Letters To The Editor, 29th August 2016

One outing Sukha Singh, Labasa One outing at the Olympics and the scoring skills of most districts has improved tremendously. But the best way to remember our Under-23 team is
29 Aug 2016 09:21
Letters To The Editor, 29th August 2016
Letters To The Editor

One outing

Sukha Singh,


One outing at the Olympics and the scoring skills of most districts has improved tremendously.

But the best way to remember our Under-23 team is to add the scores we were given by Korea, Mexico and Germany; 8+5+10 =23 then minus one; it becomes Under-23.

If you want to improve soccer you have to bring back club soccer. The Fiji Football Association you have killed club soccer with your national league and the tournaments.



Give honour where it’s due

Amenatave Yaconisau,


I agree with Yudah Wakolo’s letter on the above topic (FS 25/8) that Ben Ryan ‘deserves to be knighted by the Queen of England’ maybe for masterminding the fall of the Great Britain Team.

He has done so many mighty things for Fiji 7s and definitely he is a very popular gentleman amongst our midst.

Someone said that rugby was invented in Britain. There could not be a stronger evidence than the 7s final in Rio including the medal ceremony. Even South Africa the Bronze medallist has some British touch.

I agree with him that we owe it to the British for our civilisation, including health, education and even religion that justifies the pointing up gesture.

Make no mistake, the British will be always be our friends as the PM said, but it must not be painted that we have shunned the British crown in our recent relations.

In fact it has gotten better with more of our boys recruited into the British Army. During the World War II the British Naval industry named mid-size frigates ‘Fiji Class’ and one even named HMS Fiji, but was sunk by German Focke-Wulf fighters during the Battle for Crete.

But we are also an independent sovereign nation and we have every right to do our own thing within international laws in an hegemonistic manner without apologising for our acts.

We must move away from this type of post-colonial submission and dependence at any cost. Such attitudes will only resurrect old class system and enslavement



Disney Moana recordings

Joan McGoon,


Not only have we struck ‘gold’ in the Olympics (sporting arena) but we have also struck gold in the Performing Arts arena.

Hard work, perseverance and determination has led to two of the Pacific’s leading Performing Arts groups to be selected for ‘recordings’ for Disney’s first Polynesian cartoon, Moana.

Thousands from around the world auditioned for the lead voice of Moana and this went to Auli’i Cravalho, who was actually discovered singing at a charity event and had initially not bothered auditioning due to the number of auditions on Youtube.

However, her love for singing and inspiring others led her to being discovered.

Pasifika Voices, the University of the South Pacific’s resident artists, have a vision of inspiring every and any one with their soulful, beautiful voices.

Popular in the capital city for their performances at community and charity events, they inspire and uplift the spirits of everyone who come into contact with their music and dance.

To meet world class standards, fun auditions are held every so often amongst the members in dance and vocals. Recent performances before European royalty (Queen of Norway) and now, Disney’s new Polynesian royalty, Moana, have been rewarding for the group in terms of recognition and travel.

But also rewarding is the inspiration of others having inspired them to continue with their natural talents and gifting, regardless of life’s harshest realities.

All the best to this aspiring and inspiring group of talented individuals and to Tevaka, also the other Pacific Island performing arts group used for the Moana recordings.

May our infusion of cultures and love for the arts bridge us to each other and to the rest of the world.


Canada seasonal work

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa

Delta, BC, Canada

My heart goes out to old boy Joji Toronibau and other Fijians who have contacted me regarding seasonal work in Canada, in response to my numerous letters in this column (FS 27/8).

For the record, my Recruitment License issued by the Ministry of Employment has not been renewed and I believe this is because of their allegation, that I brought a group of Fijians out here last year on a WX-1 Worker Visa without following the conditions in my Recruitment License.

It is sad that the Ministry of Employment did not do its due diligence and have used my $20,000 bond deposit to get my group back to Fiji, but most of us are still here and the ministry is suddenly mum and have not responded to my emails.

I have been urging the Fijian Government to try Canada as there is a lot of work available out here and not enough workers, including its seasonal work.

Negotiations on a government-to-government level could lead to Fijians coming out here in numbers with open work permits.

As it is, despite the allegations by the Ministry of Employment that I have a WX-1 Worker Visa, I and the group are not allowed to work and I am currently picking blueberries because the contractors are desperate for workers and farmers want their crops harvested.

The blueberry picking season is from June to September and is currently slowing down and I am urging Fijians who are able to come out this way next year, to be part of the blueberry seasonal work.

I am able to line up Fijians for blueberry picking here, but one has to first apply for a Canadian visa and one easy way is to apply to watch the Vancouver Sevens in March next year.

If the Ministry of Employment has made a breakthrough by then, it should be good news for all Fijians.

But if not, then Plan B is to get a Canadian visa and do blueberry picking, which will recoup all your travelling expenses in the first month, while the rest of your work time is just extra money.



Rich men drink

Floyd Robinson,


Is kava becoming a rich men drink?

Well, with prices close to a $100 per kilogram, one could claim that’s it’s no longer cheap.


Laybuy it 5squares

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