Letters To The Editor, 14th September, 2016

Letter of the Week. Lautoka port needs attention I always look forward to enjoying my seafood combo at KUSIMA, my favourite kiosk at the Lautoka Port every now and then.
14 Sep 2016 07:02
Letters To The Editor, 14th September, 2016

Letter of the Week.

Lautoka port needs attention

I always look forward to enjoying my seafood combo at KUSIMA, my favourite kiosk at the Lautoka Port every now and then. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, I am always greeted with the couple’s smiling faces in readiness to serve.

As I sit down to enjoy my mouth-watering seafood cuisine, it is complemented with the cool sea breeze and the smell of sea water which makes me more hungry yaar!

What else can one ask for? One evening, we decided as a family to go there, only to witness a group of strangers who had turned the customers eating shed as their home. The customers’ tables and chairs were used as their beds with their clothes and bags strewn all over the place.

Unfortunately, we just had to order takeaways. Upon enquiring I found out that they were brought in to repair a boat which their village had bought three months ago.

During their stay, they have abused and vandalised the public toilets which were made for us customers to use, forcing the wharf attendants to close it.

Where do we now go to relieve ourselves?

Can the relevant authorities look into this? With their actions, they don’t realise that they are chasing customers away from the kiosk whose concerned owners also have bills, rent and wages to pay.

Michael Chambers, Lautoka


My idol madam minister

Michael Mon Chambers,Lautoka

I congratulate madam Minister Rosy Akbar on her new portfolio as Minister for Health and Medical Services. In her recent portfolio as Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, she went out of her own way to ensure that under-privileged Fijians’ basic needs were cared for.

Even after the destruction of Cyclone Winston, she left the comfort of her home, treaded the rugged terrains of the highlands down to the outer lying islands of geographical Fiji with all focus on fulfilling her ministerial portfolio.

Your efforts never went unrecognised madam minister and I am sure you have touched the hearts of every Fijian and we will forever be grateful for all that you’ve done.

The vacuum you have left behind in your ministry will be a challenge for the new madam Minister to fulfill. I am sure she is aware that it would not be plain sailing. Wishing you well in your new office madam.

For Fiji , ever Fiji.


Road upgrading in the North

Joji Toronibau,Tunuloa

While listening and watching courteously on the Tuesday evening’s Fiji One TV news, I heard from Commissioner North, Jovesa Vocea, that upgrading works is undergoing pretty well by naming areas around the north.

I would say, good and very good indeed, perhaps on television but on the ground remains to be seen. He mentioned about the peninsular, but when will we at this end be able to see or walk on a proper road?

We have been very silent for too long and we need proper infrastructure please Sir.

On the Natewa Bay side of Tunuloa from Wailevu Primary School that links to the Napuka Catholic Mission Secondary government road, for too long school children had to walk, wade and steaming across the seas for education, sick senior citizens to health clinics plus economic trading activities are quiet difficult to face each day.

We also need Police presence as well on wheels from time to time to lessen illegal activities.


Police arrests critics

Tukai Lagonilakeba,Nadi

Steven Ratuva has commented that the events leading to the five arrests made over the weekend was a blow to the nation’s morale.

But I would like to invite him to come over and join the many Fijians who are still celebrating our Rio 7s team gold win. The national morale is forever very high for a month going as recorded. It is a biased comment from someone who does not know the reality on the ground here.

Ratuva should know better that the arrests is a normal Fijian Police business in the execution of their independent constitutional role. It is an internal domestic matter for our country, it is very simple and should not concern no Tom, Dick and Harry from outside.

National security is the affair of an independent sovereign state and its right of hegemony. Such neo-colonialistic attitude is long gone.

Hands off, please!


Potential danger

Satish Nakched,Nadera

The Yasiyasi Road junction at Nadera that turns off at the Kings Road is a very heavily used route. Because of the large population in Nadawa and Nadera, all the buses that service the area divert through this exit point.

Most afternoons, a very large group of school children assemble at the junction waiting for the public transport.

There is also a traffic island and this further narrows the access.

When the bus stops for the pickup it creates a very high risk for an accident to happen and traffic jam forms. The drivers are impatiently seen trying to navigate through the small gap and at the same time there could be pedestrians trying to cross.

This stoppage affects the traffic flow on the main Kings Road. At times there can be two buses simultaneously stopping for the passenger pick-up which further reduces the movement area.

This potential disastrous strip needs to be examined again by the Road Engineers in the view to construct a Bus Bay further down the Yasiyasi Road. The probability of an accident is high due to the frequent exposure during the peak times that may result in very serious consequences.


Parking spaces

Simon Hazelman,Savusavu

Why is it, as a customer, that it is so difficult to get a parking space at Government departments and private sector offices?

What you will find is parking lots designated to the very people who work at these establishments with little to no parking provisions for customers.

In reality, it’s the customers who ought to be catered for first, for they are the ones who are significant here. It explains how most here view customer service.

It starts from the parking lot, not reception!


‘Grave’ concern

Manoa Kaleca,Nailuva

I drove past the Vatuwaqa cemetery yesterday and I was shocked to see that someone had removed my late mother’s grave decorations.  I turned the car around, stopped and got out of my vehicle to have a closer look.

I noticed that it was not only was my mother’s grave decorations removed but all of the other graves’.

This is very insensitive and uncalled for. It causes great grief to those who have recently lost loved ones. I believe whoever is responsible should be ashamed of themselves and taken to task.



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