Another Milestone – World Release Here For New Movie Shot Partly In Fiji

A New Zealand based Film & Television Production Company; DREAMZ PRODUCTIONS has produced a movie FEELING LUCKY (in English) filmed partly in Fiji. They have confirmed the world release will
06 Aug 2016 10:08
Another Milestone – World Release Here For New Movie Shot Partly In Fiji
Promotional poster of Feeling Lucky in Life Cinema in Nadi...the film is ready for release on September 1.

A New Zealand based Film & Television Production Company; DREAMZ PRODUCTIONS has produced a movie FEELING LUCKY (in English) filmed partly in Fiji.

They have confirmed the world release will be in Fiji on September 1. The movie will be shown simultaneously at Damodar in Suva and the Life Cinema at JetPoint in Nadi.

This is the first time a movie made for the international market will have its first world screening in Fiji, marking another milestone in the growing movie production industry involvement with Fiji.

The movie, Feeling Lucky, is a comedy about the adventures of three young men who win a holiday trip to Fiji.

It has a lot of the tradition of the Bollywood style of movie making, but also has a great deal of local input and is intended for international distribution, with India as one of the most important markets.

The movie’s producer, Dr Rachel Singh, has a long love affair with Fiji and believes that the country has everything that is required to make it a top location for movie production.

A medical doctor by degree, she has been working in television and movie production for over fifteen years. She is a resident of Auckland but spends a lot of time in Fiji.

She says the variety of scenery (from tropical rural to heavily urban, from mountain to sea and reef and rain forest to sand dunes) and the predictable sunny weather for most of the year are perfect for the industry.

She says that the music and dance talent in Fiji is world class and that the locals make very good actors.

The new movie was partly shot in Fiji, uses local talents trained to become actors as well as having a number of local musicians performing their own material as an integral part of the story.


What attracted them here

One of the attractions of Fiji for the company is that there is a very large Indian population that they can draw talent from, and the ease with which the different races can work together.

They had no trouble finding all the talent they needed and the end result is very high quality.

Dr Singh plans to find ways to develop the skills of actors in Fiji and will shoot more movies here for the international market.

The film crew were all New Zealand nationals but the company involved a number of locals to assist in the production.

Part of the movie shoot was done in Fiji, the sound post-production was done in Bollywood (India), while the film editing and postproduction was done in New Zealand using the company’s facilities there.

Because of the relative ease of travel between New Zealand and Fiji it was possible for the crew to come back several times to shoot additional footage, making the end result fuller and more interesting.

This is something that production companies can’t do in India, where the travel involved is both difficult and expensive.

In addition, the crew loved working in Fiji because the locals were very open to taking direction, the accommodation world class and the food, particularly Indian cuisine, is beautifully prepared and presented and the population is friendly.


History of movies

This is the fourth movie the company has made, but they have also made a huge number of television productions and other material for commercial companies, NGOs and government agencies.

With the rapid growth in social media and other digital platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, etc., many new opportunities are opening up for producers.

The company is well into developing content for these platforms globally including China.

Dr Singh likes to use real life situations in developing scripts and believes that audiences relate better if there is a strong basis of reality in the story.

She is currently working up an idea for another movie to be shot in Fiji. It has the working title of “Gangstar” and is a poor boy meets rich girl situation; a relationship she believes allows a lot of opportunity for quality comedy.

She is looking for a lead for the movie and is interviewing the contestants from both the Bula and Hibiscus Festivals, as she was impressed with how they presented themselves during the various segments.

The company is prepared to spend time and effort to assist Fiji talent to learn the basics of the movie industry and to make a career in the business.


The movie

“Feeling Lucky” has been selected for screening at the prestigious Festival of Globe in San Jose (USA), a very big annual event in the USA and the screening of the movie will be on August 11.

This Festival is particularly interesting as the area has a very large Fijian and Indian population.

Following the release in Fiji, the company plans to roll out through film houses in USA and Canada in November, Australia in October then India late in 2016 followed by Singapore and New Zealand.

The production of “Feeling Lucky” started in August 2015 and has taken nearly a year to complete because of the cyclone followed by floods.

But for Dr Singh, this simply reinforced the benefits of shooting in Fiji, just a short flight from home base in New Zealand.

While there are a number of incentives available to overseas film companies producing international movies in Fiji, including subsidies and tax rebates.

Dreamz Productions decided that they would not apply for these, as it did not fit into their production structure, distribution and releases to suit their business plan.

They also have highly skilled technical crew and experienced creative teams in New Zealand and India for movie making.



The company has a commitment to developing new talent and because Dr Singh believes that there is a great number of talented performers in Fiji, ranging from on-screen actors through dancers, to music capable of creating in all genres.

The company is focussing on plans for more productions here.

And that will be good for the Fiji economy and for the people of Fiji for whom new opportunities for work and development will be made available by Dreamz Productions’ activity here.

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