Home Fire Safety Tips

In this week’s fire safety column, the National Fire Authority (NFA) advises home owners on the importance of fire safety with regards to fire ignition sources at home such as
09 Sep 2016 11:40
Home Fire Safety Tips
Fire Safety

In this week’s fire safety column, the National Fire Authority (NFA) advises home owners on the importance of fire safety with regards to fire ignition sources at home such as mosquito coils, candles, divas, benzene, kerosene, newspapers, etc at home.

It is very important for home owners to ensure that they are aware of the dangers of a fire ignition source at home.

Kerosene, benzene and other flammable substances must always be closed properly and put in a cupboard away from kitchen area, fire and heat sources to avoid a fire from happening.

Candles and prayer divas on the other hand must always be put out after use and it is important that these items should never be left unattended.

Matches and lighters are also one of the many dangerous fire ignition sources at home. In the hands of children at home, matches and lighters can lead to a major fire at home.

It is very important that home owners must always ensure that they put matches and lighters out of their children’s reach and must ensure safe disposal of rubbish.

Here are some important fire safety tips in relation to fire ignition sources at home:



n  Always place candles firmly in a proper holder which should be metallic and ensure it don’t fall over

n  Put out candles before leaving your house and before you go to bed. Never leave candles unattended

n  Keep candles out of children’s reach

n  Keep candles away from ribbons, greetings cards and other decorations

n  Keep candles away from curtains, clothes other fabrics or furniture which could catch fire

n  Never leave candles out of your sight as you must always keep a watch full eye where the candle is placed and ensure that before going to bed, candles are properly extinguished.


Prayer Diyas

n  Ensure that Prayer Diyas are put out properly after prayer.

n  Prayer Diyas should always be placed in a metal surface or in a plate.

n  Never leave the Prayer Diyas unattended and put out the fire after the prayer ceremony


n  Don’t get distracted when you are cooking.

n  Keep tea towels, clothes and electrical leads away from the cooking stove.

n  Remember to check that the kerosene stove, gas stove, oven, open fire place and etc are switched off after you have finished cooking.


Flammable liquids & hazardous materials

n  Limit the amount of chemical stored.

n  Dispose of and recycle household hazardous materials properly.

n  Store hazardous materials in proper containers with tight-fitting lids and correct identification labels.

n  Store hazardous materials away from heat sources.

n  Allow for proper ventilation when using flammable liquids and hazardous materials

n  Put oily rags in metal containers with tight-fitting lids, not in a pile where they can spontaneously ignite.


Good Housekeeping

n  All exits are kept clear at all times.

n  Store household items neatly.

n  Store clothes and combustible materials neatly.

n  Keep kitchen always clear and tidy.

n  Install or store gas cylinders outside the buildings.

n  Clean stove regularly.

n  Keep newspapers, other combustibles and clutter away from any ignition source.

n  Keep your house in a neat and tidy state.

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