Letters To The Editor, 10th, September, 2016

Our airline – Fiji Airways Sumanth Kumar,  Lautoka Sometimes last month I was returning from Sydney and encountered two cabin crew members who were serving the passengers. They really showed
10 Sep 2016 10:47
Letters To The Editor, 10th, September, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Our airline – Fiji Airways

Sumanth Kumar,  Lautoka

Sometimes last month I was returning from Sydney and encountered two cabin crew members who were serving the passengers.

They really showed them they were working for the world’s friendliest airline. They were so nice to passengers immaterial if you are local or tourist. Their service with a smile was greatly appreciated by all and my two colleges who were traveling with me too.

I also give credit to the selection committee to choose people of such caliber. We all thank you for your smile and attitude Mafi Tupou and Mere Mathewsela. The CEO of Fiji Airways should reward these staff. Keep it up Mafi and Mere.



Tablet and injection

Ashneel J Prasad, Auckland, NZ

I think it’s time the teachers receive the “tablets” and the students “injection”.



From euphoria to dilemma

Norman Yee,

Congratulations and accolades continue to flow in for Ratu Peni Raiyani, his management team and the conquering Olympians.

Oh that some coins could flow down to the others that had trained with the Olympians but had not been selected to show our gratitude for the part they played in this win!

Meanwhile it seems that Fiji is facing a dilemma of sorts.

On what basis will the Fiji Rugby Union select the new coach? Pick someone to carry on the legacy left by Ben? Someone who knows his modus operandi, his winning strategy? Or select someone totally different to take us to new heights?

As for Osea we pray he will make the right decision for the future, play a few more games before taking up the scholarship as coach. We must continue this winning streak.

We wait with bated breath.

Our prayers go with FRU, Ben and Osea to make the right decisions that will enhance the future of Fiji’s Sevens Rugby.



Noise Pollution

Neelz Singh ,

Noise pollution is an often overlooked source of environmental stress that can raise your risk of serious health conditions, including heart disease.

Noise pollution is defined by higher levels of noise from sources such as industry, people and traffic in the local environment that significantly impedes on the daily lives of residents.

In the city and towns of Fiji or even public buses loud music has been a nuisance, creating unhealthy levels of noise is pollution. This can be minimised or I urge responsible authority to look upon some shops in city and towns that play loud music and buses as well.

Sources of noise pollution include air conditioners, food vendors, construction on the street or music from bars and cars. Loud neighbors can even be considered as noise pollution.



Ivi tree hazard

Satish Nakched,


There is a very old concrete lamppost close to the land mark ivi tree at the Vodaphone Triangle in Suva.

The tree root was almost grown around the base of the lamp post and so is the upper branch that is about to encircle the upper post portion and growing into it.

I believe the lamppost would be about the same age as the ivi tree as it stood the test of time with the aided protection provided by the tree.

The lamppost is an antique itself and must have witnessed the growth of the city and the unfolding of so many historic events.

But due to the ageing factor, the said lamppost is now a huge threat to the pedestrians and the vehicles that goes past it.

The concrete portion is falling off in chunks and can cause serious injuries. The post has lost a lot of the concrete and the iron rods are now very visible and the structure looks very weak and fragile.

A slight piece of the concrete falling from such height due to the velocity is dangerous.

Just at the base of the ivi tree is a park bench and used a lot during the summer months not only by the locals, but tourist as well.

Sadly this hazard must be eliminated immediately before an event of a catastrophic nature occurs.



Freedom denied

Utiko Nabunobuno ,  Lautoka

Maybe, the announcement of the Stop Order against the Forum on Sugar organised by Dialogue Fiji was a confirmation that we don’t really have true democracy in Fiji.

It is such a sad day that we Fijians are still subjected to the existence of draconian Decrees in the presence of Parliament.

We ask, where is our Freedom of Expression? Where is the Freedom of Association??

The dream that we will be free is just but a sleepless slumber. I do not mean the freebies.

We ask the Government not of freebies, but to give us our freedom and we will pay for our necessities.

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