Letters To The Editor, 20th, September, 2016

Outside the box Ronnie Chang, Nadi Allow me to think “outside the box.”Many views and constructive opinions have been shared. Many opinions expressed around the “bati ni tanoa” Fiji-wide and
20 Sep 2016 09:13
Letters To The Editor, 20th, September, 2016

Outside the box

Ronnie Chang, Nadi

Allow me to think “outside the box.”Many views and constructive opinions have been shared. Many opinions expressed around the “bati ni tanoa” Fiji-wide and privately.

Rugby powers that be have had their say that Fiji is in no position, financially to afford successful Olympian gold medalist coach, Ben Ryan, for another term.

Respectfully, I wish to beg to differ. Any Olympic gold medal comes with a huge long term complete package.

Courage, determination, discipline, financial, spiritual, medical care, diet, physio-therapy, human resource management, physical strength, mental toughness, international competition prior to that prized moment of glory – claiming Olympic Gold.

Can Fiji’s top ten generous sports sponsors allow us to re-live that huge dream that brought this growing South Pacific nation together in unseen unity that beautiful morning?

In partnership with Government; Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority; Fiji Sports Council; Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee, Fiji Rugby Union and many others, I wish to float the idea.

Each one of the above mentioned sponsors contribute $100,000 per annum over the next four years.

Such contribution should be made 150 per cent Tax Deductible. Tovolea Viti tovolea!

Fiji can share that Olympic gold medal dream yet again.


Lautoka City

Narayan Reddy,  Lautoka

I can see the Lautoka Bluez doing well in soccer. Soon Lautoka will have one of the best playing fields in Fiji and Lautoka has the best gardens and parks with beautiful trees which is a trademark of the administration capital of the Western division.

I got only a small request for all the citizens of Lautoka, please don’t steal the plants from Marine Drive.

A lot of us patronise our city and all the green plants that surround Lautoka, please look after them.

There was a lot of noise created when five people whom we regard as leaders were taken in for questioning by the Police.

After reading the dailies, I do not know what’s the fuss all about as we all know this is not the first time the Police had taken in Fijians for questioning regarding national safety and security.

The Police spokesperson said that this was their job to take in people for questioning when they receive a report that words which could affect the safety and security of Fijians were said in public meetings.

All the noise created seems to blame the Prime Minister and the current Government for their Police detention.

We all know that one had to get a permit to hold a public meeting and that a permit for a meeting does not mean that it allows for words and sentiments that could start civil unrest.

It would be really stupid if the five leaders ignored the above and thinking that they are above the law.

The Police should be commended for doing their job and reassuring Fijians that in the matter of national safety and security, no one is above the law and that we are all in a level playing field.



Sukha Singh, Labasa

They say coconut oil is good for your health. Wouldn’t it be better if we just eat a ripe coconut everyday, or just eat the vara (flesh). Hope the Ministry of Health can do some research on the above .

I remember feeding my pigs with vara; they used to grow very fast and healthy and used to be very tasty.


Cabinet reshuffle

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Nadi

A fellow letter writer and kai vata from Nadi has registered his disappointment from the latest Cabinet ministerial changes specifically where Mahendra Reddy remains in his portfolio as the Minister for Education to which the writer claims in his letter (FT17/09) that our colleague Rosy Akbar should have been awarded the Education portfolio because of her teaching background.

Mr Reddy is a highly qualified professional. He has taught in schools and universities around the country including his latest posting as chairman of Fiji Commerce Commission before his decision to join the Fiji First Party in the 2014 elections.

The Nadroga farmer from Nawaicoba, Yako; Mr Reddy is an agricultural economist and an educational reformist.

But all our current Government cabinet ministers do come from very different backgrounds, qualification with a lot of experiences and our PM Voreqe Bainimarama knows too well who or which MP from the government side suits which ministerial post. A reshuffle should be best left to the Government’s team leader and not for those that engage irresponsibly in rumour mongering.

The moving of ministers to different positions speaks volumes of our Government’s desire to fast-track development in the delivery of services to all Fijians indiscriminately and irrespective of their social status as dictated to by our 2013 Constitution because that is where our Government’s oath lies.

It is simply about a leadership that is visionary and inclusive but most importantly complying to the FijiFirst party manifesto where many election promises to the nation are duly registered.

It does not matter where one Government MP is put; they must get the job done to the expectation of the Fijian people.


Kosa potential

Floyd Robinson,  Nasinu

Given recent revelations on kava consumption rates in Fiji, one wonders about what happens to all the kosa that is usually thrown away. Imagine how many kilogrammes of kosa could be collected in a week across the nation.

Could it be used for some useful purpose such as mulching and gardening?  All in all, it is a possible potential resource.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj


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