Letters To The Editor, 23rd, September, 2016

Pay for ECE teachers Pravin Singh, Nadi It is sad and alarming to hear that there are some people who are not happy with what the country and Government offers
23 Sep 2016 09:12
Letters To The Editor, 23rd, September, 2016

Pay for ECE teachers

Pravin Singh, Nadi

It is sad and alarming to hear that there are some people who are not happy with what the country and Government offers but lead a life of a complainer and criticise things when it’s not in their favour.

I refer to the article by Shazia Begum, Tavua on 17/2016 in regards to salary increment for early childhood education (ECE) teachers.

I think we must be grateful to the current Government, in particular Mahendra Reddy, for the very first time to bring about the new salary structure for ECE teachers. He must be applauded for his effort and initiative.

I strongly believe if we learn to have faith, patience and trust, everyone will surely be the winner.

Why are people forgetting that he is the only minister who made it possible to absorb the 700 unemployed graduate teachers in the system, introduced digital literacy, and provided a special day in school for National Cultural Day, Anti-Suicide Day, and so forth.

What else do we need? I think the whole nation would agree with me that Mr Reddy has revolutionised our education system, which no Minister has ever done.

We need to pull up our own socks and fight the challenges of this 21st century rather than blaming and listening to the failed leaders.




Arun Prasad,  Nausori

“A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself,” and that is quite true, Sun [pun intended].

I have tried on numerous occasions to bring the plight of the students and teachers who are still struggling in the tents or makeshift rooms.

I understand [as reported by Mr Manoa Senikarawa] that 122 schools have been partially rehabilitated while 421 schools have yet to be rehabilitated. This is certainly a matter of concern.

It will be interesting if the Fiji Sun could do some investigative reporting on the above.

External exams are around the corner and I recall Mahendra Reddy asking for 100  per cent results from the principals.

Excellent, but is the goal realistic when the learning environment is not conducive?

It is my fervent plea to Mr Reddy and all those responsible to cut the red tape and bureaucracy and get the children away from the tents and into the classrooms. As the Prime Minister always say all Fijians must have the best in education. The children deserve nothing less.

I honestly believe that it is not the time for showboating with promises of tablets.



Answer to cancer

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Canada

I was touched by Shamina Ali’s story about the death sentence in her life when she was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2008 before it spread to her lungs.

She was cured after going through surgery and her advice for all women to get regular check-ups with their doctor should apply to all Fijians.

As an ex-cancer patient, I believe it was God’s will that I was in Australia in 1989, when I was diagnosed with Leukemia as chemotherapy and the works were not available in Fiji back then.

We reap what we sow and it is our unhealthy lifestyle that results in NCD’s including most cancers.

I now cherish a little booklet titled: God’s Plan – The Answer To Cancer, which is available from www.meetministry.com.

This little book is an eye opener giving practical instructions in God’s Plan,  Newstart or the Eight Laws of Health in how to cure, reverse or stay clear of cancer forming cells in our bodies.

If we are serious in our fight against cancer and NCD’s then I urge the powers that be to translate this little book and get every household in Fiji to have one.



Minister for Health

Peggy Thomas,  Deuba

If ever there was an excellent choice made in electing the right person to be a assistant Minister for Health, Mr. Alex O’Connor you make us proud indeed! When you became a member of Parliament we raised a glass or two for you Alex. We have a lot of faith and hope in you Minister and the best is yet to come.

May the good Lord give you strength and blessings now and forever.



University centre for new city

Joan McGoon,  Nadi

The prediction for the next new city in the country is none other than the jet set town of Nadi.

Any possibility of a University of the South Pacific centre making its appearance as is expected of a major city?


Miracle water

Wise Muavono,  Lautoka

Seeing photos of the hundreds of people flooding to Dawasamu daily to bath in the miracle water reminds me of the saying: “We all want to enter heaven but nobody wants to die.”



Sexual sin

Lawrence H Narayan,  Canada

Sexual immorality in the church continues to make headlines these days as another church pastor has been linked to an alleged sex crime.

Sadly, sexual immorality is a growing trend in the church today and some pastors seem to be more active in the pews than the pulpit they were ordained for.

Some pastors even have good biblical excuses for sexual sin to be able to lead some of the women to sin with them.

The truth is God will never lead anyone to engage in sexual immorality. In fact God hates sexual immorality.

The Bible says “flee from sexual immorality” (1 Corinthians 6:18), yet we are told by some that God can lead us to sexual immorality so He can break our self-righteousness.

Which God can do such a thing? The same one who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of sexual immorality? The same one who killed every child, woman, man and animals because of the sexual immorality of the population of Noah’s time? The same one who killed King David’s child because he had sex with another man’s wife? The same God who promises to send all adulterers, fornicators, and homosexuals to the lake of fire for all eternity? The God who considers lust to be adultery and who commanded every sexually immoral person to be stoned in the city gates?

Anybody who will suggest that the God of the Bible can lead a person to sexual immorality is blaspheming and shows lack of godly sorrow over sin.


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