Letters To The Editor, 7th September, 2016

Lautoka’s non-stop celebrations  Floyd Robinson, Nasinu The Sugar City of Lautoka has 30 more reasons to celebrate after they defeated Labasa to claim to the INKK Mobile Battle of the
07 Sep 2016 08:21
Letters To The Editor, 7th September, 2016

Lautoka’s non-stop celebrations

 Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

The Sugar City of Lautoka has 30 more reasons to celebrate after they defeated Labasa to claim to the INKK Mobile Battle of the Gains (B.O.G.) It certainly has been a long wait and Lautoka fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Congratulations to the Lautoka team and one hopes that this will inspire young and upcoming players in Lautoka. Meanwhile, has there been a black out over the weekend. The men in black from the soccer crazy town of Ba somehow bombed out early in the tournament. Perhaps the cold weather in Nausori was not to their liking. All in all, celebrations due in Lautoka.




 Neelz Singh, Lami

A pollutant is a waste material that pollutes air, water or soil. Three factors determine the severity of a pollutant: its chemical nature, the concentration and the persistence.

There are many forms of pollution which are neither good for environment or for the habitat. Disposal of rubbish on land ends up on the river and sea.

Massive amounts of plastic bag, bottles, old shoes, electrical appliances and many more are found in water.

Our marine life, are in danger because of humans creating and then discarding material things without any regrets.

Try to reduce, re-use, and re-cycle as much as possible from your house-hold, and teach your children to do the right thing. Put your rubbish in the bin not in the creek or river. Vinaka



Good sportsmanship plea

Sachida Rao, Nausori

Congratulations to the Lautoka soccer team for winning the INKK Mobile B.O.G. Full credit to the Labasa soccer team for displaying well-constructed and skilful soccer.

Scoring 17 goals in a tournament speaks for itself. We all know that only one team will come out victorious. And it’s for the team that is able to capitalise with opportunities that  will have an edge.

There is no way one can say that Labasa did not play well. It is a matter of time and the position of the player and the ball.

The combination of the three worked for Lautoka, thus, they became the winners.

However, I would like to comment on the level of remarks made during the soccer talkback show.

Some callers were ridiculing, belittling and openly condemning other districts. It is all fair to cheer ones team but it is totally incorrect to rubbish others.

Rivalry is positive but any hatred is against sportsmanship. Do remember that winning a tournament is not the end.

There needs to be a good build up of a national team.

To all the soccer fans, could we have some degree of sportsmanship for the coming IDC? Cheer your team but don’t write off others.

Once again congratulations to Lautoka and better luck to Labasa in the coming IDC.


Lessons from Lautoka’s win

Narayan Reddy, Lautoka

Lautoka a team of new and some interim officials, new coach, some new players and Singh’s Rental as a sponsor has done wonders and won the INKK Mobile B.O.G. for its supporters.

It’s a big lesson for all soccer districts and the Fiji Football Association. We need young people with new ideas to lift the standard of Fiji soccer.

For so many years we have had the same people run soccer associations, playing the same old players without results.

The only excuse we are given was that we learnt a lot from playing.

It’s about time FFA learnt a lesson from the Lautoka Football Association, its new acting president, unknown coach and many young players can win a tournament.

Thank you LFA and officials, sponsor and former players for teaching a good lesson to all Fijian soccer fans.



Lautoka port needs attention

Michael Chambers, Lautoka

I always look forward to enjoying my seafood combo at KUSIMA, my favourite kiosk at the Lautoka Port every now and then. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, I am always greeted with the couple’s smiling faces in readiness to serve.

As I sit down to enjoy my mouth-watering seafood cuisine, it is complemented with the cool sea breeze and the smell of sea water which makes me more hungry yaar!

What else can one ask for? One evening, we decided as a family to go there, only to witness a group of strangers who had turned the customers eating shed as their home. The customers’ tables and chairs were used as their beds with their clothes and bags strewn all over the place.

Unfortunately, we just had to order takeaways. Upon enquiring I found out that they were brought in to repair a boat which their village had bought three months ago.

During their stay, they have abused and vandalised the public toilets which were made for us customers to use, forcing the wharf attendants to close it.

Where do we now go to relieve ourselves?

Can the relevant authorities look into this? With their actions, they don’t realise that they are chasing customers away from the kiosk whose concerned owners also have bills, rent and wages to pay.



Action not explanation

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delanavesi

I agree entirely with Nemani Delaibatiki in his article titled ‘People more interested in needs being met’ (FS 5/9). Generally people don’t care about the debate on service delivery.

It’s very true indeed about whether service is timely or not. The majority of the electorates are not interested in the process involved and the agitating talks of parties.

Mr Delaibatiki is true that all they want is their needs met.

It’s their private economic expectation, whether it has improved or not including their income and welfare.

This influences public opinion and to have the Prime Minister providing relief to people living on the fringe of existence with barely enough to get along is very impressive.

This is certainly not politicising Government service or mass manipulation of opinion as alleged.

I hope those who were hostile will see these actions in the light of development and stability not as an opportunity to spew unwarranted venom.

Not to do it would just make Government vulnerable and susceptible to extremist propaganda with their exploitation and threats.

I hope these issues will have an effect on how people use their vote irrespective of party loyalties.


Public health system

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

Every political party over the last 40 plus years has used issues pertaining to our public health system to simply gain public support and none have made any real difference in bettering the system!

NFP has yet again placed health at the top of its agenda for the party convention at Rakiraki!

Obviously, we never had, nor do we currently, have competent professional leaders to better our public health system. For history has shown that we have failed the nation over decades!

As we did with professional, Ben Ryan, in bringing Olympic sporting Gold, we should also bring in a health professional to raise our medical standards to the appropriate level.

Yes, health should be at the top of everyone’s agenda but it should be dealt with professionally as a real need of the nation and not used as a political ploy.


Smartphones vs tents

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

To the Minister of Education – when there is no student studying in a tent, only then, I repeat, only then would it be appropriate to think of smartphones replacing text books. Sa malo!

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