Letters To The Editor 18th September 2016

Hospital Stay Norman Yee,  Nadi This week I had to be urgently admitted to Lautoka Hospital via Nadi Hospital Emergency ward due to sudden unexplained drop in one element from
18 Sep 2016 08:10
Letters To The Editor 18th September 2016

Hospital Stay

Norman Yee,  Nadi

This week I had to be urgently admitted to Lautoka Hospital via Nadi Hospital Emergency ward due to sudden unexplained drop in one element from a routine blood test.

I am writing to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the doctors and nurses of both hospitals for the interest and concern for my health.

There are some inconvenience due to small infrastructure problems with a door lock, fan and power point outlets that needed fixing.

In addition the lab seemed unable to conduct a host of tests due to perhaps lack of resources (chemicals, machinery or funding) which then meant the tests have to be farmed out locally or sent overseas.

While I have read of bad reports in my view and that of a friend it’s totally different.

The doctors did a thorough job in investigating the problem and not only that willing to discuss with me the issues and actions to be taken.

The nurses and other staff were cheerful and helpful.

Thanks must be given to the Medical and Nursing School and hospital management for the professionalism and customer focus of these officers.

My sincere thanks therefore to Doctors Mohsee, Narayan, Bimal, Shabnil,  Kush, Susana, Rahasuf and especially to Elisha for chasing up my blood test requirements.

As for the nurses they were Avnital, Angeline, Atashni, Nina, Luisa 1, Luisa 2, Bhavna, Irene, Usha, and Sam, along with other ward staff.Keep up the good work!


Human Trafficing Bust

Joan McGoon,  Nadi

In reference to the NZ Herald article published (FT 14/09), what could have begun as a genuine concern for the plight of some Fijians has turned sinister and maybe, unintentionally.

Our people are being lured into scams and promises of a better life. Enticing indeed. Quite sad. Sadder still that it has been around for a while and still exists on our front door-step.
Open the newspapers and these ‘advertisements’ which lure and promise better futures SCREAM for our attention.

Employers who and Employments that promise better pay and working conditions draw in the unsuspecting victims only to take them in, chew them (exploitation) and spit them out.

The victims are deceived, coerced without proper knowledge of their working rights, entitlements and benefits and some are even denied the proper training for their employment and then penalised.

Human Trafficing is defined as modern day slavery and as it’s tentacles spread globally, our friendly neighbuor, New Zealand, takes measures to spear it’s ugly head (as per the Feroz Ali case).

May we in Fiji continue the ‘hunt’ and expose the predators who aim to zap the very life and essence of our people by denying them dignity and humanity through false job opportunities.



Deadly Virus

Michael Chambers,  Lautoka

The deadly typhoid bacillus bacteria are back again.

The fever which usually surfaces during the summer months is known to kill people if not medically cared for.

We ourselves could even be carriers without even developing any symptoms as it is spread by direct contact with human faeces or any infected person.

So be careful if you are experiencing severe headaches, constipation, diarrhoea and abdominal pains. Some may even develop rashes.

Clean drinking water and clean toilet sanitisation would be the highly recommended remedy in keeping the typhoid bacteria away.

This would be a big challenge for my grog drinking buddies if you are intending to go out on a kava drinking spree. The safety and wellbeing of your family is in your hands.

I would suggest, mix it up at home with your better half if you can.

It could also be an ample time for fruitful discussions and good family quality time. Wishing my friend Tuilakeba a speedy recovery.


Wait and See

Amenatave Yaconisau ,  Delainavesi

It seems that the younger generation of Fijians like the idea of freedom, liberty and equality as compared to the old.  Looks like they don’t care about the past.

It seems revolutionary sentiments is growing against the old system and seen as something that holds back advancement and development.

More so these belief, values, and attitude of the younger generation are totally different from the old.

The sentiments are obvious and it plays a role in the modern power struggle.

These are the generations that will change things and most of them were babies during the coup years and watched the miseries and suffering of their parents.

One cannot blame them. They think their economic situation will be better off whatever the price will be.

It’s interesting to see if influences of their families will have a role in moulding these young minds.

Obviously the effects of our educational system in defining the past and furthering new values and attitudes cannot be over-emphasised. It is not indoctrination but furthering multiculturalism and peaceful co-existence and to move away from exploitation, inequality,  and deference encouraged by colonial attitudes. Let’s wait for the future and what it brings


Early Childhood Education Payrise

 Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Delta, BC, Canada

I believe that amongst all the different categories of teachers under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education, the Early Childhood Education teachers have struggled the most, especially those in the outer islands.

On their behalf, I thank the Minister for Education Mahendra Reddy and the Government for giving these dedicated teachers a pay rise (FS 16/9), who I believe have been paid less and even neglected.

First impressions last and I believe ECE teachers should be paid well as they, like our mothers, kick start and open the door to a child’s future journey of learning and higher education.

The FijiFirst Government wants Fiji to be a smart nation and to achieve this, it is imperative that all Fijian children attend pre-school under ECE programme.

Any teacher will tell you that Year 1 or Class 1 is easier to teach than pre-school children and it is great news that at least, the ECE teachers are getting a pay rise.

All teachers are important and to me, the ones who mould our children to love school and education are more important and deserve to be paid and treated better.



National Security

Simon Hazelman,  Savusavu

Government is doing the right thing in detaining and questioning the troublesome six!

It is the responsibility of our Prime Minister and Government to protect our State and its citizens against all kinds of “national” crisis.

With over 30 years of instability we not only expect it but it is inevitable!

The very thought of Sitiveni Rabuka, Mahendra Chaudhry, Tupeni Baba, Jone Dakuvula, Attar Singh and Biman Prasad meeting allegedly without proper authorisation is indeed concerning.

A word of counsel to the six; ‘You cannot put new wine into old wineskins!’


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