Penrite Car Show On Today

Bula fellow car enthusiasts. The day has finally come. Today we will witness Fiji’s biggest car show happening right here in Suva. We have prepared for three weeks for the
13 Aug 2016 12:17
Penrite Car Show On Today

Bula fellow car enthusiasts. The day has finally come. Today we will witness Fiji’s biggest car show happening right here in Suva.

We have prepared for three weeks for the Penrite Car Show event and we have prepared well.

We have left no stones unturned to ensure this becomes the biggest car show Fiji has ever seen.

The number of cars that have confirmed for this car show is amazing but we know there would be more coming in during the day tomorrow.

I was told the champion driver of Fiji himself, Ravin Nath, that he will get his car to the Car Show. This is the opportunity to look at Fiji’s fastest car yourself and that too – up close.

We have also got a lot of enquiries from the Western side which is very pleasing. I hope to see at least 10 to 15 cars from the Western Division today.

Also as the day will go by, if the executives feel we need to include a few new categories, we will add them.

We have also been advised by Penrite team that they will be walking around and judging themselves and giving out hampers to them.

Penrite Oil is also looking at sponsoring one car for next year’s drag race. They will also be on the lookout for this.

Lastly I would like to thank the entire team at Global Warehouse, and especially the directors, Asif Hussein and Hamzah Hussein, for supporting the Fiji Car Club. Not only for the Car Show but they have also sponsored one of the drag races this year.

I would also like to thank Penrite Global executive for taking his time out and attending Fiji’s biggest car show till date.

Car show will be from 3pm to 9pm at the Handicraft Centre and I urge for spectators to come as a family and blend into the car club family tree.


Why a car show?

Car shows tend to be a totally different ball game when compared to drag racing.

There are many people who are very passionate about their cars and love to modify it. This may not necessarily be for the sake of drag racing, but to make their vehicles a show car – an eye-catcher.

So with this car show, we provide an avenue to these vehicle owners, to show people what upgrades they have done to their vehicles.

Also for spectators, they get to see up close the modifications people have done to their vehicles and perhaps, they might get some ideas of doing the same with their vehicles.

With this car show, we also hope to promote road safety to our members. We are very concerned about the road fatalities currently and we want to promote safer driving and better driving skills on the roads.

We are expecting a variety of cars to participate today – cars which have been heavily modified in terms of engine, body and interior.

And also, there will be a few cars that race during our drag events which will be participating.


Do come

I would like to encourage parents to come to the car show with the young ones so they get into the car culture at an early age.

Like I say this is not an event only for the men. We now have a lot of females taking part in the drags so our aim is organise a family-oriented car show.

We have decided as per our constitution you need to be a member of the FCC to participate in any event of FCC.

You need to pay a membership fee of $50 to become a member. But the good news for people taking part, if you become a new member on the day, you will only be paying $50 and can participate for free.

We also have a special deal for members. You will only be paying $30 to take part in this event.




If you want to be part of Fiji Car Club, contact Sandeep Prakash on 9274726 or Rahul Rajesh on 9928114.

They will be most willing to help you in becoming part of the Fiji Car Club. You can also visit our Facebook page – Fiji Car Club AKA Fiji Motor Sports and stay updated with any latest developments.



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