Letters To The Editor, 3rd, September, 2016

The Laughing Samoans Floyd Robinson, Suva. The Laughing Samoans are back in town. One wonders what stories and jokes they will have this time for audiences? Sometime back they joked
03 Sep 2016 10:19
Letters To The Editor, 3rd, September, 2016

The Laughing Samoans

Floyd Robinson,


The Laughing Samoans are back in town. One wonders what stories and jokes they will have this time for audiences? Sometime back they joked about some of our seven players but let’s see for now as they may recommend the Samoan national sevens team to train and camp in Fiji.

After all the Spain national team sevens team camped at the Uprising Beach Resort and played several local teams earlier this year, only to deny Samoa a chance at the Rio Olympics.

Whatever one’s views, we welcome the Laughing Samoans and look forward to their performance.



Amenatave Yaconisau,

I know the mass media are businesses and like others must make money but they must also promote the values of multi-culturalism and the diverse multi-religious communities in the country and not to incite hatred and violence or they shall meet the full brunt of the law. A media outlet must not adopt a radical approach even if it’s affected by the necessity for profit.

It might be the first signs of the early stages of decline if a media outlet prints personal opinions of writers just to promote certain ideas that are illegal almost in a symbiotic relationship.

It can also affect the credibility of distinguished media outlets if incompetent editorship exerts severe blows.

Let’s hope all media outlets comply with the law and authorities.


Tongs over hands!

Herleen Emily Kumar,


In my previous letter dated July 4. I had written about how small scale businessmen especially the ones running bean carts, use their hands for packing snacks in order to serve a particular consumer.

Since my last letter, I had seen improvement and now the majority of them are using tongs over their hands to serve, this shows that changes are occurring in our society.

However, in some major growing cities, like Lautoka, people are still using their hands to serve customers.

And even when we request them to use tongs, they don’t even have one and later show through their bad gestures in response to the request.

Now this shows that the awareness that is being created in our society is only taken on board by a minority group of people.

Only if the Health Department could step in and make a difference, it would go a long way for implementing changes.

This creates a low image for Fiji as a nation itself. And to avoid a decrease in economic growth small things need to be taken into consideration.

However, I wish to thank the small scale business owners who run bean carts and many others for using tongs and gloves.


Bus stop hazard

Satish Nakched,


The MHCC bus stop along the Thomson Street is a must dropping off point for many of the bus companies.

The frequency of the buses stopping at this embarking point either to drop off or pick up the passengers is very high.

Almost at any given time during the day there will be a bus using the bus bay there.

The building shelter under the MHCC canopy is heavily utilised by the passengers when waiting for their respective route public transport.

A few metres away is also a very busy taxi stand mostly catering for the shoppers of the supermarket in the centre.

It is very alarming to note that right in the path of the heavy foot traffic there is a dangerous hazard in form of damaged signage.

The top portion of the electricity operated sign board has disappeared and the only remains is a concrete basement about 0.6m(2 feet) in length, 0.3m(1 foot) wide and about 0.15m(six inches) in height.

Seen on the concrete structure are exposed electrical wires and the rusted sharp edged metal frame.

This I understand can be the cause of trips and falls to the unsuspecting pedestrians and the risk is much higher after hours due to the inadequate lighting in the area.

This hazard must be eliminated without delay.



Fiji on world map

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,

Delta, BC, Canada.

It is true, Ben Ryan and the Fiji Sevens Olympians have really put Fiji on the world map, reviving interest from people all over the world, wanting to know more about this tiny spectacular sevens rugby nation in the South Pacific.

Brother Lawrence Narayan is here in BC, Canada visiting his three sisters and families, after spending a couple of weeks in the United States of America.

He asked me to share with readers his experience at the Los Angeles Airport when he went through the US Immigration on arrival there and to show how the Fiji Sevens gold medal win in Rio has really put Fiji on the world map.

Those who have gone through the US Immigration on arrival would know how the officers really do a thorough check before letting you enter the ports into the US.

Brother Lawrence said that the officer who served him looked at his passport and instantly noticed that he was from Fiji and commented about Fiji winning its first ever gold medal in the Olympic Game in style.

Without checking his luggage, he just stamped his passport and said, “ Welcome to the USA and enjoy your stay”, while some passengers had their stuff checked thoroughly, some even had to take their socks off.

Even when he attended church there, the congregation after learning that he was visiting from Fiji, came to him commenting on Fiji’s Olympic Games gold medal win and wanting to know more about Fiji.

Brother Narayan would like to thank Ben Ryan, the boys and all who were part of the history making Fiji Sevens team to the 2016 Rio Olympics for promoting Fiji overseas through their history making gold medal performance.

Most of all, like captain Kolinisau and all the boys, he also points to heaven and gives to God all the glory!


Love and caring Beast

Tomasi Boginiso,


Semi Kunatani so generously donated $1000 of his rewards to the Dilkusha Home which reveals his love and thoughtfulness for the orphans.

What can we say about the generosity of this young man with such pride and so willing to part of his shares for these needy children.

It all sounds like a fairy tale or a Bible version of true love.

All we can say that our Almighty will richly bless him.

The gold has not only brought joy to our nation but somehow or another has brought joy to the children of the Dilkusha Home.

Kunatani known as the beast with his aggressive play; hard hitting tackles and one of the most feared players in the World Series and to come down to earth to give something for the kids is just something that would never be forgotten.

Vinaka Vakalevu Semi, hopefully you will be successful in whatever you intend to do through your caring, sharing and this loving gesture.

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