Car Club Expects Records To Be Broken This Year With The Current Performance

Hello readers. It has been a quiet week for us as there were no activities. But your Fiji Car Club executives are busy preparing for the next event which will
10 Sep 2016 14:48
Car Club Expects Records To Be Broken This Year With The Current Performance

Hello readers. It has been a quiet week for us as there were no activities.

But your Fiji Car Club executives are busy preparing for the next event which will be on September 25 – another combination of ¼ mile drag race and drag wars.

This will again be sponsored by Pacific Energy Shell Lubricants. Looking at last event which was two weeks ago, we can see that the timing for cars is rapidly coming down.

And I personally feel that the record of 9.75 seconds will be broken by the time we finish off with the season in December.

As I stated in the past week’s column, our four cylinder cars are slowly coming to par with the V8s, two cars in particular, the Honda CRX driven by Isaac Ali and RX 7 driven by Vicky Nath.

These two vehicles have much potential than what they have shown. And I feel with a little bit more fine tuning of these two cars, they will be able to create some upset results before the end of the season this year.

Vicky Nath has a very powerful car – only thing lacking in his car at the moment is proper tuning. Once he gets that sorted out, he should be hitting the 10 seconds mark in no time.

Also Lawrence Ah Sam – again one of the surprise package car we had in the last drags with a timing of 10.761 seconds this was his personal best timing and we will see more of him in the next run.

I again urge all the members and race car drivers to start using Shell Lubricants – not only because they are sponsoring Fiji Car Club but because they have the best oil your car can get.

This is not a personal opinion but majority of the race car drivers around the world use Shell products.


Speed cameras and limits

After driving through to the Western division the past weekend, I feel it is the right decision by the LTA to install speed cameras along the highway.

In saying so, I feel it is about time the national speed limit on our highways is increased to 100km/h.

I feel that our drivers need to get used to driving at 100km/h as this will give them more experience and a feel of what driving is like abroad.

The Government is spending so much money upgrading our roads to international standards, and it is about time we need to review the speed limits.

There are certain stretches of roads on our national highways that can be driven at a speed of 100km/h and this would benefit in the long run.

The more drivers get experienced in driving at 100km/h, the less accidents may occur.

Majority of the fatal accidents happen at bends.

I feel speed cameras needs to be installed in some of the high-risk accident-prone areas because we hardly see any fatal accidents happening on a long stretch of road where the speed cameras are currently installed.

These stretches are where motorists are able to overtake slow vehicles safely. 100km/h speed should be introduced on overtaking lanes and long stretches.


LTA concerns

Also in the past column, I openly wrote about our disappointment over LTA’s action to have road check-point on the day of race just a few kilometres from the race venue.

I still have not received any response or any comments from LTA on our concerns.

LTA needs to understand that majority of the fatal accidents that happens in Fiji does not involve sports cars.

I fail to understand why LTA is targeting sports cars. We will now write to the Minister for Transport requesting him for a meeting so that Fiji Car Club and LTA can come to a written agreement.

Previously we had a verbal MOU regarding this yet LTA decides to do otherwise.

LTA needs to work together with the race car drivers as they are the future drivers on our roads. The Fiji Car Club is here to provide a safe avenue for motorists to race in a controlled and safe environment as opposed to public roads.

I now openly invite LTA to come and erect their tent on a race day inside the arena and advice members of the public the right or wrong of cars in Fiji.

People should not be scared of LTA or people should not feel scared when passing through an LTA checkpoint especially sports car drivers.

It’s high time that we address this now before our members go back to street racing.

Until we meet next week, have a safe driving week.

Raizal Haniff is the President of the Fiji Car Club. This will be his regular feature in our Sun Wheels to keep readers updated on the latest from the Fiji Car Club.


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