads.





Maintenance fees

Sukha Singh, Labasa

I would like the banks to explain why they charge a maintenance fee of $2   and an electronic transfer fee of $2.80 with every transaction.

With the ATM and internet banking the banks are employing less tellers than when we had  with manual banking and when we had pass books.

How much does an email cost?

If the bank wants to carry out monthly or weekly maintenance on bank accounts it should do it on its own costs.

I hope the Minister of Economy should look into these unnecessary maintenance and transfer fees as both the Fiji Commerce Commission and Consumer Council can’t do much.

I have written on the subject before had asked them to look into this matter.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj


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