Letters To The Editor, 17th, September,2016

Concrete roads Satish Nakched,  Suva It is a common site in Fiji to note that most of the newly repaired or a constructed roads just after a few months in
17 Sep 2016 09:45
Letters To The Editor, 17th, September,2016
Letters To The Editor

Concrete roads

Satish Nakched,  Suva

It is a common site in Fiji to note that most of the newly repaired or a constructed roads just after a few months in existence suddenly have pot holes and band aid type of repairs are then carried out.

Once the pot holes are filled it leaves a scar on the surface of the road which contributes to a bumpy ride.

This becomes a hazard for the drivers and contributes a lot in repairs to the vehicles.

During a recent visit to the Australasia region it was noted that most of the new roads and the highways are made of cement rather than the old traditional methods.

It is said that the new technology has reduced the construction cost and improved performance where the surface is smoother and without any pot holes.

The initial cost of the construction maybe high but there will be returns after a period of time due to the very low maintenance cost.

The life expectancy is about 60 years and some minor repairs maybe required after 30 years.

The concrete surface gives vehicles a better performance, is much quieter and provides a super skid reduction.

During rainy nights the visibility is better as it reflects the light.

There is no adverse impact of the concrete to the environment and will bring down the huge cost of the maintenance.

The little portion of the cement road at the junction of Waimanu Road and Marks Street in Suva is a testimony of the concept and has been in existence for years and will probably be there for many years to come.

There is a need for a feasibility study on the subject and this might work to our advantage. Our roads experts should be able to elaborate more on the issue.


Sugar industry

Shafi Dean,  Suva

It’s sad hearing of a failing sugar Industry.

Once the backbone of Fiji’s economy; now the industry can barely stand on its own without Government help.

There has been so much done for the industry yet it seems so lost.

It’s high time policy makers think outside the box, rather than urging farmers to improve quality and production; why not use the same funds to build a technology efficient new mill.

Isn’t mill breakdowns every now and then enough to make us realise that our mills have worn out?

What’s the point in funding new plantations to improve quality, when the cane has already reached the mills and waiting to be crushed.

We need relevant action and bring some hope for crying farmers.


Better to prey

Ashneel J Prasad,  Auckland, NZ

Since young children are targeted a lot these days in regards to abuse, rape and violence, wouldn’t it be wise to introduce basic self defense classes from primary school level pupils?

Rather than complaining, we’ll be doing something about the issue.

I firmly believe everyone should have the basic knowledge of how to defend themselves, if in case someone should attack them.

It’s better to prey than be preyed on.



Salary increment for ECE teachers

Shazia Begum,  Tavua

I would like to express my sincere and deep concern in regards to the salary increment for the Early Childhood Education teachers.

These teachers were first promised to get a salary increment of a vast percentage.

Then later, it was changed to an increment but not to a vast percentage.

Now, the Minister for Education Mahendra Reddy has issued the categorisation and increment for the ECE teachers in the Fiji Sun dated the September 15, 2016, on page 29 titled as “New Salary Structure for Early Childhood Teachers”.

In the above stated newspaper article, we see that the Advance/ Higher Education Certificate was previously categorised as category 1 and now we see that it is now falling in the third category.

Also the teachers were promised a salary increment and now we see that there has been no increase in the salary of the above mentioned category.

Are the teachers being mocked after all the hard work that they do in the school?

Can we be explained as to why there has been no change in the salary for these teachers while there were big promises for increments?

Well, according to me, no change in the salary certainly does not mean an increment, there has been no increase in the pay for teachers who have qualified from Fiji National University as many senior teachers have qualified from FNU.

Is there some bias being exercised between the two distinguished and reputed universities in Fiji?

Every teacher deserves to be paid for their hard work and dedication with which they serve the education system.

They also play a very vital role in the foundation for education.

They deserve to get an increment and not get false promises of increments and at the end of the day go in vain and despair.

In conclusion, I would like my concerns to be taken into consideration and also the teachers to be rewarded with what they rightfully deserve.


Opposition split

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Delta, BC, Canada

I had a laugh when I read that the SODELPA MP’s are claiming that there is no split in the Opposition and the same sentiment came from the National Federation Party MP’s (FS 15/8).

For starters, the news of the split amongst the SODELPA MP’s whether to boycott the State Parliament on Monday was why the story came out in the first place.

It is funny that SODELPA pointed the finger at NFP when they did not support them in their boycott when the Pime Minister of India visited Fiji.

On Monday, NFP gave a thumbs down at SODELPA for not supporting them in the boycott.

It is a joke when both parties turn around and say that there is no split in the Opposition!

They have been outnumbered by the other side and the least Fijians who voted them in expect from them, is to fight as the Opposition on a united front.

Seriously, I am wondering what the Opposition has achieved as they reach the halfway mark?

What was said about a house divided?


The truth

Rajesh Lal, Labasa

Who can dare to challenge the Word of God [Bible]?

Philippians chapter two verses 9-11 is very clear to those who call themselves Christians but are still living in darkness.

Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father

It is just a shameful act to see Christians still living in a compromised life for their physical gain. James 4 vs 4 Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God

This is only the truth for His Word can never be compromised or censored.

Jesus is Alive and well in this nation to them that serve in truth and obedience.

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