Letters To The Editor, 16th August, 2016

National day of thanksgiving Tevita Vakarewa, Suva We have been overwhelmed with congratulatory messages from all corners of the globe regarding our emphatic first ever Olympic gold medal victory in Rio.
16 Aug 2016 08:11
Letters To The Editor, 16th August, 2016
Letters To The Editor

National day of thanksgiving

Tevita Vakarewa, Suva

We have been overwhelmed with congratulatory messages from all corners

of the globe regarding our emphatic first ever Olympic gold medal victory in Rio.

This I believe will continue in the days and weeks ahead and like our Prime Minister said after the final, “We are all proud to be Fijians right now.”

With all the fanfare and celebration planning kicking into motion, I have one humble request to our leaders including our various Christian denominations leaders to please come together and organise a national day of thanksgiving and praises to the Lord.

As spiritual people we know that this must be done and we will be guilty if we don’t. Let’s do it right and that is Kingdom culture right there.

I understand that our brothers in Christ from KAIF will want to organise something however let’s not box our God, let it be a national thanksgiving celebration. A celebration of praise and thanksgiving offering at the ANZ Stadium would be a sweet smelling aroma to God.

Let us not acknowledge him with words only but let’s put it into action. Therefore, I recommend Sunday August 21, as an ideal time as it will precede the declared national holiday and celebration. Let HIM come first in everything we do.

Let’s put our differences aside and celebrate this victory together as a nation. I believe that there is nothing more that our 7s captain would love than for us as a nation to come together in this way.

He was quoted as saying, “People back home deserve to celebrate for

they waited for this for a long time, but let’s not forget God for he is the reason on why we are victorious today.”

Hear, O kings; give ear, O rulers! I — to the LORD, I will sing, I will sing praise to the Lord, the God of Israel – Judges 5:3.


Olympic 7s rugby ball

Herleen Emily Kumar, Nadi

While the Fijian 7s team are making it big in Rio by winning their first Olympic gold medal, there’s a request to the FRU – to keep the 7s ball from Rio at the national museum.             This is Fiji’s first gold medal therefore it would remain as a memory to our next generation, who did not get to witness this historic moment. I hope it would be kept as a heritage for life. Vinaka, boys.


Rugby holiday

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka 

After our historic gold win at the Olympics my Government declared a public holiday.

One more small request, I feel that the Western and Northern parts of Fiji should be included in the celebration.

So if our rugby gladiators can split in groups and be send to different locations. On the same note can we also close all shops, markets, etc on that day so everybody can participate in whatever is organised on that day.


Donations to winning team

Sukha Singh, Labasa

I did not contribute anything to the 7s team, I didn’t even pray for them.

Now that they have won a gold medal from the Olympics I do not know why I feel like donating a few cartons of Fiji Gold to the boys and Ben Ryan.



Joe Smith, Pacific Harbour

Where is Waisele Serevi?

Could someone point out who, out of all golden boys, has replaced him?


Soccer in Fiji

Ashneel J Prasad, New Zealand

Now that rugby 7s team has won the ultimate prize and the Olympics, I wonder when the officials at FFA wake up. The mantra now should be “Prove it or move it”.


Floreat Viti

Joji Toronibau, Tunuloa

If only times could be spooled back and I to be part of the brigades’ party in Suva, after the high intensifying game between Marist and QVS.

Deans to QVS is always viewed differently and is always a determined ball game altogether. Peoples support is always awesome.

A high flyer [Captain Naigulevu] from Oman flew all the way from Middle East to support the boys on Saturday is always a typical example let alone a few others from abroad.

Thank you young ruggers and wishing you success in your academic careers for a brighter future. Floreat Viti.


iTaukei (Fijian) migration 

Taitusi Sokiveta, Arizona, USA

How in the world did Lutunasobasoba know where the Fiji islands were from   Lake Tanga (Tanzania, Africa)?

If I was escaping cholera I would go to Kenya, Uganda, Somalia or other surrounding countries.

Look into your atlas see and measure how far Tanzania is from Fiji. Now ask yourselves, you are in an outrigger canoe would you dare go out into the Indian Ocean where waves are seven feet high and above? Even Somalia with their pirates going after cargo ships to rob them, turn around if the ship heads out to open ocean.

Now let’s follow the coastal area, remember Somalia and Arabian countries have a dry heat temperature, 100 degrees and above in the summer time. Morocco average heat is 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Now you’re in the Kaunitoni with Lutunasobasoba, there is no water to drink because it does not rain in those countries. The heat is so excruciating that you drink all your water so fast, you don’t have air-condition, and no engine to make the boat go faster. Everything is done physically, so if you’re human that requires a lot of drinking water. The air is dead because of the heat so the wind does not pick up like the Fiji waters. So sailing becomes pretty tough by this time. You’re dehydrated and may die from a heat stroke. If you’re still alive you still have to cross the Red Sea to get to Yemen, remember the big waves, then you got to cross the Persian Gulf, not counting the long distance coastal travel – Afghanistan, Pakistan, India. That is a miracle if you can make it on a boat with no engine and water. I have to be travelling with Jesus to make it that far on my own.

No way, from Fiji to Hawaii is 3108 miles, North of the Pacific the Hukulea native Hawaiian voyage from Hawaii to Tahiti, takes one week with the help of the current/waves, water/food supply, and a big boat.

Lutunasobasoba lived next to a Tanzanian lake, Africa, and never travelled long distance on an ocean voyage before in his life. Probably he had never been to an ocean considering the lake’s distance from the Indian Ocean. Now does he have any seamanship experience, let alone to sail an outrigger canoe?

If you went to the interior of Viti Levu and ask the people of Wainibuka to sail a boat from Suva to Ono-i-Lau on their own personal experience, they will reject it because they have never done it before in their life.

If there is one thing in life we need to learn it is to separate reality from fantasy.


Encouraging example

Suresh Chand, Nadi 

The Vodafone Hibiscus Festival is setting a brilliant example by including multiple contests.

It is a good example of encouragement.

Besides the Queen and King, Prince and Princess also compete in the festival. It is a complete package as far as annual festivals of this magnitude is concerned. I strongly recommend other committees to follow the unique example.

Once about 10 years ago, I also had a brief glimpse of the festival.

The capital city offers a festival atmosphere of another level. Rain is the only obstacle when it comes to having fun in any outdoor activity like the festival. No problem if you are used to it.

I take this opportunity wishing the committee every success this year.

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