Letters To The Editors, 31st, August, 2016

True Fijian Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Delta, BC, Canada I believe that we Fijians are over the moon with what Ben Ryan and the boys have accomplished in creating Olympic Games history
31 Aug 2016 10:45
Letters To The Editors, 31st, August, 2016

True Fijian

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,

Delta, BC, Canada

I believe that we Fijians are over the moon with what Ben Ryan and the boys have accomplished in creating Olympic Games history for Fiji.

In appreciation, we read that Serua Province honoured and rewarded coach Ben Ryan with three acres of land, elevated him as a Serua chief and renamed him Ratu Peni Raiyani Latianara (FS 30/8).

There is rumour that he will be given a Fijian passport making him a true Fijian.

One general remark that we Fijians normally get overseas is that we have long names, which is a tongue twister for them.

Now that our champion coach has one, he is really one of us and it would be sad to see him coaching another team against the Fijians.

Vinaka Vakalevu Ratu Peni Raiyani Latianara, you are a true Fijian now.



God given talents

Isireli Bolaniveimau


I believe Waisale Serevi, during his meticulous playing days showcase his God given talent as he announced (Phil 4: 13) openly without fear to the world far and near “that I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

In the sense that metaphorically after receiving verbal assurance from Maraia Vula that I had been a recipient to the letter of the week F/S 13/08, I had a sleepless night thereafter before the grand final at Olympic rugby 7s final at Deodoro Stadium in Brazil.

Apparently I had been given a special recognition as there was not a single time during my school days for me to excel in academics, even in English. It’s just a wild dream that I would reach this far.

In retrospect, my gift is also special in the sense that prior to the Olympic rugby 7s final at Deodoro Stadium had given me an urge that the victory for the men’s 7s team would definitively come.



Un-chosen players

Timoci Gaunavinaka,


It is now three weeks after our 7s rugby team’s victory in Rio and the celebrations still continue.

I am sure that it will continue for weeks and months at different venues across the country and our heroes very much deserved it

But please let us not forget all the members of the 24 players in the training squad.

Without them pushing our heroes for a seat on that plane to Rio, it would have been difficult to win gold.

Ben Ryan admitted having sleepless nights in trying to decide who to choose, which means that these ‘un-chosen players’ were almost just as good as our heroes.

When our heroes take up contracts offshore this year, we will fall back on these unchosen players to defend our IRB Series title.

Let us make them feel part of these celebration and also give them gifts and monetary awards as well for the great contribution they have done.

To Nemani Nagusa, Josua Vici, Alivereti Veitokani, Isake Katonibau, Pio Tuwai, Nasilasila, Amenoni Nayacalevu, Jarryd Hayne and a few whose names I missed, your contribution will be etched in our memories in years to come because you played a vital role in this victory.



Bottled water price

Satish Nakched, Suva

For any lay person, it is quite difficult to comprehend and understand the high price of the bottled water product sold in the shops, which is almost the cost of the soft drinks.

There is a slight difference only and I believe that the raw water materials are all available locally and the manufacturing process relies very less on the importation thus eliminates any duty that is imposed on the import commodities.

On the other hand the soft drink production is opposite to the water manufacturing and it heavily is dependent on the imports.

The ingredients such as the syrup, sugar, sodium and carbohydrates to name a few all are sourced off shore and subject to the additional cost that will have to be absorbed into the selling price to make a profit.

This process is understandable, but the water production is all minus to the mentioned ingredients of the soft drink and the water product price off the shelve, I believe is unjustifiably inflated.

The Ministry of Health has embarked on an awareness campaign to promote water consumption, but the high cost of the product might hinder the objective of the concept.

The Consumer Council would probably like to further comment on the issue raised.



Church and grog

Amenatave Yaconisau


The discussions by the two priest (talatala) tells us of the scourge of drinking yaqona in the church (Editorial cartoon by Paul Dorin FS 27/8).

I agree entirely with the wisdom of the junior talatala (church steward or vakatawa) sitting cross legged in the traditional manner  that ministers should not drink kava.

This has been a long historical challenge to the church where people want to obtain things in another manner once they get their hands on a bowl.

It is one of the  most dangerous and old problem of the church including overindulgence in red wine almost drunk religiously.

You know what’s next.

The two blokes look very concerned and I hope  a righteous decision will be made soon.  These are not futile thoughts.

Lets wait for an upright outcome and hope that members will not harden their hearts.

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