Letters To The Editor 28th August 2016

Special memories Floyd Robinson Suva The heavens opened around midday on Monday allowing rain to pour in Funafuti, Tuvalu. As thousands packed the streets of Suva to join in celebrations
28 Aug 2016 08:44
Letters To The Editor 28th August 2016
Letters To The Editor

Special memories

Floyd Robinson


The heavens opened around midday on Monday allowing rain to pour in Funafuti, Tuvalu.

As thousands packed the streets of Suva to join in celebrations welcoming our victorious sevens rugby team, a small Fijian community gathered at Samu’s place in Tuvalu to enjoy a meal, cake and some grog.                        Definitely a Fiji flag was put in place and a big screen was available as they watched replays of the gladiators’ games in Rio.

Master Morgan Simmons was definitely a proud man as two of his former students (Ravouvou and Taliga) took to the field in Rio.

Several Fijian teachers from the outer islands were in Funafuti since it was the school holidays and they were there to celebrate as well.

Thanks to supplies from Lami Kava, our fellow men and women in Funafuti have had the opportunity to enjoy that lovely muddy water.

With the presence of a few beautiful Fijian teachers from the outer island and the presence of a cute Tongan doctor, our men braved the night doing the lose and taki.

Unfortunately, the motivation and talanoa sessions somehow went a little quiet once these ladies departed early, much to the dismay of some of our enthusiastic men.

Like one Kai Nakelo whispered into my ears ‘for your eyes only’.

All in all, despite being thousands of miles away from home, rugby will continue to play a special part in our lives, but for now the memories of Rio is a class above the rest.



Graduate quality

Ashneil Deo


900 more graduates have been churned out of the University of the South Pacific in its second graduation of the year.

There were similar massive numbers in the first graduation ceremony at the beginning of the year from our three esteemed universities and an estimated 1000 plus awaiting graduation from Fiji National University and the University of Fiji.

Is there some kind of competition going on with the quantity of graduates that Fiji can produce in comparison to India, China, United Kingdom or the United States? As someone involved in recruitment, I have noticed that while the quantity keeps increasing, the quality is worsening.

Congrats to the graduates! As a prospective employer, I hope that you are worth the paper that was handed to you by these universities.



Sports pension

Satish Nakched


As we are basking in glory after the wonderfull  7s rugby win in Rio, I think  it would be an ideal time to reflect and fast forward the current  scenario to about 20 years ahead.                    I believe at that era, this huge achievement would probably be forgotten and our heroes will be just another person down the street.

Probably their livelihood might be a struggle and the survival will be a mammoth task, which I pray never happens.

I suggest that the Sports Ministry sets up a mechanism and a criteria system where any sporting personnel with an outstanding achievement be recognised and be given a life time pension.

They have done more than their share of promoting the country in the global arena and the financial spinoffs will exceed any marketing promotion strategies.

The gladiators’ efforts must be recognised and rewarded accordingly.

During the late 70s when the then local boxing hero Sakaraia Ve fought, the country came to standstill. He was our Muhammed Ali and all were glued to the only mode of information dissemination system which was the radio.

The next morning, if you are not early you will miss out on the newspaper.

The boxer was so popular because of his world rating that it was very difficult for him to walk down the streets in Suva and Levuka. The national treasure had no government welfare scheme, but was instead taxed heavily. The former champion now resides in an informal settlement.

There is a need to create such a legislation to value the extraordinary sports living legends’ contribution to the country and look after them also in their lateryears.



Medicine scare

Tomasi Boginiso


A diabetic patient went to the Makoi Health Centre to seek medical attention for a boil on Tuesday and was prescribed by the doctor to have an injection for the next five days and when requesting for a diabetic tablet it was not available.

And when attending the fourth day of his injection to our surprise all patients after 9am had to get  the injection medicine from  the chemist which costed around $4 and  only then you could you be treated.

The nurses at the dressing room stated that they did not know when there would be supplies.

The diabetic person with one leg had to walk to the chemist with around another four people in their 70s who were in a similar scenario.

The nurses at the Makoi Health Centre weren’t enjoying work that could be seen with their customer relations’ attitude. Firstly they should be looking at the condition of the patient and then making relevant decisions which could make him or her comfortable.

Hope the relevant authorities are aware of the medicine shortage and also look into the nurses’ attitude especially towards the senior citizens of Fiji.



Time to move on

Wise Muavono


People are so engrossed for my mate Ben Ryan to remain as 7s coach even though he has decided to move on. Come on Fiji, enough already.

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