Letters To The Editor, 2nd, September, 2016

Wives, partners, parents Apete Marayawa Tauvegavega, Ba The “Road to Rio” a journey started four years ago is now at the end. It is with great pride and appreciation that
02 Sep 2016 10:13
Letters To The Editor, 2nd, September, 2016

Wives, partners, parents

Apete Marayawa

Tauvegavega, Ba

The “Road to Rio” a journey started four years ago is now at the end.

It is with great pride and appreciation that we witnessed the welcome of Team Fiji back Home at Prince Charles Park then at the ANZ Stadium.

One thing that stood out were the various people and organisations that were publicly acknowledged and thanked for their contributions.

There were their fellow athletes, the management, the sponsors, the Government, the private sector and the wider public for their varied contributions both great and small.

In all these acknowledgements I would like to thank another group: the wives, partners and parents… their immediate family.

Upon Team Fiji’s triumphant return they were welcomed by Fiji publicly and while the public support was overwhelmingly amazing, it is returning home, back to where they started, to finally share their achievements with those they love that makes it all worthwhile.

After all, their sacrifice is a sacrifice shared. This group are the ones that truly understand the sacrifices made, enjoying the good times and bravely facing the difficult ones.

Immense acknowledgement and appreciation is also warranted for their contribution and their acceptance to share what they were part of with the rest of us mere mortals.

It is this group of wives, partners and parents that were their first supporters and it is this group that are the last to spend time with our conquering heroes.

This group has had to; put weddings on hold, struggle looking after children, giving birth, celebrating birthdays alone, taking care of the mundane everyday worries, not to mention the separation, so our heroes could focus on being the best that they can be.

And they are the best in the world!

Though I cannot thank you all individually, your contribution is greatly appreciated. Levu vinaka for all for your sacrifice.

I pray you be abundantly blessed and may you finally get to enjoy the quality time you so richly deserve.


Our security forces

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

To our Commander Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Rear Admiral Viliame Naupoto and our Police Commissioner Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho, the people of this nation all owe our gratitude to your fine leadership in ensuring that our monumental national 7s celebrations at both Nadi’s Prince Charles Park and Suva’s ANZ Stadium were both crime free and safe despite another rumoured false prophecy.

It boosts confidence, well co-ordinated and professionally executed when one can see the presence of our security forces in civilian clothes and in uniform respectively moving around ensuring all is well.

Both the security forces are always subjected to many unfair, baseless and biased finger pointing from being constantly scrutinised by the general public.

This does not always realistically reflect on the professionalism involved and obligation to the oath in their service delivery through the execution of your duty that many of us Fijian critics have failed to appreciate from time to time.

Many Fijians do not realistically realise, recognise and appreciate what happens behind the scene to guarantee the safety and security of our nation and its people. Many take it for granted until something drastic happens.

Great job and well done, vinaka vakalevu to our former immediate past Minister for Defence Timoci Lesi Natuva for the good leadership Sir.


Passengers sleeping in the washroom

Tomasi Boginiso,


The appalling pictures of passengers sleeping in the washroom of the Lomaiviti Princess III has caught the owners by surprise.

And reaction to the issue, the owners seems to take a superior attitude. Firstly reported, the owners claim that it shows the cleanliness of the washroom and their second reaction was that someone is trying to blackmail them. I find these reactions very disappointing as they try and be on the winning side of every wrongdoing.

With their advice of parents not caring about their kids who were sleeping in the washroom, the fact is that passengers in the washroom were not only kids, but there were adults and even teenagers that were in the picture.

The relevant authorities need to look at the number of passengers that the ship is allowed to carry with the number the company is allowing for a particular trip.

There are rumours that passengers don’t only sleep in the washroom but also on the alleys, in the cafeteria, they even sleep on the tables and on walkways and passages.



Shipping service

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,

Delta, BC, Canada

Gounder Shipping is in the news after pictures of a child sleeping on the floor of the Lomaiviti Princess III was posted on social media (FS 31/8).

Of course George Goundar will be upset and will come up with the usual excuses that he is doing a good service to Fijians travelling out to the islands and that parents should be blamed.

I have seen passengers sleeping on the floor and passages, but this is the first picture of someone sleeping in the washroom.

The million dollar question is: “Why?”

No Fijian sleeps at home in a seat that is upright or reclined and that is how Goundar Shipping expects passengers to sleep in during their night voyages.

So people will automatically look for a space on the floor to stretch out and sleep soundly.

Also this problem gets worse when the ship is full and people will sleep in the washroom floor if it is nice and clean.

My advice to Mr Goundar is to make trips during the day as no one will be sleeping or get more seats that could recline comfortably where passengers do not look for empty floor space.

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