This golden Oldie Datsun 510 Is Sure To Turn Heads

Owner Muizz Ali describes journey transforming the vehicle from scrap metal worthy to becoming praise worthy   If you are someone into old vintage vehicles, then this beauty, Datsun 510
27 Aug 2016 11:05
This golden Oldie Datsun 510 Is Sure To Turn Heads

Owner Muizz Ali describes journey transforming the vehicle from scrap metal worthy to becoming praise worthy


If you are someone into old vintage vehicles, then this beauty, Datsun 510 (known as Datsun 1600 in markets outside USA) going by the registration AA299, would be sure to catch your attention.

And it surely got its share of attention at the Penrite Car Show organised by the Fiji Car Club on August 13 in Suva.

Owner, Muizz Ali, bought this 44-year-old car in 2013 from Ba and knew right then what he wanted to transform the vehicle into.

“I bought the car in 2013 after a friend told me about it,” he said.

“We went to see it three times and the fourth time we managed to get the engine started and loaded it in trailer and brought it home to Suva from Ba.”

Looking at the before and after pictures, one would definitely know the amount of work which has been put into restoring this vehicle which is worthy of being highlighted.

The pictures show it was nothing more than worthy of being used as scrap metal. However, sheer determination and hardwork by Mr Ali as well as injection of $15,000 has truly transformed this golden oldie into something very unique.

But like many car enthusiasts who want to build their vehicles, Mr Ali had his share of challenges which he has managed to overcome with his ‘no-giving up’ attitude.

And with this, Mr Ali received Penrite Special Recognition Award during the car show.

Mr Ali admitted restoring the car was not an easy job but his inspiration was from Facebook Pages namely “Downunder Datsuns” and “Datsun 1600 Club”.

“I noticed the way they built this car, its design, the shape and the material – it’s way stronger than the new cars,” he said.

“Also this car is made for drifting and I felt really good about it. I then made it a challenge to make the best Datsun 510/1600 in Fiji.”


The challenges

But taking up a challenge is one thing and being able to pull it off is another (which thankfully Mr Ali has almost accomplished.

The first hurdle was that the parts were not available locally and therefore Mr Ali had to have the parts shipped in.

And then began the battle of finding the right people to do the job.

Mr Ali himself is an air-conditioning and refrigeration technician at Automated Building Services and mechanics is not directly his career field.

“It was hard restoring it because people had betrayed me three times. Little work or nothing was done,” he said.

“They would take the money and dodge around saying they will do the job next week and then keep deferring.

“It kept dragging on like this and I had lost hope and was about to sell the car as I was working as well.”


Not giving up

But it was Mr Ali’s parents, family and friends who gave him hope and assurance that he can do it.

“My friends gave me ideas as how to go about doing do it and they would help search online how cars are done in overseas,” he said.

“So it started to give me hope seeing how they are being done and all.

“Then I started working on my car every day after work till late night and sometimes till 2am or 3am.

“This continued for months and she was taking shape. Doing the work by myself made me put things the right way and as per my choice. I was doing it once and doing it right.”

While doing the engine rebuild, Mr Ali’s friend who is into bikes suggested to put a quad carb.

“I then had to also order this from abroad and had its intake made here locally by Automated Building Services,” he said.



Mr Ali initially had baby blue colour paint in mind for finishing.

But then, another friend of his suggested to use the original mustard colour and add more Japanese Domestic market (JDM) smash yellow colour.

“He showed me pictures of how would it stand out in that colour and I changed my mind after seeing the pictures,” he said.

Mr Ali has spent over $15,000 restoring his car to its original glory – not to mention the money he spent paying panel beaters who did not even finish the task.

But his car is not yet fully complete. At least 30 per cent more work needs to be done before it gets fully restored.


A team effort

The success of Mr Ali’s car is not his alone and he has not taken credit for it either. He thanked team Datsun 510 for their contributions towards making his dream a reality.

He thanked his friend Aaveen Autar for the painting ideas, quad carb suggestion and guiding how to make sure everything was done right.

He also thanked another friend, Lakshay Kellappan, for cleaning and detailing the car and removing all imperfections from paint, polishing it to the best results.

Mr Ali added: “If you know you have helped somehow and somewhere, I would like to thank you all for what my car looks like today.

“I would like to thank my mum and dad for being very supportive and not forgetting my sister for her hard work cleaning the car at nights before the car show.”





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