Letters To The Editor, 11th September 2016

Tablets Sukha Singh, Labasa If every child gets a tablet and if the child can be taught with the help of the tablet only a few teachers can teach all
11 Sep 2016 14:16
Letters To The Editor, 11th September 2016


Sukha Singh,


If every child gets a tablet and if the child can be taught with the help of the tablet only a few teachers can teach all the students in Fiji.

They can also stay at home.



Pulse Insight

Amenatave Yaconisau,


The result of Pulse Insight’s research group (FS 10/9) about the readership of newspapers is interesting.

It tends to be different from the outcome of the Tebbutt Research. I don’t know why there is a difference in the interpretation, but definitely there is considerable accuracy in the work of these researchers.

I don’t know the margin of error of these researchers and how the polls are taken; but it seems the sampling are similar (600) randomly chosen and I assume they are representative of the population

We are glad that the readership reach is clarified and provides people in the rural areas who have no avenues to critically examine issues and air their voices

It certainly is not for moulding opinion and agitation, but for public opinion and governance.



Dead dogs

Arien Vikash Kumar,


We call dogs men’s best friend.

We trust them more than we trust some humans and often give examples of them when it comes to loyalty.

We go on vacations and leave them behind to guard our homes.

We are only able to sleep peacefully when they stay awake the whole night.

However, this is only while they are alive. They look young and clean while they’re able to shake their tail in excitement.

Daily we see many dead on our roads and the first thing we do is to cover our noses, hold our breath, pull/wind up the glass windows of our vehicles.

We dodge them if they are lying in the middle of the road, if not then we further crush them into pieces till they become invisible and the road looks clean again.

Some even lie dead on the sides for days and we keep passing without any mercy.

The million dollar question is who or which authority is responsible for the dead dogs on our roads.

Don’t they deserve a better farewell?



Naikelimusu bridge

Tomasi Boginiso,


Despite repeated pleas in this column and to the relevant authorities, there seems to be no reaction at all, and I will continue to lobby for our grievances until someone responds accordingly.

The actual plea is that the river is losing its banks day by day and the Naikelimusu bridge itself should have no ground to stand on if the erosion continues.

All we are asking is for a seawall to be erected from the bridge base to where the banks were before on both sides of the bridge.

The seawall will not only stop further erosion, but for the villagers to replant their plantation which they have lost through the erosion.

The erosion has also washed away the path that the villagers used to get to the stores.

On the other side, the village rugby team trains on this ground, but are finding it getting smaller every time they train.

Please, if the relevant authority could look into these issue very seriously.



Ba Province prayers

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,

Delta, BC, Canada

It is inspiring to read that the people of Ba province have been engaged in a prayer vigil to seek divine blessings and intervention for the people and the vanua.

The chiefs from its 24 districts have been leading the prayer vigil since June, where a district takes one hour to pray each day, making Ba province a 24 hour prayer warrior.

All churches in the province are involved and no wonder, it is one of the most blessed and well organised provinces in the country.

All its resources and with its qualified dedicated leaders managing it, are all for adding value and lifting the lives of the praying people of the province.

Lately, I was contacted by Ba Provincial Holdings seeking my assistance in lining up seasonal work for its people, which I happily agreed to.

I do not know what happened to the Papua New Guinea work arrangements they had, but we know for sure that when His people unite in fervent prayer, God moves.

Imagine if all the provinces in Fiji unite with Ba province in hourly prayer sessions?

The God who moves in mysterious ways will not only transform Fiji and its people, but will bless the nation in every way, making it the way the world should be!

Feedback: jyotip@fijisun.com.fj

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