Letters To The Editor, 21st September, 2016

Healing water Rajesh Lal, Labasa There is no such thing as ‘healing water’ which some people are claiming. Just because of volcanic reaction there are certain chemicals such as sulphur
21 Sep 2016 11:15
Letters To The Editor, 21st September, 2016

Healing water

Rajesh Lal, Labasa

There is no such thing as ‘healing water’ which some people are claiming. Just because of volcanic reaction there are certain chemicals such as sulphur present in the water which reacts when it makes contact with the body.

Has any blind, lame, deaf or crippled got healed so far? If so then the School for the Blind should take all the students to Natadravedrave village where the so-called healing water is in order to find out the truth.

There were some paralytic people who visited or even drank the water but nothing happened. These really are signs of the last days where people are being deceived.


TV reception poor

Shariff Shah,  Savusavu

We in Savusavu are deprived of any Fiji One news on Sky Pacific as FBC and Mai TV reception is very poor. It is only good within a few locations in Savusavu Town. It’s been a year and nothing has been done. All we watch is PNG news. This is sad. Can the minister and authorities concerned please look into this?


More enabling considerations

Neelz Singh, Lami

My concern is similar towards other case that might be felt in other parts of the region. A person living with disability catching the bus cannot climb the stairs and it’s difficult for him/her to travel along to cater for his or her needs.

The bus is not fit to carter people living with disabilities. We need to improve the standard of our buses and how they are built.

When a disabled person manages to climb up but can’t find a seat as most of the seats are occupied by passengers and even the driver can’t allocate any seats nearby. The first two rows of seats on a bus are for people living with disabilities and our elderly population.

My grievance is for those who are not complaining but bear  with what is going around, they only feel they are not welcome.

Remember we all have some disabilities that we are not aware of.

So public service vehicles (PSV) drivers, be warned God is watching. Vinaka!



Marist Plaza development

Tukai Lagonilakeba,  Nadi

The Marist Brothers, Marist Convent and the Marist Old Boys must be commended for their visionary futuristic foresight to develop their underutilised real estate for a commercial development.

It would protect the bigger interests of the thousands of school leavers in terms of their employment.

Also, with its appreciation on our economy and the millions their venture would derive from their state of the art Modern 19 shop building plaza for their registered Fiji company.

It is a norm that there would always be Fijians who will object to such excellent business decisions which is well within their rights.

But the fact that your institution has fully complied with all relevant governmental regulatory authorities including the Environmental Impact Assessment Survey Report (EIA), Traffic Impact Assessment Survey Report (TIA) and the Fisheries Impact Assessment Survey Report (FIA) if applicable, you have all the right to move ahead with your construction plans. Never mind the rest and don’t allow them to intrude into your business.

They will soon be your customers in your new complex, that will come given time.

Those are very expensive fees you have paid to those different respective professionals in order to comply. It is the sole prerogative of Marist Brothers as to what they want to do with the land as long it does not breach surveyed land boundaries.

It is prime real estate and is a gold mine just waiting to be developed. A great lesson indeed from those MOB Fijian leaders. Toso ga MOB toso.


Forgotten name

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Canada

I laughed when I read the other daily the story about a grandmother.

The story reminded me of the night when the church members of the newly-formed Service Street Church in Suva visited the home of a man living in the area who had passed away, to pay their last respects.

The grandmother of the deceased who came from the village was lamenting out loud that the group from “Makoi” was there to say goodbye to her grandson.

The group nearly all burst out laughing but tried hard to hold it back.

Apparently, she had forgotten the name of our church group, but she regularly heard on the radio the advertisement of the Makoi Service Station.

So instead of saying Service Street, which had slipped from her mind, the next best name to call us that popped up in her mind was Makoi.

So we were the Makoi Service Station and not the Service Street Church group!


New farming plans

Dhirendra Prasad,  Lautoka

It seems that here is a problem of planning and strategising in the area of agriculture.

The education system should priorities more graduates in this very important field which is most suitable for our country bacame of an abundance of arable land.

It seems that the administrators of the industry are flourishing and it is only the farmers who are left fending for their own.

There should be a training institution which can produce actual farmers who are needed much more than these administrators who have been a failure.

More incentives should be provided not only in their training but they should be followed up on the field for farming as well.

We are losing too many white collar people overseas but our qualified farmers with their piece of secured land would never desert our country.

Fiji can be self-sufficient but only through genuine and practicable offers.

I have yet to read any development plan where our farmers have been consulted.

God bless our experienced farmers and salute them for what they have produced without certificates and degrees.

However, they have been critical thinkers and sound planners in their heydays.


Soccer standard

Wise Muavono,  Lautoka

What is the real cause of the drop in local soccer standard ? Can someone please enlighten me! Pretty, please!


School committees and  constitutions

Sukha Singh,  Labasa

I’d like to know If it is legal for a trustee of a school to appoint himself as the manager and secretary of the school.

Can a constitution of a school be changed and kept as a secret document!

I am writing this because for the last five years I was removed from a school committee on the grounds that I wasn’t a paid member.

I have been constantly asking this trustee, manager and secretary to let me know what is the membership fees but he has refused to do so.

I’d like some advice from the readers and the Minister for Education.

Feedback:  jyotip@fijisun.com.fj


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