Letters To The Editor, 22nd September, 2016

Churches or cults Ravulolo Draunibaka, Lautoka The latest addition to the sex scandal woes involving self proclaimed pastors is a shame to all churches as it brings a lot of
22 Sep 2016 08:00
Letters To The Editor, 22nd September, 2016
Letters To The Editor

Churches or cults

Ravulolo Draunibaka, Lautoka

The latest addition to the sex scandal woes involving self proclaimed pastors is a shame to all churches as it brings a lot of bad image which creates a bad impression on all pastors.

Today, anybody can start a group and can label it as a church by just praying and singing using the name of Jesus.

However, when it comes to the real practical life scenario, they portray a different culture which contradicts to what Jesus teaches in His Kingdom message in the Bible.

I do believe that when someone preaches or teaches his own doctrine apart from what Jesus taught, it is not a church but a cult.

The Government must have some sort of checklist when it registers new church ministry applicants.

Some of these groups are in the habit of hiding under the church banner but actually, they are doing their own stuff.

I do remember what the Lord said to His followers recorded in the Gospel of Mathew chapter 24, verse 5 which says… “many will come in my name….”

They are here now!

Let’s be aware and teach our family to follow the truth and not the lie of the world.



Know your Bible

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Delta, BC, Canada

It is sad that there is an increase in sexual immorality including the alleged  rape of Christian women in their congregation by their church leaders and pastors.

The current case in the news involves a  75-year-old so called doctor and pastor, who claims that he was only doing his calling by training his victim to be ready for mission (FS 21/9).

He claims that there was no lust involved as what he did was to prepare the victim not to commi t adultery when on the mission.

Christians need to be aware that we live in a world of moral decay and that we need to worship and adore Christ alone and stand firm on the truth of His word, the Bible.

Church members can become victims of sexual immorality including rape, when their adoration of their church leaders are taken advantaged of.

We need to know our Bibles and quote scripture like what Jesus did to Satan, to leaders and pastors who try to commit sexual immorality by twisting scripture.

In this current case, the alleged rapist said he wants to teach the woman not to commit adultery by committing adultery.

God is not the author of sin and all such cases are wake up calls for all believers to know your Bible, stand firm on it and expose any teachings that are not in line with scripture.



Who suits the job

Meri Cava,  Suva

The Fiji Sun published a letter by Tukai Lagonilakeba (Tuesday, September 20, 2016) titled “Cabinet Reshuffle.”

He compared Minister for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar’s school experiences and the wisdom she carries with the Minister for Education Mahendra Reddy.

No match.

However, FijiFirst has Dr Brij Lal who has gone from teaching Level One in primary schools and during his service as a civil servant climbed up to Permanent Secretary level, and pushed through numerous reforms in total harmony with all stakeholders.

Why not him?

Tukai pointed out that Mr Reddy is an agricultural economist.

Indeed he did his doctorate in agricultural statistics, adding to that is his farming experience in Nawaicoba, Yako.

That makes him a qualified person as well to hold the Minister for Agriculture position.

After all, agriculture is the biggest industry worth over 70 per cent of people making a living out of it.



Vinaka, Ajay Bhai Amit

Steven Chandra,  Suva

I would like to thank Ajay Bhai Amrit for his wonderful stories in this newspaper on Saturdays.

It gives me a good break from the daily hassles of loud music in buses (which seems uncontrollable), traffic offences, etc.

His real life encounters with Lions, Rhinos, and Tigers, and most importantly of that remarkable woman (his dear mother) for her courage, determination and insight.

Hoping to read more of your weekly columns.




Wise Muavono,  Lautoka

I’m sad that we’re ranked 179 on the latest world FIFA rankings, but happy we are ranked number one for holding the most bazaar soccer tournaments.

Frank Farina?

Manoa Kaleca,  Suva

What happened to Frank Farina the national soccer coach and why is he not finishing his contract which apparently started last October?

The public needs to know the truth because this is just another disgrace for Fiji Football.



Breakfast at Fiji One

Joji O. Toronibau,  Tunuloa

This morning at 6am, my wife suddenly erupted by saying “these two on the Breakfast show on Fiji One are livelier then the former presenters”.

I said: “whatever, as long as fresh news is coming over and not the same old evening news from yesterday”.

No, offence to Tai and Marvis.




Congratulations Minister

Ronnie Chang,  Nadi

My I take this opportunity to congratulate and salute long time Lautoka resident and former Fiji Gas employee in the Western Division, Alex O’Connor, as you rise to the Office of Assistant Minister for Health.

I wish you every success on this honourable appointment and look forward to gracing your presence and sharing mutually common interests in your new portfolio.

Well done, Assistant Minister.



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