The Art of Managing Team Part Two

As a leader or a manager with teams to lead and manage, what is highly important is to develop a very strong and a positive attitude of ‘EMPATHY’. There are
03 Sep 2016 11:25
The Art of Managing Team Part Two

As a leader or a manager with teams to lead and manage, what is highly important is to develop a very strong and a positive attitude of ‘EMPATHY’.

There are those who react to situations and then there are also those who respond.

Remember we must that Reactions are impulsive but Responses are always planned and well thought of.

Let us understand this with a situation.

Avaneesh was an excellent accountant and his work was getting appreciated by his boss on a regular basis.

But then slow and steadily his performance began to deteriorate. He was not performing up to his mark.

In the team meeting the boss scolded him right in front of all the others.

It was after that meting that one of the other team members and also a personal friend of Avaneesh waited for all the other to go and then told the boss that Avaneesh was struggling through his personal life.

His mother was in the hospital and there was no one except Avaneesh to take care of her.

When the boss heard this his attitude completely changed. He called Avaneesh and interacted

with him for a good amount of time.

I believe that the the boss should have at first itself interacted with him and tried to find out the reasons for the dip in his performance. That would have been what we understand as Responding after understanding and not reacting impulsively.

Apart from this what a good team leader can and in some ways must do is MOTIVATE his team members with Creative Challenges. Remember we all must that our work can get monotonous and at some point in time we could lose interest and this can therefore have a detrimental and deteriorating effect on our performance.

It is here where setting Creativity Challenges can play a significant role in inspiring as well as enthusing the team members. What I would suggest to every team leader is to plan a Creativity challenge either once every month or once every three months.

Let us assume you are a leader or manager of the Marketing function. What you could do is make smaller groups from your entire team. Then give them something like a challenge with a topic.

You could give them the topic which is ‘most innovative ways to promote our products’ or ‘most creative DESIGN for our various products’.

These are just two examples of Creativity challenges. You, as a leader also will have to think creatively to set up the creativity challenges for your team members and it will surely inspire you as well.

Remember, these challenges can generate tremendous amounts of excitement and energy within the teams but more importantly such activities can also bring teams together.

Also the team leader must realize is that such challenges can actually benefit the team as well as the organization especially since these things are related to their own products and strategies. So begin your thought process or rather your CREATIVE THOUGHT PROCESS towards setting up the creativity challenges for your teams.

Within the scope of better team management or enhancing Team Performance it is vital for the leader or manager to learn and practise the art of Delegation. There are those leaders who have large teams but many of them are not themselves sure about what they are expected to do.

This shows either the complete absence of delegation or it reflects improper delegation.

The easiest way to delegate is to at first list down the various tasks that are required to be done by the team.

Then what must be immediately done is Prioritization of tasks in terms of what task is most important , less important and the ones which are of least importance. You could also decide the tasks even based upon levels of urgency too.

Once that is done the right people must be assigned those tasks and along with it the aspect of accountability must be set.

When tasks or roles are appropriately delegated and to add to that when accountability is also set for the tasks and the person executing the tasks the results could be extremely positive.

While this is happening the Leader or manager must also use specific time either once in a day or in a week (depending upon the task) to FOLLOW- UP and even provide GUIDANCE to his team if found necessary.

Those team leaders who truly delegate the tasks and roles or responsibilities with accountability and follow-up as well as guidance end up managing their teams in a much better way.

And through all this what a good manager must develop is also his skills and attitude of COMMUNICATION.

And here I am not talking about presentation skills.

I am talking about being a Proactive Inter-personal communicator with his team members.

There has to be interactive communication between him and his team.

Even general communication on topics that may not be exactly related to work but may be related to sports, entertainment etc can make his team members OPEN-UP a little bit at least.

Their attitude towards you as a manager also can be more easy and interactive.

Even at meetings try to encourage your team members to speak and share their perspectives.

Many a times the manager ends up becoming a lecturer and gets into something like a monologue.

When communication becomes a two-way process and truly inter-personal in nature the team members feel extremely easy to interact and share with openness.

All in all there are many ways and techniques to manage a team effectively.

All we have to do as leaders and managers is to introspect upon these ways and ideas and implement them at least to see whether they work or not.

I am sure you leaders will surely give it a try!!!

Mayur Kalbag is a Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer & Author. He can be contacted via email:

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