Letters To The Editor, 30th August, 2016

Sugar grant Ashneil Deo, Suva The European Union through one of the regional organisations has allocated millions to assist sugar cane farmers. Unfortunately, cane farmers in the Tavua and Ba
30 Aug 2016 08:19
Letters To The Editor, 30th August, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Sugar grant

Ashneil Deo,


The European Union through one of the regional organisations has allocated millions to assist sugar cane farmers.

Unfortunately, cane farmers in the Tavua and Ba corridors that I have spoken with have never received any assistance to date. I have personally visited and spoken with a lot of cane farmers in Koronubu, Vaqia, Vunisamaloa, Korovutu, Moto, Tagitagi, Natawa, Matalevu, Yasiyasi, Davota and Rabulu to name a few during cyclone Winston relief distribution.

For the sake of transparency and accountability, can the media question EU and the aid distribution agency where the allocated funds have been used to date?

All the big allocations for the sugar industry seem not to be trickling down to the grassroots people who were identified as the intended recipient of the grants.

Hopefully, the alternative livelihood initiative has not turned into an alternative diversion initiative.


Make-up artists in Fiji

Maria Koto


Don’t we have capable make-up artists here in Fiji??

It’s really sad to read in our dailies that we are having a Fiji Fashion Week with our locals showcasing their designs and yet we have to hire a company from overseas to assist our models with their Make-Up.

We should give our artists a chance and offer them the role for exposure and who knows it can also be a platform into new ventures.


Zebra crossing

Narayan Reddy,


Thank you Fiji Roads Authority for removing the zebra crossing at Vakabale Street and others in the city of Lautoka.

I do appreciate your hard work and finally agreeing with the people of Lautoka about the danger of zebra crossing on a bend.

On the same note I am wondering how much did it cost on marking those crossings and then removing them.

My Government gives taxpayers’ money to you (FRA) so please be mindful on how you spend that money.



Tukai Lagonilakeba,


Technical Vocational Educational Training [TVET] is solution oriented; it must be promoted and encouraged throughout Fiji including our regional small Island economies for our very economic survival to safeguard us from our bigger brothers and competitors in the skilled labour market they successfully dominate.

The conversion of some schools for the introduction of our Fijian Technical colleges is a very positive move in the right direction; it is visionary, futuristic, mature and patriotic in profoundly protecting the country’s various economic long term interests for its people.

The Government must be commended through its Minister for Education and educational reformist Dr Reddy for implementing a long term solution to solving an issue that has been our country’s woes for the many past years.

Skilled labour shortage is a result of the brain drain or skilled migration; it is a problem that does not discriminate us from many other countries as people are always on the move migrating in looking for greener pastures, a change and better opportunities as they put it but we must always stand ready to counter positively and bridge the gap through TVET institutions etc.

Our Government’s TVET introduction is a very bold statement and it challenges our very fabric of society’s youths and encourages parents to utilise this great government initiative for their child’s benefit and the hosting of our governments World TVET conference at the GPH is a very positive leap and credit.

It is a bonus, very encouraging, inspirational and I applaud Government on placing special emphasis on these two very critical and specific human resources development areas for its citizens which they have implemented through its Ministry of Education policy, the Early Childhood Education [ECE] and TVET respectively.  Sau ka Rreki Viti (clap with joy Fiji) !!!.


Thank you Indonesia

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,

Delta, BC, Canada

Thank you Indonesia and the Indonesian Defence Task Force for completing Phase 1 of the repair work at Queen Victoria School, Matavatucou in Tailevu.

The Opposition had spewed venom in Parliament before the repairs commenced and I hope they will learn a lesson or two from the Good Samaritan work done by the Indonesian Government in QVS.

The Victorian family is grateful for the new look and from the photos in the dailies, a special bond has formed among the students, staff and those who live nearby with the Indonesian soldiers.

From a perspective of an old boy, it seems that Winston was a blessing in disguise for the school.

The QVS blue now stands out and the repairs have turned the school into a beautiful new one.

I remember seeing the QVS Chapel last year with its blue roof from out at sea and I am just wondering how the whole school will look like today.

All thanks to the Indonesian government and with the U18 winning the Deans Trophy, is just icing on the cake.

To the students, study hard and do your best to pass with flying colors in the coming exams.

To the old boys and the Victorian family, God bless you for your continuous support.

To the Indonesian government, Vinaka vakalevu. You have taught us Christians that the milk of human kindness surpasses politics and religion.

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