Letters To The Editor 19th September 2016

Raw materials Arien Vikash Kumar ,  Nadi Shortages of raw materials seem to be the major reason why some of our loved ones are still sleeping without having roofs above
19 Sep 2016 08:00
Letters To The Editor 19th September 2016
Letters To The Editor

Raw materials

Arien Vikash Kumar ,  Nadi

Shortages of raw materials seem to be the major reason why some of our loved ones are still sleeping without having roofs above their heads. TC Winston struck Fiji in the month of February and now we are in mid-September.

Are we going to give in and will we have the same excuse/reason in December or in 2017 as well?

Desperate and unfortunate ones with the housing assistance cards are tired of hearing “sorry, shortage of raw materials.”

Hope the same response by the retailers are given to the cash buyers as well, those entering the hardware shops with cash and the list?

Looking at the rate of building developments in the non-affected areas, I often ask myself whether/if we are really facing shortages of materials or are we not prioritising the genuine ones and those affected and still awaiting?

Genuine developments are fine in these non-affected areas but what about some of the unnecessary developments?

Some are making car sheds, driveways, extension of rooms to the current dwelling, refurbishing the old and current, master bedrooms, additional kitchen,porch, etc, .

These, however doesn’t look like a genuine/basic need at the moment and could wait at least for some months till the supply gets normal.

From my point, these raw materials could have been better used by the unfortunate and desperate ones who are still living in tents or makeshift homes.

I believe, it’s time the Government steps in and put a temporary stop or cease the sale of raw materials by the Hardware retailers for such or any unnecessary developments and prioritise diverting the raw materials to the affected ones  for whom permanent shelter is a necessity at the moment.

The gold from Rio, I think, came as a tear wiper which made us forget Winston for some time but let’s not forget that we, the fortunate ones at least, have proper shelter today,. However there are  some unfortunate ones who are still awaiting.


Rugby League potentials

Joji Toronibau, Tunuloa

While I applaud rugby legend Petero Civoniceva’s visits to Fiji to recruit or to promote rugby league and perhaps expand our rugby league horizon, I would suggest that he comes to Tunuloa districts and find some of his brothers here who are also potential ruggers as well.

The sensational player might also want to visit relatives and grannies’ and renew lost acquaintances and at the same time might find some of our local Fijian made brand in the coconut groves.


PM’s faith

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Delta BC Canada

It is inspiring to read what our Prime Minister said about his own faith in God, as he addressed nearly 2000 Hindu devotees during the Ganesh Utsav religious festival at the My Suva Park on Thursday.

He said that it is his faith in God that guides him in serving the Fijian people as their leader and it shows him right from wrong.

He added that it is the same faith that gave him a deep respect for people of other religious traditions and to understand and value the way they worshipped.

For a secular state, it is indeed an advantage to all Fijians to have a Christian Prime Minister with a genuine faith that treats all people on a level playing field, irrespective of race, colour or religion.

A Christian state would have a government that is heavily tilted to one side, as we heard from a political party that was dominantly Christian and iTaukei during the last election campaign.

It is sad that today, halfway through the FijiFirst Government reign, some Christians with the above mindset are still making negative comments about our PM taking part or attending non Christian religious functions or celebration.

Seriously, I believe that since independence, no Prime Minister has achieved what our current PM and his Government has achieved and I firmly believe that he has been divinely appointed to lead Fiji into our new dawn.

If our faith in God does not change our attitude in the way we look at other races and religions, then we need to seriously examine our faith in God.


What will it take?

Floyd Robinson  Suva

What will it take for other remaining challengers to defeat Nadroga and snatch the HFC Bank Farebrother Challenge title? Once again the champion western team has defeated yet another challenger, Nadi. Will it take some spies to unearth  Nadroga’s special recipe or are other teams too far behind in terms of rugby development? Or is simply unity amongst the people of Nadroga that reflects the quality of their rugby? Well whatever the views are, it looks like Nadroga is about a make it another successful year.


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