Letters To The Editors, 18th, August, 2016

Poor Sky Pacific service Anjana Lata, Lautoka We have recently had Sky Pacific installed at our  place, at first it took them more than six weeks after payment to come
18 Aug 2016 09:32
Letters To The Editors, 18th, August, 2016

Poor Sky Pacific service

Anjana Lata, Lautoka

We have recently had Sky Pacific installed at our  place, at first it took them more than six weeks after payment to come and do the installment, then when they came their workmanship was so poor they kept walking in and out of the house with shoes on, dropped the access cable next to the TV instead of coiling it up neatly.

For about a week we enjoyed the TV  shows, but then the reception started to deteriorate, currently we are only getting the strength but not the quality, when we go and complain they assure us that they will come in today and check and that we have to pay a service fee,  but nothing happens.

Our bill keeps accumulating but for nothing.

Can someone in authority please look into your  complaints section and see how poor your maintenance team is in providing service.


Behind the Scene

Arien  Kumar, Nadi


Could we have a brief background with the family picture of all our sevens heroes published in this Saturday’s Fiji Sun please.

This I guess will let everyone know of the real people behind a player’s success, who are non-other than their family members.

Without their guidance, upbringings, support, love, sacrifices and prayers, our heroes wouldn’t have been what they are today.

Therefore we cannot forget to acknowledge (or know about) them for playing their roles perfecting in giving us our best men on earth who made each one of us proud today.

Our nations flag is shining high today thanks to these players, coach, officials and their families.

The opportunity cost of obtaining Rio Gold is far more bigger or costly to these families than the actual value of the Gold.

To the families of our heroes, I salute you and hope that our nation does the same by honouring you all with respect and dignity.

May God bless you all and may you continue to give Fiji more heroes in future.



Don’t blame Cracknell

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

A letter writer has blamed Chris Cracknell for the Fijiana 7s women’s loss at the Rio Olympics. Our Fijiana women’s team must be given credit for qualifying for the Rio Olympics, it is the first time for both men and women rugby in an Olympics.

My dear writer can be forgiven for not having played international rugby at that level; Cracknell has captained England at the 7s rugby’s many world tournaments and the women’s Fijiana participation alone speaks volumes.

Fiji’s gold medal was never achieved and built in a day and I feel the letter writer should apologise to the families of our women’s team including the officials.

They have set a standard and are an inspiration to future Fijian Olympians.



Celebration in Tuvalu

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Some say real men don’t get too emotional but during the finals of the Sevens Rugby finals several Fijian men in Funafuti, Tuvalu, could not hold back their tears.

At the National Bank of Tuvalu, a former Fijian school teacher could not hold back her screams as our gladiators kept piling in the points.

At Filomona Lodge, a crowd of locals and nervous Fijians held their breaths as the referee whistle signalled the beginning of a match that had the potential to cause heart attacks but it was not to be as the (kaila) screaming could be heard some distance away.

Many Tuvaluans also dashed to the nearest screen.

It did not take long before local Fijians organised a truck load of fans and motor bikes, cheering and waving Fiji flags.

Somehow there was no shortage of kava which tasted even sweeter. All in all, celebrations did occur in the capital of Tuvalu.



Olympic 7s final

Wise Muavono, Balawa

A homeowner was alone at home watching the Olympic 7s final when suddenly some people were peeping through the window trying to catch a glimpse of the game.

Lucky we won, otherwise he would have called the cops on them for trespassing. Ha! Ha! Ha!.


Zebra crossing

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

Thank you Fiji Roads Authority for making zebra crossing around Lautoka city. But the one on Vakabale Street opposite Prouds shop is very dangerous.

It’s right on the bend and if a vehicle is turning and at that same time people decide to cross, I don’t need to write what happens next.

To me that crossing is like a time bomb waiting to take someone’s life any time soon.

Please whoever had the idea of making a crossing on that particular spot, do check on this because within half an hour this morning five accidents almost happened on that spot.

I have witnessed how the drivers suddenly stop to allow people to use that crossing!

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